This Is Your Answer

You’ve been lied to your entire life. We are piecing together the truth. Welcome to the Manosphere!

This post is a newbie’s landing page. It has been search engine optimized (SEO) to start not with the answer in mind but with the predictable questions. Too much attention has been given to preaching to the choir. We need all the harmonious voices we can gather in this struggle, just the latest epic struggle in human history. The lost soul in a moment of earnest clarity will seek.

It would be too easy for you to reject my short answer to your question without knowing the futility of your question’s scope. In a Cartesian coordinate system, the values of coordinates x, y, and z are independent. In mathematicians’ jargon, the values are orthogonal. They combine independently not impossibly. The aspects of society are not orthogonal. Voting rights are connected to banking is connected to government spending is connected to living standards is connected to family strength is connected to sexual satisfaction is connected to personal well-being.

My short answer to your question is not explanation. The quest for knowledge is the biggest human exploration ever, several millennia old and still expanding into the future and out of the past, journeying repeatedly from the lowlands of vulgar data to the trenchant heights of philosophy. No doubt you have been drunk on the seas of purgatory. In our childhoods we are dragged into the numbing depths of blindness for the sake of innumerable adult cowards and an epicurean elite. The conditioning on your psyche will likely never be fully undone. You will have to refurbish yourself with new first principles. My quick and dirty answer is the solution to your problems and mine: patriarchy.

If you choose to trust your life to your own mind first starting with this moment, you are on a journey of self-transformation that I expect will take one to five years. Destination: Self-actualization.

During the transitory stage, you will be vulnerable, like an adolescence. Some people never grow beyond of it. They don’t let go of childish goals. The great unwashed is being fed on the backs of simpleton producers who don’t grasp their plight. The quality of Westerners is being debased purposely with a centralized economy that flows from a fount of privileged government bureaucrats and elite financiers. The name of the well is fiat money. The naive response to the problem is to attempt to live by social values that cannot be reciprocated or be effective, and to induce financial and social starvation by burning bridges. Do NOT do that.

There are two critical subgroups to any challengers of the Establishment: the overt and the covert. For illustrative purposes only, I note that Hamas has overt operators in the realm of public affairs and covert operators in the realm of natural affairs. So does the U.S. Government, as retired General Smedley Butler warned us. There was also the Farewell Address by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Amazingly, more government control and more heartfelt socialism on the international scale is proffered as the solution to our domestic problems of government control and heartfelt socialism. Huh.

You may have noticed that your ideas are not rewarded. They are not wanted. Your finances and social pathways are individually ruined the more you fight for your ideas. Who enamored by heartfelt socialism or greed are you trying to reach? I suggest that you be smart about your journey to the great journey, out of the seas of purgatory and across the shoals of transgression to the dry land of unvarnished observation. There you will be carrying your full weight emotionally and intellectually. The wrong friends will beat you back with the cudgels of flattery and accusation before you grow to stand on your legs. The wrong gatekeepers will withhold the oxygenated water from your gills before you grow to breathe with your lungs. You are dealing with useful idiots. You used to be one. The force is with you, lost soul, but you are not a Jedi yet. You have been warned.

Furthermore, good and evil are oft too black and white to be meaningful in real life, except to control useful idiots. Not only can good and evil interweave into a single personality, but conflict of our full potentials is woven into life and cannot be entirely avoided. War has been a catalyst for human greatness when its opportunity has been embraced. You have been warned twice.

The movie metaphor of choice in these parts is The Matrix trilogy, particularly the original. Those with the strength to sincerely pursue the truth have taken the red pill. Don’t take half the red pill and remain half blue. You would be daring two masters to rend you in a tug of war. Mortals are disposable by design. You have been warned thrice, but who’s counting.

I have made the calculated choice to come out into the open. I aspire to help men and perhaps the rarest of woman to find their own truths by way of the reality we share. If I could do that for a living as an author and talk show personality, I would. I expect no such thing. Our finances are collapsing, and our civilized potentials with it. We are essentially being liquidated.

If you are driven by imposed poverty and impotence to suicide or to die from a treatable disease or to drop dead from overwork or even lifelong service, or if by sexual debasement and austerity you are driven to ruinous confrontation or submission, or if by regulatory restriction and bountiful hedonism you are corralled into escapism through drugs and you die by overdose, or if you die on the battlefield of political re-engineering or in the street crossfire of criminalized drug profits for both sides, the erudit asthmatic assassin working by societal boundary conditions would have a million alibis and the press to uncover every one. The fullest realization of financial engineering is slavery economics.

