Disconnect Culture

I’d like to thank Bill Powell for linking from his “Damned right I am” post of 7 December 2012 to my blog homepage and quoting “Feminism is cultural aggression” from my “Beta Baby Steps” post. I got 29 page views that day, and I usually get 0 or 1 a day. Bill suggested I post again, so here it is….

Bill’s aforementioned post was in response to the troll question: “Do you so-called alpha’s hate feminists or just afraid of them?” Nice grammar. Most of us in the Manosphere are not self-proclaimed alphas, and fewer if any are alphas at all. How could we be in a society of PC BS concerned about protecting feelings that should perish and about destroying feelings that should live and thrive, by nature’s long-term standards not my standards.

I’m seething. I’m empty. I have writer’s block. I have a manuscript I’m writing, but I wonder what difference it could possibly make. I have not made money or love in a long time. It does things to a man. I’ve been pondering the subject of rape lately. Definition is critical here. Is the perp an unwelcome man or a woman’s unwelcome mortal necessity and designed utility, bitches? Could there be economic and intellectual rape, bitches? Can the balance of a deal possibly fall anywhere within to and fro, bitches? Once again, life has infinite ‘shades of grey’. Get it? lmfao

I’ve read the new guy M3. He writes with a raw conscious stream to great effect. I find myself not wanting to craft this post as art like I usually do. OK, I will to some degree I expect. There is something to be said for raw truth too. Frankly, I’m just not in the mood to do polished art.

I’m a thinker. I used to think that thinking was an advantage. Then I stopped thinking that. Then I found out about Game and its application of evolutionary theory, and I think thinking works again. I had given women waaaaay to much credit. Women are NOT complicated, but the function of society is. Fitting the woman’s womb into civilization so that there is harmony enough to have function is complicated only if women are not put in their place. Twice as many of our ancestors are women than are men. Women are less evolved mentally. A disruptive object is called a monkey wrench, but it could have been called a hamster wrench. I speak of the rationalization hamster. A functional man must understand it.

Feminism is an intensional hamster wrench. Your wife and nuclear family have been stolen from you, man, salted like earth. The problem with thinking is that it requires action as much as action requires thinking. If you have not read The Red Queen by Matt Ridley (h/t Frost) or The Treatise of Love As it is Recognized by an Awful Bore, 2nd Ed., by Anatoly Protopopov,
translated from Russian to English by Mikhail Linetsky (h/t CH, side menu), you are a clueless man or you are a woman. I have some notes you might wish to study. I was doing college talk radio. Since I like to hurt people’s feelings for constructive purposes of our welfare and for my opposing feelings that don’t count, it seems right now that that’s done with. I enjoyed it while it lasted, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had. A former at-will partner should be celebrated not jeered. If an unobligated woman stops providing sex for a man, she’s done more for that man than all the women that would not provide sex in the first place. Habitual dependency is an unfit master, regardless of sex.

I’m still on the subject of human reproduction. It only works with human survival, bitches. Man provides material means of survival and pleasure; woman provides sexual means of reproduction and pleasure. That is the contract into which we were born, and many of you my fellow Americans think you deserve more than you give. It is common knowledge in the Manosphere that feminization of the workplace has created the illusion of ‘strong and independent’ women who by regulatory means backed by police guns backed by the printing press and banking system backed by the police and military guns enjoy the delusional pretense of being a net productive member of society by building a consensus of feminist togetherness. It’s rape. I will remind you morons out there than men and women coexist in balance or they do not coexist. There is a reason that the human sexes are reproduced in equal proportion, hypergamy not withstanding. The lowest common denominator is the destination of sharing. Be the fuck careful what you share with whom. Women are not productive equals; they are consumptive superiors not to be elevated, not to be pedestaled. I am generalizing about the sexes, but that is truth enough because societal results are net results dominated by general trends.

And that explains how I came to be where I am now. Depleted. No income. No touch. I’m sick of trying. Call me lazy if you want. I’m not stupid, and I’m not talented for hoeing this shit. I see this shit for what it is. Elevated house slaves unaware of their actual status as biological weapons of mass destruction just know for sure that a smile is half the battle to achieve success. WTF?! Subsidized morons who need so little latitude to feel free should not share sovereignty with me. But friends, if you can be subsidized, do it. This is not the time to live die by your values that do not socially exist. Shepherd your values now latent into the future if you can. Thinking requires action and sharing requires reciprocity. It’s screw or be screwed, and it’s better to give than receive.

And where the hell is this hookup culture? I think what we have here is a massive disconnect. Sure the cover story is hookups, and I’m sure they happen. I see more and more what works with the liberated women. However, what we have here is a disconnect culture. Just go to the free dating sites and read the women’s profiles. From what I read somewhere, it is reasonable to suppose the average America woman gets a new sex partner in from 9 months to 3 years. That’s just not a whole lot of sex servicing if that sex is just a onetime hookup. And given how repulsive women are with increasing promiscuity and stimulation tolerance, don’t expect your interest or theirs to improve. Females are maximally slutty in high school and college, until their status depends on direct regard from society at large. If you want to talk to the chick next to you, ask for her number so you can send a text message and say hi. It’s a good line, because it’s true.

