Shutdown Artist (SDA)

On the Friday night (31 August 2012) of this past Labor Day weekend I backed down from two fights over three bar stops space apart by half an hour. I was with a friend in the bars, but he was not around when the incidences occurred. We don’t baby sit each other, and he is not a proper wingman. The cops are stationed just outside all the bars in the area, located within walking distance of each other.

The first guy was a tattooed, silver ringed, Napoleon complex, just-out-of-jail looking white guy. He put his hand on my shoulder when I was talking to two girls in a circle. I had interjected myself. I thought it was going well, had my confidence on, and I was enjoying eye contact with a beautiful smile with bright eyes. Bad boy tells me I can’t touch. Any touching I did was incidental. I was not grabbing, not groping, etc. So we had a ‘discussion’ then I finally backed off. I was not sure he would not pull a knife or a gun. I am not sure he was with the group of women.

Two bars and a half hour later I’m back to the wall overlooking a dance area. I am surveying the room. A white, middle-class looking married couple to my right, is getting frisky with each other. I looked past the couple and got the impression the guy was offended. When my eyes are forward I feel a splash on my shirt. It looks like the husband knocked a drink (plastic cup) out of his wife’s hand to assail me and assert his contempt. Slowly, rationally, I studied the nature of the spill, position of the plastic cup, look on their faces and civilly walked over (just a few steps) and asked with assertiveness if that was intentional. He put a hand on my chest and attempted to shove. I stepped slightly back, blocked his arm to the side with a striking motion, and stepped forward. We had a little face down. This guy was a lot taller than me, somewhat thin for his height which is about as wide as I am.

A bouncer not seeing what was going on came to the other side of the couple collecting trash. I went over to him and explained this guy slapped a drink at me. He talks to him and the bouncer tells me the guy says I was hitting on his wife. That makes no sense on any level except as pack instinct, and he gets away with it. So I take my position back along the wall like it’s no big deal. The bouncer says I’ve got to move away, noting I never buy a drink (true, pathetic budget, never drink there, service was nonexistent the few times I tried). I walk away in disgust. As I am borderline gone the bouncer says, “You can fight if you want.” I just went.

So I’ve noticed that potentially getting into a fight comes along with the territory of sarging. I don’t know what it is like for everyone else out there, so I must go with my limited personal experiences. I hope others will comment with their experiences so I, if not we, can get an accurate perspective. I suspect either I am doing things completely wrong, or this social aspect of thinking men’s issues has not been well addressed by the Manosphere including the seduction community.

Context will be useful. I am living in the Bible Belt. I am a middle-aged white transplant from up north. I was initially shocked that white people were spawning with as much uncivilized, welfare-loving abandon as blacks do. It seems to correlate with too many Southern Baptist churches. I am not having problems with belligerent black men, and the black women are more approachable, often speak decent English, and are better far better ‘dancers’. Just an observation about clubbing not street crime, politics, etc. Ye-haw.

We have applied evolutionary theory to women and men presuming civility, to wit an absence of gratuitous violence. I think that is a shortcoming. We all know, or should know, we are increasingly living in a police state here in the Western world. China and Iraq are social experiments to refine turn key measure for deployment in the West. The Chinese obedience and state controlled media and capitalism are well known and sometimes lauded. The air drones field tested in Iraq made the roll out in the United States that much easier. With price inflation, necessary to make bank loan chaining possible, the middle class must be liquidated as a mechanical consequence. The Misandry Bubble is brilliant with lots of truths but wrong I think in so far as a crash is presumed. A Goldilocks inflation picks off producers little by little and avoids mass resistance. “You must not be ambitious,” idiots suppose as they wait for their turns.

The point is that we have increasingly dumb, increasingly instinctual masses within a porous but maturing surveillance and control network. Natural selection has been gamed and our moral code is slipping down the scale of ‘civilized’, ‘barbaric’, ‘tribal’, ‘feral’. Cooperative communication is required for civilized function, with a reliable level of popular sovereignty, individual autonomy, economic and social opportunity, and security in body and property. We don’t have that now, which is how we know the West in moribund. The moral code of civilization is long dead.

Disorganized criminals give government officials an ostensible purpose, raison d’être, along with welfare and ‘national security’. Organized criminals are the government or a cultivated partner, as in the so-called Drug War, Iran-Contra, Muslim terrorists, etc. Street-grade scum thrives going in and out of jail, receiving welfare, and expediently using others. Ignorant or stupid men are pushed beyond their individual breaking points by abstract methods they can’t imagine. The civilized Western man is physically threated with dehumanizing compliance measures from his government and instinctual fighting with his plebe fellows for limited resources, in particular under these anomalous circumstances: pussy.

