Fanged Vagina Disheartened by Clown World

By the tech gods, have I not with this gone too far? Never mind that I am unable to earn a living, that I never had a career, a wife, or children. Never mind that all the vaginas are owned … Continue reading

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China to Annex Taiwan in 2021

Prediction made on 30 May 2020: China will recover Formosa, also known as Taiwan, in 2021. How do I know? I only suspect. The 2019 SARS corona virus is a hoax. The political elites from around the world are in … Continue reading

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No Stomach for Earthly Heroism

Ignore the nonsensical cries for relief from the subhuman shit. It amazes me that the rational can be so steadfastly irrational. You may not come around to my way of thinking, but the jurisprudence of nature that I have witnessed … Continue reading

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State of the Joonion

I need to vent for no reasonable reason. My life would be a tragedy if it were not for the deadened depths of irrelevance. These are my thoughts on the state of the US Empire: The US Empire is moribund. … Continue reading

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Officially Culturally Dead

White America is officially moribund and irrelevant. I blogged about this some time ago. Today, we have reached a milestone. Black America no longer respects the power of White America as a standard or an adversary. We are no longer … Continue reading

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Americans Exterminate Their Sanity and Cheer

Welcome to your news feed. We filter the news for each other. Less bloat, more value. The information diet is key. The sweet propaganda is designed to destroy you. Chronic stress is slow death. Challenging the order’s monopoly of thuggery … Continue reading

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Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

The Vox Popoli post “Reprehensibly stupid,” dated 18 June 2019 is itself reprehensibly stupid. It enrages me that high-IQ arrogance would righteously lead men to their pointless dooms, would promote more pointless suffering. It is this arrogance about destroying the … Continue reading

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Followed by Islamic Deconstructionism

From MSN’s “How My Queer Self Met My Arab Self at the Pride Parade” from about 01 June 2019 (five days ago): I identify as a queer Arab-American Muslim man. I am a first-generation American, born, conceived, and manifested in … Continue reading

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Physiognomy and Stewardship

Metro’s “Donald Trump state visit protests turn nasty as fights break out near Buckingham Palace,” dated 4 June 2019 shows pictures of anti- and pro-Trump protesters in London. Besides the fact of conflict, I think studying the pictures is good … Continue reading

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Ho Hum, Toxic Masculinity, Ho Hum

This post is an update by addendum of my previous post, “Solipsism in the Gravy Swoll Wild.” From CBS News’ “Gunman, 12 victims identified in Virginia Beach shooting,” dated 01 June 2019, Virginia Beach Vice Mayor James Wood publicly said … Continue reading

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