Operation Realist

For some four months I have been banned from commenting on The Burning Platform (TBP). My crime: doing unto Stucky what Stucky did unto me perhaps a week later. No one in the comment club batted a digital eye on Stucky’s lewd offense with me. My counterattack was psychologically effective, good timing. I was not surprised to be banned. Christians don’t really have better values than non-Christians, and it is quite the circle jerk there.

It occurs to me that you, dear readers, could comment there for me. Could be lots of laughs. So I request that you send my regards for me. Of course, you could get banned from TBP for doing so, but I don’t think you would be banned for that. You easily could for insulting Stucky or for using lewd language, but most of all for insulting Stucky with lewd language, so don’t do that. Soft power, my friend. You see how hard soft power can get 100 years later. The pithy truth jabbed into the cardinal denial is divine for our fleeting purposes.

Please don’t use my exact handle. Please use a commenter name that is at least a bit different, perhaps completely different. Some ideas on alter ego messenger names: I Luv Reality Doug, Joe for RD, RD’s Minion #123, ‘Royalty’ Doug, ‘Roily’ Doug.

It would be easy to troll those folks as my alter ego or explicit messenger. I insist that you never suggest or allude to political action or force in my name, even by the slightest reminiscence. For the foreseeable future, mere survival is winning enough and discretion is usually the only valor available.

First of all, the meme #StillNotGettingIt is always a good one. They will remember it. It fits virtually every comment situation at TBP. You are welcome to drop that meme as my exact message if you like. You could use it for your independent commentary too. Please don’t put fictional words into my mouth. The home URL of TBP is https://www.theburningplatform.com/.

Most commenters there are in denial, even while understanding the basic problem. The subhuman capacity for disconnect from objective reality is amazing, is it not? IQ is not emotional or instinctive continence. First Australia, and now Canada. The trend is scary and I believe unstoppable. In the end there will simply be uncontested winners with glorious elbow room, however it turns out, and lots of casualties. I don’t think labor retention and extraction is the primary goal of the takeover campaign upon us.

Hardscrabble Farmer had this to say on the post ‘Final Showdown: Canada Police Set To End Freedom Convoy “Unlawful Demonstration”’, 18 February 2022:

To win any war you must first have a strategy.

To that comment I would like to reply exactly:

Military history and military science say otherwise. The hesitant have no strategy worth a shit for lack of capacity to think and do, so wrong. American C-cucks can’t get past the bad military science of the First Amendment, which is why so-called Marxists can plan openly with the fruits of our labor.

No stomach for earthly affairs is a no-go handicap. The lack of viable allies is a no-go that no strategy can overcome. (((Biblical and so-called patriotic principles))) are no-go. Every man for his, and the devil take the hindmost.

From the 2017 Malcolm H. Wiener Lecture on International Political Economy, YaKnoWhoTube video “Strengthening Collaboration in a Fractured World-Featuring Special Guest Yo-Yo Ma” @1:07:55 https://youtu.be/AoBRnrtX9U4?t=4075 .

Thanks for reading and perhaps conveying my given commentary and staying well within safe bounds—very important! There is no country to salvage because quality people concerned with earthly affairs are prerequisite and unavailable until perverted government selection reverts or recedes to healthy, scary natural selection and things correct adequately. Remember the meme #StillNotGettingIt, but don’t try to salvage the uncivilized. That is a losing proposition always. I salvo for the yucks.

Yours in future patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 February 2022

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