Response 1 to Aeoli Pera’s Response 1

I give credit to Aeoli Pera for responding with class and logical arguments in his post “Re: Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian,” dated 12 August 2018. I like his blog. His direct answer to my challenge of making the … Continue reading

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Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian

Dear Aeoli Pera, I request that you play devil’s advocate to become more intimate with the ‘facts’ of your faith for but also against things. You facilely discredit the Enlightenment as antithetical to Christianity in your post “Enlightenment anti-pattern recognition … Continue reading

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Good Parenting in a Nutshell

The enumerated powers of Congress in article 1, section 8 and the Bill of Rights are prohibitions on government behavior and ascendency. We know we have a chafing daddy gubbermint problem. From The Genius Famine, end of chapter 5: However, … Continue reading

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A Biological Definition of ‘Normies’

Based on a comment I made, Aeoli Pera suggested I read The Genius Famine by Edward Dutton and Bruce G Charlton. I’ve been reading it today since I have some time that can’t be better spent. This paragraph from chapter … Continue reading

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Superman Jesus Saves Female Privilege

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Anytime a person has a locus of control in the instincts, that person is mentally an animal. Attraction is not a choice, for example. It’s a calculation. You (pretty much every Western man, call me pompous) don’t understand women because … Continue reading

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May the Congruence Be With You

I refer you again to the three functional aspects of our minds: Reason, Emotion, Instinct. Your success and power is not so much how you change the world but how well you fit the world wrapped around you by fate, … Continue reading

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Female Attraction Can’t Be Tricked

The Hawaiian Libertarian has been kicking ass with his latest two posts on the gun-grabbin’ astroturfing. This post is an overgrow comment to Dalrock’s post “Why Game is a threat to our values.”, dated 16 March 2018. WARNING: Do not … Continue reading

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