To Have Slapped Suffragettes

Sean Connery clearly maintains his social frame when he affirms on camera to Barbara Walters that women who exhaust nonforceful remedies deserve to be slapped as a last resort:

He does not articulate why very well.

I will tell you why, in my opinion. Because slapping suffragettes/feminists who would exercise weighty social policies with poor judgement driven by female emotionalism is less painful for them and for all men, women, and children concerned than is a great depression and brinkmanship with societal collapse. There are two important governances in a functioning democracy (or representative republic of virtuous voting mob rule): direct government by popular sovereigns and delegatory government by ‘public servants’. Husbands are to govern wives and non-adult children. Men are to govern each other and their families as male sovereigns. A subjective test for popular sovereignty would necessarily be administered by some Future Dictator Selection Board. Sex discrimination is impersonal but necessary. Women have evolved a superior skill at using nonviolent means to get violent results. That is to say women are better at gossip and casting social aspersions. Reputation is social currency. Men are better at direct violence, as any women who led two men into a fight over her would know.

This is Rahm Emmanual on not letting a crisis go to waist:

Emotional voters require a slide to tyranny. Popular rationalism adequate to democracy is rare and precious. The crisis of 9/11 has given rise to the U.S. police state. Thanks, ladies and manginas. Now every American citizen is at risk of being labeled a ‘terrorist’ for the expedient advance of totalitarian government. It only takes one supposed instance of ‘terroristic threats’. Now the police are your mommy and the government is your daddy. The pawns of the Middle East are skillfully being played against the feminized pawns of America.

Only rank-and-file men empowered as patriarchs are able to manage women and children with individual attention. Power does not ask permission. Women don’t! Women complain simultaneously about a lack of political and economic opportunity and a lack of available attention from real men. There is no reason in my opinion why women should not have rights to own property or to work as they wish and can earn. However, women having political power equal to men is not possible unless nearly all women go without having meaningful intimacy with men and eventually without a society. Rationalism is necessary to manage limited resources and wealth! And we are being managed alright. Matriarchy (a political system with most power held by the women rather than men) has never worked (except for intensional decline) and the technocrat lies to the contrary be damned! There is not exactly equal political sharing between the sexes because slavish empathy and independent rationalism are mutually exclusive alien modes.

Evolutionary organic programming is an important intellectual topic these days. Women were the proper judges of reproductive merit in men, but memes evolve faster than genes. Men are the proper judges of reproductive merit in women now that mankind has social aspirations. If humanity is to move much higher in terms of sophistication, political sophistication must catch up to the technical sopistication, and that can only happen with patriarchic democracy as far as I can tell.

Even if the NWO has total success and sloughs off the rest of humanity except as bred livestock, they will have to govern themselves, and they will need reproduction. If human lifespans can be extended indefinitely, that need is minimal. An egg bank is as feasible as a sperm bank with enough technological advancement. Who knows what will happen. That is not our situation. We need men to be wise or fail, not sheepish or wholly disenfranchised. We need an alpha citizenship class of civilized men who can use violence with wise compassion, not unconditional compassion. No such thing as unconditional love among mortals or in politics.

Cherchez la femme,

—’Reality’ Doug, 18 August 2012


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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