Our moral code, like our behaviors, is no longer civilized. This is evident to me in the reigning layman’s code of pussy. Possession is 9/10ths of this ‘law’. If any asshole’s claim to possession of a pussy is accepted, he gets carte blanche in his antagonistic dealings with other men in the pussy’s vicinity. I expect a woman to speak for herself as if she were half human at least. I don’t think I am asking for to much. Otherwise, an ear tag or forehead brand should be provided to make things clear.

In a pussy code conflict, exactly two solutions are readily available but crude: fight or flight. One leads to a likely arrest and the other leads to loss of social position, personal security, ease of demeanor and healthy parasympathetic body chemistry, and the associated social opportunities perhaps sexual or economic. To always yield is to accept failure as a man. To charge in is to play feral alpha. Most of us are not elites of whatever concern by definition, and most of us are not feral alpha. The reflective and analytical nature of people who practice Game leads to ‘adverse selection’ for thuggery, or so we might suppose. Even if it does not, hierarchy like hypergamy is always relative and most are not the toughest of fighters. Instinctual resource conflict promises to get worse. In the practice of Game, I think we need to equip the pickup artist (PUA) with the skills of a shutdown artist (SDA). We have the potential techniques of prevention and cure, and the consistency check of evolutionary theory.

Preventative measures:

  • Invest time in studying social dynamics and approach less frequently.
  • Invest effort in gaining rapport with men.

The cure is a fine line here, trying to stand your ground without attracting compliance enforcement from the police. I assume we are dealing with instincts and rational discussion will not resolve things. I presume the pack moral code of might makes right since that is the nature of resolution by violence. Outward signs of weakness will insight attack. I’ve seen dogs at the dog park just get medieval on one particular dog out of convenience. It ensure rank. In my experiences, very limited, a show of strength is necessary. The trick, within the mobile range of our feminized fetters, is to do show strength without escalating (noticeably) and without unrestrained assault. It is necessary to read your opponent and know when he is testing your violent capacity (mentally and physically) and when he is fighting. Watch carefully for the retrieval of weapons and blindside attacks. Your instinctive messages will probably be monitored, and you want to say the right things at the right time.

Notice: I am not giving advice. This is only for academic discussion. Fighting or standing up to someone who is threatening to fight you could result in your injury or death, as could running away. There are no absolute preservative guarantees for mortals.

Our feminized fetters are ridiculous, are they not?

Restrained Assertion:

  • Do not retreat even an inch and perhaps move forward.
  • Do not use strict defense, a very dangerous mindset.
  • Use your instinctive communication faculties to detect and anticipate your opponent’s moves.
  • Counter your opponent’s aggressive moves to reverse the intended vulnerability: wrist control, preemptive shove.
  • Think about and determine your threshold for using assault to incapacitate, including multiple hostile or interfering males and females.
  • Do not give an interfering woman immunity from retaliation since she is as dangerous as the man she will free to hurt you by distracting your guard.
  • Protect yourself from bouncers and establish a rational dialog if offered one.
  • If you are forced to fight, win and quickly redeem enough value to satisfy your potential costs according to your moral code while you have the power and the most socially acceptable occasion, then you might try to leave calmly and expeditiously.
  • If you are arrested, exercise your right to remain silent because the police do not share your agenda, probably don’t share your moral code, are legally allowed to lie to you in the course of your questioning, and are directly answerable only to career bureaucrats, some of whom are lawyer-politician judges.

If the conflict escalates—and it is your responsibility to correctly read the situation like always—it will be better to fight and win than to be injured at the discretion of your attacker or attackers. Exercise is your healthy responsibility, and you might as well improve your feral manliness. You can practice and improve fighting skills with something as simple as shadow boxing. I am not encouraging men to fight, but I do encourage men of philosophy and reason to be better prepared to fight. I expect resource conflicts among Western denizens to get progressively worse, but not necessarily more uncontained or empowered. How to handle uncivilized threats of violence over limited resources by feral-minded males in the context of Game, particularly night game, is something I would like to see practically discussed and evaluated like seduction has been. The political conditions vis-à-vis the gene and perhaps meme programming are an important factor to consider. You are welcome to leave your comments, and remember that context is important for correlating your anecdotal data with that of others.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 4 September 2012


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to Shutdown Artist (SDA)

  1. Bill Powell says:

    Doug, I’m also what you describe yourself to be albeit I live on a little Florida island. Just a bit of advice, never go anywhere unarmed, I carry a teflon switchblade in my pocket everywhere I go especially even in the bars. Way less obvious than a firearm but way more silent and deadly than my fists. Thanks for commenting on my site, I like yours also. By the way I’m interested in what you consider middle aged, I’m fifty years old.

    [RD: I’m just several years younger, mid-forties. The wear is more important than mileage I think. Did not know there was such a thing as teflon switchblade.]

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