Beta Baby Steps

I thought I would chronicle my mental journey in Game development along with other observations. I live in a target poor environment and have lousy means, which I think is pertinent to what is and is not seduction. Sometimes the best vocabulary for sincere modeling of reality and truth has some grey leeway. Sometimes not. Always some vocabulary choices are inferior and sometimes just plain bad. If we are sincere in our appreciation of knowledge in the Manosphere, we must distinguish between sexual conquest using de facto alpha status (graded on the curve) and sexual conquest using female psychology as a substitute for de facto alpha status. The essence of game is the instinctual representation of alpha status without actually having alpha status in our social context (lately society with accumulated wealth and not the pack with hierarchical claim on the raw resources du jour, or is the ‘progress’ more backward than popularly believed?).

If game only worked for men with de facto alpha status à la George Clooney, it would be useless, irrelevant. Game is Game only as far as it works as knowledge to inform social behavior to guide other social behavior. The fact that Game can be profitably supplemented by high social status does not change that fact. Moreover, Game can be profitably used to decouple de facto alpha status from sexual marketing for the liability it is under the socio-biochemical warfare of liberated feminist agency. Seduction is NOT, at least for purposes here, sexual marketing using the byproduct proof of elite social status. Seduction is sexual marketing using knowledge of inherent female psychology (the hardwired feminine id) and the learnable and learned female psychology constructs resting upon it. Context is critical to identifying attributes as potencies and vulnerabilities. Chivalry is a potency in a patriarchal context, but a weakness in a faux matriarchal context, for example. Bring your own context called frame, you chivalrous bastard.

Feminism is cultural aggression, and like throwing a punch, the potency at the point of attack creates, consistent with the axiom of conservation, vulnerability elsewhere. In theory, if two fighters are exactly equal in skill, circumstantial awareness, and positional advantage, the fighter who attacks first should lose. I say that fully aware that someone who plays to not lose, who plays only defense, deserves to lose. (Calling all manginas.) To attack someone is to reach and lower one’s own defenses to initiate a point of conflict at the vitality of the opponent. Only overwhelming superiority of means or preparedness could permit the aggressor to attack without vulnerability. The woman agent is a pawn completely lacking overwhelming superiority to the red pill man in personal affairs left under the radar of government compliance.

Game is a technology presuming to move the point of conflict from the producer male’s tender vulnerabilities as a wealth dispenser (courtship bribes, marriage bribes, divorce confiscation) to the enlightened male’s potencies as a feelings dispenser (vibe, pack romance intimacy, greater purpose). I am open to reconsideration, but as I see things now I think it is a disservice to frame red pill technology as something other than what it is: the counter programming of weaponized inferior minds of useful idiots, mostly women, that ought to carry their own weight with us civilized Western men, being Enlightenment white on the inside, or remove themselves by virtue of their own failings. Pulling one’s weight for women includes the sexual services necessary for men to elevate their manly concerns to the affairs of civilization.

Seduction has been around as long as humanity because female nature is entrenched and brutish by proxy. Never before has seduction been necessary for defense of free civilization, and the best defense is ultimately offensive. The battle for political supremacy by seduction has been foisted upon us. Game is the result of a backlash guided by meme evolution for civilized men to meet their sexual needs and intimately understand their personal political responsibilities.

Philosophy is dogma to the masses. The Manosphere I know has its share of unsophisticated thinkers too dumb for the responsibilities of shared sovereignty befitting full citizenship. I believe no people on earth, meaning a societal group taken at large, are civilized at the moment. In the West it’s just momentum of the superficial habits beneath standing edifices that keeps the illusion of civilization.

So now that we got that straight, I would like to share my beta baby step lessons learned from the free online dating sites. We know that what women do in things romantic is generally not what they say they want or do. However, with pack sociality as a guide, it is possible to filter for truisms. When women say confidence is sexy, that is an understatement. Seduction is empowered confidence tailored to the pack-instinctual female brain. As I read from someone in the Manosphere, ‘the medium is the message’. Women are not complex or too brilliant. They are operating on a primitive channel beneath civilized repute.

My lessons from studying and experimenting online are:

  1. the lives of women presented online are mostly train wrecks and trains of escapade jollies squandering value for depreciation and careening for a wreck, maybe another one,
  2. if her life is wrecked and she is in denial about it, she is not available for a relationship involving any physical proximity, but text all you want,
  3. when she realistically wants sex, she’ll be at the bar available to the first confident and reasonably attractive suitor, and
  4. she does not want the superficial niceties women have erroneously deduced and claimed as the essence of civilization, so-called civility.

