Diagnosis of the Doggie Test

I thought I’d pass on an interesting logical connection I made today. As Neil Strauss related in The Game (p. 130), David DeAngelo recommended reading Dog Training by Lew Burke early on in the PUA movement. Now that I am … Continue reading

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Blue Pill Alpha

Krauser gave a useful summary of masculine topology in the seduction community in his podcast #16 of Womanizer’s Bible: “Breaking Gamma Habits”. (Listen before the SJW scum takes offense to the provocative title.) There are two popular versions: the Roissy/Heartiste … Continue reading

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The Intragroup-Intergroup Conflict Bias

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I thought I would share some of my thoughts on mentally navigating this crazy world from the position of a Westerner. I expect you have been thinking and feeling about the geopolitical engineering going on. The transformation is far enough … Continue reading

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Gaming the Pro SJW

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Learn DGAF and Frame, gents. A bottom-up recap of (I think pro) SJW in image. —‘Reality’ Doug, 14 November 2015

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An Open Letter to Aurini et Al.

Note: This post started as a comment to Aurini’s post “Breaking Out of the Matrix: An Endless Journey,” dated 12 November 2015. The political and cultural implications are important enough that I have crafted it as a post and open … Continue reading

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Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers

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From a new study (linked below, I only skimmed): The increase in midlife morbidity and mortality among US white non-Hispanics is only partly understood. The increased availability of opioid prescriptions for pain that began in the late 1990s has been … Continue reading

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Good Business Is Personal Business

Commenter Amasius at CH provided a must-see link to proof that not only is the USSR gubbermint putting you out of a job, but they are also getting you to waste even more of your time, money, and energy on compliance for regulations you don’t even know about.

It’s NOT a numbers game (for you) if you don’t have reliable attraction.

Remember, you need to create the animal happiness bond through body language. The only good business is personal influence business. To protect yourself, the DGAF policy once again proves awesome. They say networking is the way to go. Practice with body language and charm those hind brains when it is convenient for you. No woman is beautiful to me if she is not completely interested in being on my ride ASAP. Ugly women are just for developing skills with ZFG.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 October 2015

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