PUA SCAM Channel

If you get scammed by a ‘pick-up coach’, and not all are phony, you are probably an effing idiot with extra money. You really ought to do your homework and test in the field yourself and get something to work … Continue reading

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An Exercise of Applied Game Theory

Applied theory: that’s where it’s at. My comment at CH in response to “Reader Mailbag: Putting The Scruz To A Cooz” dated 29 March 2016 is in moderation or the grave. If you have some Game, you should have some ideas … Continue reading

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True Libertarianism Defines Philosophically Sound Morality

This post is a comment that grew too big to post in the comment thread of “Freelance Comment Of The Week: Priorities, White People!” by Chateau Heartiste dated 25 February 2016. Specifically, this is a response to the comments following … Continue reading

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Dawn of the West’s 100% State Economy Without Firing a Shot

In my blog post “What Negative Interest Rates Mean” dated 29 May 2015 I explained what voluntary negative interest rates functionally mean in the real world. I made some edits today to make it more clear. What I did not … Continue reading

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Universal Redemption Is the Stock Beta Bait Form of the Natural Sin

In the comments of the last post, Keoni Galt and I have been getting deep, deep, deep into the morass of autodidactic code of behavior. There the dimensions of ethics, morality, philosophy, and theology swirl and collide with the personality … Continue reading

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The Matrix Is a Multiverse Smorgasbord for the Metal Invalid

I may have lost my blog roll privilege at Hawaiian Libertarian. If so, that’s fine. I can work on my ZFG. It was a great run. [Update: Some hours after posting this, still the same day, I see this post … Continue reading

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The Fed’s New Policy of Goldilocks Psychology

Ma Yellen and da boyz decided today, Wednesday, 16 December 2015, to raise the federal funds rate from against 0.0%–0.25% to 0.25%–0.50%. Now let me explain how that feels and then you will understand. Imagine your domineering, manjaw wife not … Continue reading

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