Black Solidarity Shedding White Progressivism

Very rarely is justice law blind to the personally expedient and perspicacious in and true to the societally sound. That’s what the blindfolded justice muse should represent. It is false to believe society is best or even functional without discrimination. You’ve got to work within the available population you’ve got. I do not presume racism is always wrong or that sexism is always wrong because context matters. If nothing else, you know who can’t discriminate against you based on race or sex based on your appearance alone. (There is reactionary PC conditioning.) Morality is not fixed in stone like the laws of nature. Morality is fluid. Hell, one million years ago there wasn’t any.

I read a great post yesterday at Rational Male, “Awareness and Intent” dated 11 December 2012 and of course by Rollo Tomassi. It is a perfect description of what goes wrong with being a ‘nice guy’, basically the Let’s Just Be Friends (LJBF) cycle. I also read Rollo’s “Shouting in the Wilderness” dated 6 December 2012. SEE THE VIDEOS! What you have is somewhat red-pill Stephen A Smith in discussion with Cari Champion and Skip Bayless on the issue of womanizer Chad Johnson (still using that name?) cheating on his then-betrothed televisual jock trophy Evelyn Lozada.

No…you don’t. I am on the fence with Tomassi’s assertion that Smith is ‘a marginally red-pill aware Man’. Yes, he was sure acting like it, with a capital ‘M’, but let me add some information: What you have is somewhat red-pill Stephen A Smith (black man) in discussion with Cari Champion (black woman) and Skip Bayless (white man) on the issue of womanizer Chad Johnson (black man) cheating on his then-betrothed televisual jock trophy Evelyn Lozada (Hispanic woman). To some degree I am going by appearances, and they count too. That’s what the great unwashed go by because principles of advancing function and logic are tooooo haaarrd to understand.

Smith is talented at his job, a great job to have, and PC rules the workplace throughout America. Is Smith well suited to his work environment psychologically? I suspect Smith is the angry black man, that his deepest motive is to protect his black American culture and people. Keep in mind the Progressive Movement was mostly ‘manned’ by white women, but that majority is slipping. Factor in the white trash that is likely a huge part of what white American reproduction there is and ask yourself, “Who will be manning the ship?” White mothers, look your white daughters in the eyes and tell them what princesses they are. lutz It’s pretty damn obvious that for blacks, who have not created civilization on their own accord by their own values (as a group with its own culture), race is thicker than sex. Of the two ‘bigotries’ (black pride and feminism) only the former is a political bigotry/bias/order that is at least intrinsically viable. White men did create civilization and did learn principles higher than ‘who you know’ or ‘what you look like’, but whites at large do not stand on civilized principles now, and haven’t in a long time. This is regression in the American rank and file. This is why civilizations collapse: cultural exhaustion from too much success for too many. I got the idea of race trumping sex from reading Bill Price’s post “How Racial Politics will Subordinate Feminism” of 20 June 2012.

According to Smith in the longer video linked by Tomassi, an NFL football player cried for a hour in his hotel room because he did not want to go home to his wife. Not a police state? A little judicious force goes a long way toward civilization. It has always been so. If the strong are not wise or not with you, you are done because the laws of nature are absolute. There is not a civilized people (an organized and autonomous group) unless it is duh Nu Wurld Odor. I wonder if they will have some sort of democracy among themselves. It’s one thing to unite against a common enemy or meal ticket, but what happens when the population is reduced to half a billion?

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 December 2012

P.S. Today is 12-12-12. We will never see another X-X-X date in our lifetimes. The next one will be 1 January 3001, unless we start going by a new calendar. Then peace be upon you.


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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