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This Is Mark Minter?!

I was reading the comment section of Roosh’s “How To Kill The Player Inside You” and came across commenter Mark Minter. He is brilliant and insightful. You might think you disagree at times with his extremism, but bear in mind … Continue reading

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Peevish Pet Grievances

As Such – This is a verbal pause pretending to invoke group intelligence by consensus of familiarity. It is not unusual for wordage to build upon immediately preceding wordage: it’s called contextual construction, as such. We have specialty words that … Continue reading

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Natural Selection Redirection

Evolution never rests, though it might circumambulate patiently. The ‘corrupt’ rich delay their measurement against natural selection at the expense of the poor they can control. Financial engineering with people’s lives was done in ancient times and has never stopped. … Continue reading

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Women Are a Medium, Men Are the Law

Financial engineering is the racket. Fiat money is the handle. Seigniorage is sovereignty. Women are the tennis balls. Game is your tennis handle. Get a racket and fight! Women are a resource. The hamster can be directed to constructive uses … Continue reading

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Daddy Dildo

Using a fully featured vibrator, but still feeling empty inside? Big G not wrapping his strapping arms around you at night? You just want to belong with tactile meaning. Hypergamous Zombies Solutions has the answer! Introducing the newly patented maybe, … Continue reading

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Social and Seduction Skills Training

Price: Free. Region: Greater Greenville, SC. Availability: During winter 2013 as expedient, then reevaluate. Time and Place: Scheduled per demand and my availability. Skill Level: Introductory, for newbies. Keywords: alpha, beta, evolution theory, feminism, fiat money, manosphere, misandry, pickup artist, … Continue reading

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