The consequences of the first three lessons are straightforward. It is the fourth and final point that I have something of nuanced depth to share with you civilized and fellow betas learning the ropes. Safety is the first but not ultimate concern of Our Lady Hamster. Please stop and note how the previous sentence is the driver for the fourth lesson. Furthermore, the hotter the woman is the more likely her profile will say to NOT send the sort of message that simply says, “Hi. How are you?” That nicety was correct for drawn out courtship when waiting forced a woman to think about what she was doing, when men enforced a double standard. The legal tender plantation increasingly requires and permits only hedonistic rewards, so get to it. Time is money is shrinking to nothing.

Using my philosophical understanding of what Game is, as I have been struggling with generating attraction, I have recently come up with a tag line formula that has more than sextupled (pun intended without loss of veracity) my email response rate. It’s stuff like this that makes a rational man realize women are emotionally simple to the point of destructive incompetency. Here is the formula:

<Suppose something alluring about her from her profile as desired.> “When was the last time you looked into a man’s eyes and got lost properly.”

In case you don’t know, all women are not the same in what approach they each reward. Hell, the same woman is different at different times, of the month and whatnot. The ‘health’ of a woman’s ego is critical as to whether you neg her, or tell her how beautiful she is even though anyone with vision knows she ain’t beautiful, or convey as your assessment of her value something in between. No. her value is not necessarily in win-lose competition with yours, and in a relationship the man should never tolerate it. In her primitive pack-oriented mind, add to her social rank without yielding your rank relatively or absolutely.

In real life, a salutation is useful to establish the most rudimentary social communication channel, all you need to start, but eye contact can work better. You could even alter the tone of a hello to make it convey your interest immediately. Art respects life for the essay it is, so forget dogma if you can and have principles that are a few trusted axioms and otherwise are context-sensitive. Online salutations are sterilized, unless you get right to substance and jusy imply the salutation, which is all you need to start.

Disclaimer: Take all of this with a grain of salt. I am not pulling them in, just improving and eight months into this.

Some women will stick to an unreasonable checklist (as opposed to very demanding checklists from the rare hot women who carefully market themselves) and those women take turns gracing the local bars and clubs a few times every year with their depreciated wares at a price you can afford: one condom. Timing is everything with those depreciated women, and still important with all but the most strident of sluts, meaning those who are never a bitch about providing sex. Players don’t wait actively any more than a self-respecting man would. Women who are nebulous, capricious, irrational, flirty, fun-loving, etc.—as may be gleaned from their profiles—are the type I would expect are most receptive to this flattery of their liberated lusts, and most sexually affordable in general. Assuming that general case for a free email attempt is a more efficient and effective use of your time and effort online than is screening the attempt out entirely.

Empiricism is instructive, so get some data. I’m not saying you can’t get a girlfriend this way, but it’s much harder to achieve than the one night stand. If you are having trouble with getting a woman either way, try the easy way first and see if you can build off of the amazing sexual satisfaction you delivered, or just become her good habit. This is not civilization, and she can’t love you as a civilized man would understand love to mean. Give preselection a chance maybe. I know guys who have this anachronistic hangup, and I gave up the direct girlfriend route this year. Get the data but analyze it. Lots of nothing? mhm

You will notice the tag line question distills the philosophical essence of what I suppose Game to be. The idea is to give the automaton that for which the automaton starves: the hedonistic feeling of she-child liberation by total submission and alliance to a personal patriarchy doing all the unthinkable dirty work. A princess wishes for something else? You’ve never been as sexy as the state.

Even if she replies she has never had such an experience gazing into a man’s eyes, stay with the mental vacation plan and keep open the option of her reverberating the happy feeling of your broadcast. As you qualify her reciprocity, your fantasy bond will strengthen. Mind sex for the woman at adequate dosage = physical sex for the man. Sex starts immediately in a woman’s mind until she instinctively filters out the possibility, in which case it never actually happened, just like the inconvenient history rewritten in Blair’s Orwellian Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 October 2012

P.S. I have a weekly talk radio show. Podcast mp3s are available.

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. Bill Powell says:

    Dude, you need to post more. I stole one of your quotes for the article I’m, writing today after I got one of those “Are you afraaaid of feminists” comments to my post yesterday.

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