Women Are a Medium, Men Are the Law

Financial engineering is the racket. Fiat money is the handle. Seigniorage is sovereignty. Women are the tennis balls. Game is your tennis handle. Get a racket and fight!

Women are a resource. The hamster can be directed to constructive uses by a civic patriarchy or to destructive uses by an elite. Liberated by elite men, women are weaponized pawns. Instinctual seduction is your racket, platonic and sexual. Throw away outdated strategies, cut your losses, and inflict your winners.

Liberated women are deployed drone weapons. Your opponent is a group of elite men. They salted our wives and poisoned our careers. They want more, and more, all the sovereignty you have until you have only your life left to give, and then that too. Then you might fight for your sovereignty when at last you must fight for your very life. The men who stormed Normandy beach were purposely given no place to hide, no where to go but forward. They volunteered, but patience is a virtue for the better part of valor because corruption is toxic even to itself.

Tennis is not a contact sport between men. It is only a preliminary contest by proxy. The finality can arrive only when the ‘civilized’ tennis match becomes a brawl, a shootout, in the moment of do or die, unless there is an anticlimactic roundup of domesticated livestock.

I hate the act of depositing used chewing gum where it does not belong, always not far from a garbage can. For a first offense, if I caught someone in a civilized patriarchy of my liking, would be a punch to the ribs. A second offense would earn a punch in the face. The third, broken knees. Dumb vermin deserve as much. Intellectual vermin use fiat credit, which I hate worse than lazy gum disposal.

Defeat of the women would be a Pyrrhic victory. They will change only by genetic evolution under civilized conditions, and we need them like they need us. Blaming and opposing women is only useful as a transitional conceptual phase from completely mentally clueless to completely mentally clear. Blame your autonomous masters who lust for every last drop of your life. This theater of conflict (h/t) is Pyrrhic, futile. This one is the real deal. No one can know the sovereign freedom of your mind without outward sign. Get your mind right.

Lately, there is a tremor in the force (seen here and here) over human biodiversity (HBD). HBD, in the literal and not spun sense, is part and parcel a fact of sexual reproduction, natural selection, and evolution. No one gets upset at the assertion that, GENERALLY SPEAKING, blacks are more athletic than whites. If I were to make an obvious general statement about intelligence, break out the hysterics.

Using general terms or not is key to the interpretation of HBD’s specifics. No one can know exactly what the genetically-based behavioral differences of race are, but it is obviously not nothing or insignificant. To call behavioral genetic racial differences nothing or to call them everything for a free pass on your sense of worth as a human being—and why else do it?—is to be a genetically stupid or emotionally self-absorbed human being. But nature tries everything and what sticks sticks. We see women, right?

I fear that elements of the Manosphere conceptualize in terms of overly simplistic political correctness or overly simplistic backlash or overly simplistic backlash to overly simplistic backlash (same as political correctness if an even number of backlashes). The nature vs. nurture argument is stupid in the absolute, for mother nature would never let the genes rest or the two aspects divorce. If you don’t use it, you lose it, in the gene pool too, eventually. The nature and the nurture aspects of people can NOT get far from each other because they work together adequately for the circumstances, however perverted, or they cease to reproduce themselves into the future. You will notice hardware and software evolve together in computer technology.

We can make the case for nurture for the tremendous differences in societal achievement by race. As far as I know, whites and yellows had plenty of ruminants that could eat the farmed plant material that humans could not digest, whereas reds and blacks did not or had far less. Cheap protein is a tremendously important advance in social development. Whites and yellows had horses. The supply of horses in the New World died off, and unless they had genetics basically identical to the horses in the Old World, there is no way to know if they could have been domesticated and ridden. Zebras refuse to be domesticated for riding. Even if only environmental factors like the uneven distribution of plants and animals in terms of utility were the cause of differences in terms of who made civilization and who did not, the all-nurture argument, the idea that there was not some general effect on the genes after thousands of years is ridiculous.

Personally, I love my whiteness, simply because I love myself. It is Doug Whiteness(TM), not to be confused with whiteness from other sources. I may have been programmed to love the skin I’m in by the tell-a-vision. Maybe the tell-a-vision is not all bad.

NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That.
NAMSRALT – Not All Men of Some Race Are Like That.
NAPSRALT – Not All People of Some Race Are Like That.

Even if NAWALT is never fully true, NAMALT has a stronger case. It is in men that evolution takes the large chances with genetic changes. It is men who pass on culture because it is men who evolved logic with any liberation from instinct. Sexual reproduction creates exceptions on purpose to see if they are worthy of becoming the general rule, the next big thing. Are we of the Manosphere, for the most part, not exceptional?

If you want the general rule of your racial group to define you, or if you accept that it does, that’s your problem and I don’t like you once I have sovereignty in my political affairs. I believe in general rules and anyone’s little feelings be damned. I want my male popular sovereignty in a civilization where I can speak my mind like a man who sincerely seeks truth with other civilized men. If you need your male popular sovereignty separately, I’m all for it. Let’s let nature decide who is right and who is wrong. If working principles break largely along lines of race, too bad because they do. But neither do they break perfectly along lines of race, and too many people of my race suck vis-a-vis the minimum standards of functional free citizenship.

Right now we have more serious concerns than hurt feelings, or we would continue to placate the liberated hypergamous zombies of the credit alchemists’ apocalypse or just orderly liquidation. There are simplistic morons of every race. There are intelligent men of every race. The distributions are not equal. If IQ can be learned then the correct measure of genetic intelligence is potential IQ not realized IQ. The unequal distribution of results by races is on record for anyone not a coward to see. Exceptions are not the general rule. Any foreign minority deposited into the citizenship of flourishing Western civilization would do better and often well, even without full citizenship. It proves nothing about those foreign individuals’ greatness until they have enough numbers to be culturally liberated to their true natures. If women can be forced into productive hamster climbing, then so can men be acculturated into white culture affluence.

The true contribution of someone politically is never removed from society until that someone is removed from society. Multiculturalism is a Fabian weapon of accrual and release. Now whites suck too as a general rule. Great. I’m saddened and a touch embarrassed, but not at all in a way that defines who I am or where my principles cut. Standards require force, and we have not enforced standards necessary to deserve our own free civilization. That is my embarrassment. Chances to define the social order come at most once in a lifetime, after the majority who only knows the history they have lived has no recollection or fear of crisis. We had better know astutely what the cut of civilized standards are, and we had better play to inherit sovereignty and to wield it as able free men in scrupulous federation.

The ultimate prize that makes a man civilized is sovereignty. Don’t just cherchez la femme, and don’t emote over race. You can’t afford it.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 January 2012


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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