Exploitation by dependency, certainly incompetence, is a net loser, which is why there is division between virtue and vice. If a very few men have all the pussy they want, most of them are missing out on the riches of family like most of us. They lack political power and responsibility. They are not alpha. The majority of men are without pussy, solid wives, and nuclear families with which to pass their cultural values. Women do not pass on culture, not a functional one anyway. There is a dearth of female quality and a dearth of female sexual services. Back to the evidence at the free dating sites. Look at the woman profiles. I am going to provide you with a woman-to-man lexicon to make my point:

All Men, Prove Not the Same – Prove my idiocy is correct, please.
Booty Calls, I Can Get That at the Bar – My sex is prohibitively expensive unless you meet me at the bar when I break down to get my needs met once or twice a year because I’m a hamster fed on media corn.
Booty Calls, Not Looking For – Been there; done that; finds me too easily.
Decent Guy, I Just Want – I lowered my standards and now you need only have one of the following: an Olympic gold medal, a private jet, fame, political connections.
Drama, No – I have a pet hamster one million years old, so do things my precultural way proven by the test of time.
Independent – Cashing in on unnatural political preference.
Keep It Real – Indulge me; you’re the bitch, mister.
Keep Walking – I owe you nothing for suffering my faux independence.
Liars, Sick Of – I crush honest men with my sociopolitical power, and I’m sick of no one left but men pretending to be honest because I can’t honestly use them and truly express my feeeeeelings.
Love Me For Me – Love me in unassailable absolute terms for the relative position I deserve from someone who takes care of everything while I take the credit.
Must Make Me Laugh – I’m secretly depressed; fix it.
My Life is Perfect and I Just Need Someone To Share It With – My logic is inscrutable so obey.
My World, My Kids Are – Taking applications for my personal slave ’cause raising kids as a single mom is hard even with unearned privileges.
One, Looking For The – I deserve the alpha of all of humanity because we are all one collective and I’m your special princess, but not for you personally, just alpha.
Real Men, Where Are The? – I fought hard to fashion rank-and-file society into my pedestal, making me a real woman, so why can’t I find a man of flesh and blood as good as Daddy State?
Single Mom with Full-Time Job and Going to School – Devout slave, unavailable and here to tease you heart and penis to pretend I have a life.
Someone Who Knows What He Wants – Someone dumb enough to want me on my impossible terms as much as I do.
Strong – Determined to keep leveraging political preference, the consequences be damned.
Surprise Me – Have unusually great wealth and lavish it and your time on me.
True Love – Duty and service will not be motivators of my partnership with you, that’s work.
Whore, I’m Not A – I was a whore to birth three kids by two fathers by age 22, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and you can too, for the rest of our lives together.

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 9 December 2012


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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7 Responses to Disconnect Culture

  1. Bill Powell says:

    Very good post, you have elucidated much that I haven’t before.

  2. Bill Powell says:

    Very good post. I like your lexicon also.

  3. M3 says:

    Your woman to man lexicon translator is awesome and what literally runs through my mind when i see it pop up on women’s profiles.

    I saw one yesterday that had a woman write 2 words into the ‘1st Date’ portion of her PoF profile.
    “Entertain me!”

    That’s one step above ‘Surprise me’ because it dispenses with any pretence. Translate that one.. and make sure you include the words ‘circus’ and ‘monkey’ in it 🙂

    • realitydoug says:

      lol I think you pretty much nailed that one, and sounds like maybe a good idea to have a dedicated lexicon post. I wonder if this thing could blow up. Gonna find out. Shaming language always works better with substance that brings doubt to the perspective targeted. hee, hee, he, heee.

  4. Bill Powell says:

    Good post Doug and thanks for linking me to it. What surprises me is it didn’t send any more traffic your way but that confirms a suspicion of mine. Friday was a three thousand hit day and I figured that you would get way more traffic than you did, but I research relentlessly and I think my audience has gotten used to when I write something, the links are just there for proof I’m not an infinite degree of idiot (my favorite saying). I’m glad we got you some more traffic but from now on, when the site is redesigned, I’m not going to link near as much, only to people I find interesting.

    • realitydoug says:

      My way of communicating seems to alienate people at large. Game has helped me make some progress on that. The trick I think is to find some way to not just connect but leverage the gulf of difference between my id and the external social reality. My ego hurts from unrealistic demands. Darn outlier id. I’d rather be lonely at the top. Wasn’t born into an elite financier family. Oh wait! I’m interesting but there were soooo many other links to choose from. That makes sense too. 🙂 I still make most peoples’ minds seize up if I speak freely.

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