As to your original question to a search engine that brought you here, it is framed to a single aspect of society. The workings of individual aspects at whatever granularities dovetail sooner or later into the workings of all the others. Here are the beams of a rough framework for you to fill with the answers you seek:

    Economics – Fiat money causes the forced exchange of something for nothing.
    Politics – Forced dependency on government causes conquest by Fabian degrees.
    Culture – Moneyed assault on the values of culturally white patriarchy destroys the moral code of free men that alone rivals globalist plutocracy hell bent on dehumanization and consumption of the masses.

If this landing page has opened the door to discovery of the answers you seek, please consider posting a comment at the bottom. You might want to do it anonymously. Members of the Manosphere start off reading blogs and commenting on them. You can get more involved by blogging yourself with something like wordpress or blogspot. You would then have a URL to post with your comments. The degree to which you wish to protect your privacy is your decision.

Likewise, the path you take on your journey of discovery is your decision. If you always follow a recipe, you are doing it wrong. Would I like to be the financially independent purveyor of recipes? Yes. Do I want to be a huckster or build my strength on your weakness? No. A cook knows recipes. A chef philosophizes on the culinary arts.

I can give you three key topic I believe a Western man must understand to be his own man today:

  1. You must understand the ridiculously simple nature of the typical woman’s mind, which is lately the same as most Western men. If you are logical and socially clueless, you don’t see the social field of play. Once you do, you could become a master. You must develop your personal evolutionary theory about sexual relations and sex mentalities. You don’t understand what you don’t apply in practice, and you are not limited to field tests of romantic seduction. You are not even limited to women. Manginas are mentally weak men who think like women. Nature takes more blind chances with men than women, so the distribution of intellectual capacity in men is greater than in women. The emotional sophistication of men is far greater than of women. Women are not complicated or unfathomable. Society is complicated by the necessary presence of the primitive feminine wiles that will destroy it if left unchecked.
  2. You must understand the engine of societal control. Materially, it is an inflationary banking system. Physically, it is a hardening police state. Socially, it is a behavioral conditioning from every direction spawning reactionary behavioral conditioning that having reached critical cultural mass is transforming American and the entire Western world into a composite control grid suitable for further refinement.
  3. You must understand the origins of the Manosphere as a practical response to feminism. To be frank, useful idiots empowered and controlled by dah Nu Wurld Odor can be controlled through the same feminine plasticity by other thinking men for their sexual purposes. The skills of seduction work best on feminists of either sex, feminism being an indulged caricature of the feminine. The political and social possibilities of that technology are the subject of ongoing research by men of the Manosphere. I say research because peer review and field testing happens in the free marketplace of ideas. Science evolves no other way.

I think is a great place to start challenging your assumptions. The description of the Manosphere by Captain Capitalism is an excellent orientation. I have written other posts here to stimulate your thinking, and I have provided links to other blogger’s blogs which will lead to even more blogger’s blogs. Should you embark on this program of self-education, do not become so engrossed you fail to maintain the important elements of your life. It is easy to do. Don’t do it. Good luck. May you be with the force of truth.

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 16 December 2012

Appendix of Seeker Search Queries

Financial: how to make money, how to have a career and family, how to deal with coworkers, how to ask for a raise.

Philosophical: what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life, what makes a man, what makes a woman, who am I, who is an objective person.

Political: how to understand politics, what’s wrong with the tea party, what’s wrong with american politics.

Psychological: how to get a life, how to get more out of life, how to think like a man, how to think for success, how to be a lady, what am I doing with my life, what am I doing wrong, what am I doing here.

Sexual: how to get laid, how to meet women, how to seduce women, how to stay married, how to stay single, how to handle women, how to be good in bed, how to keep a women, how to keep a man, how to understand women, how to understand men.

Social: help me, how to learn social skills, how to play politics at work, how to make friends, how to be popular, how to achieve success, how to live free, how to be a better husband, how to be a better girlfriend, how to be a better person.


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to This Is Your Answer

  1. Boy Toy says:

    Good introduction. I hope a lot of guys will read it and realize the truth – that we live in a fucked up consumer society, and that the reality is not as we thought it was… it is much worse – but much more fun when you realize it! 🙂

    • Thanks, Thomas! I hope to get to your fun level. You are so fortunate to have this online community before you are old. I made mistakes that cost me my financial health. As Bill at explains, a trade is man’s work that women won’t take over. We got a college bubble here in the US. I am trying to get the abs like you got. I’m using sprints first thing when I get up with an empty stomach. Hoping to build up to high-intensity interval training. Glad to know you are out there. I hope we grow the awareness and become a political force.

      • Boy Toy says:

        Thanks for checking out my site! I agree, this world is not what we were taught, and living the conventional way is the sure-fire way to end up in a boring life full of debt and shit.
        Lemme know if there is anything you want me to cover on my blog(:

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