At-Will Employment

You can NOT hold a woman to a contract for monogamous sex services and loyalty. The elite will not let you. All personal relationships are at-will relationships. If you cease to be her best option, she leaves. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Pimp Daddy Gov Eating Hollywood

Just a quick observation. I came across this article by Nadia Mendoza for the Daily Star entitled “‘I went bonkers’ Courtney Stodders dated men for nine months during Doug separation” and dated 15 September 2014. The subtitle or teaser before … Continue reading

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Prepare To Be Tested, Boyz

Hello, class. Pop quiz. If you’ve been following along with the curriculum here or elsewhere, I feel confident that you will ace it. Watch this video from dating coach DeAnna Lorraine entitled ‘How to be a more “Marriage-Material” Woman.’   … Continue reading

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Warning: Hampsterization in Progress

As I have said, and I’m saying it again: women judge on relative social status and use covert means (female packism); most black men, overt means with primitive culture (tribalism). Getting past the women and the savages of whatever color … Continue reading

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Consequences? What the fuck you mean consequences? That’s a great vid by ‘Joe Blow’ called “Why you women can’t find a husband in 29 seconds!” —‘Reality’ Doug, 10 September 2014

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The Patient Banyan Sapling

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Slaves outside of domestic service were few in Egypt, since “free” workers were paid only a notch above nudity and starvation. Sometimes the workers went on strike (anachoresis, secession)—they left their tasks and took sanctuary on temple grounds, whence they … Continue reading

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Damn Locusts

During the second quinquennium of Caesar in Gaul, Roman politics had become an unparalleled chaos of corruption and violence. Pompey and Crassus, as consuls, pursued their policies by the bribery of votes, the intimidation of juries, and occasional murder. When … Continue reading

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