Natural Selection Redirection

Evolution never rests, though it might circumambulate patiently. The ‘corrupt’ rich delay their measurement against natural selection at the expense of the poor they can control. Financial engineering with people’s lives was done in ancient times and has never stopped. The Jewish Bible (Old Testament) tells Jews to lend but never borrow, for the purpose of ruling (enslaving) other nations, and states that the borrower is slave to the lender. I refer to Deuteronomy 15:6, 28:12–13 and Proverbs 22:7. This sort of seductive enslavement or domestication—distinguished by the wretches’ adaptation of acquiescence and downward evolution—has been much of the human condition for thousands of years. Evolution is wasteful with individuals but not calories.

From Will Durant’s “The History of Civilization,” Part III, “Caesar and Christ” (©1944), pp. 79–80:

…One of the streets adjoining the Forum became a banker’s row, crowded with the shops of the moneylenders (argentarii) and money-changers (trapezitae). Money could be borrowed on land, crops, securities, or government contracts, and for financing commercial enterprises or voyages. Co-operative lending look the place of industrial insurance; instead of one banker completely underwriting a venture, several joined in providing the funds. Joint-stock companies existed chiefly for the performance of government contracts let out on bids by the censor; they raised their capital by selling their stocks or bonds to the public in the form of partes or particulae—“little parts,” shares. These companies of “publicans”—i.e., men engaged on public or state undertakings—played an active role in supplying and transporting materials for the army and navy in the Second Punic War—not without the usual attempts to cheat the government. Businessmen (equites) directed the larger of these enterprises, freedmen the smaller. Non-governmental business was carried on by negotiatores, who usually provided their own funds.

Industry was in the hands of independent craftsmen, working in their separate shops. Most such men were freemen, but an increasing proportion were freedmen or slaves. Labor was highly differentiated, and produced for the market rather than for the individual customer. Competition by slaves depressed the wages of free workers, and reduced the proletariat to a bitter life in slums. Strikes among these men were impractical and rare, but slave uprisings were frequent; the “First Servile War” (139 B.C.) was not the first. When public discontent became acute, some cause could be found for a war that would provide universal employment, spread depreciated money, and turn the wrath of the people against a foreign foe whose lands would feed the Roman people victorious , or receive them defeated and dead….

The setting was the Roman Republic before Caesar became dictator, due to the greed of the upper class represented by the Senate and the ignorance of the lower classes. There are two takeaways I want to highlight: (1) State credit to force state economic activity which can then only exploit and corrupt the cooperation relations that form a society, (2) cheap labor depressed wages, and (3) war was a distraction, a disposal, and a power grab. I do not ascribe to the idea that slavery and war are necessarily bad, but convictions are too emotionally anchored by propaganda and rationalization for explanation in this post, or maybe any post. Takeaway #2 allows me to make an addendum to my last post, “Women Are a Medium, Men Are the Law.” Martel posted a follow-up, to which I commented, to which…. Martel has referenced Thomas Sowell’s findings of some white groups having IQs lower than black Americans as evidence contravening human biodiversity (HBD) as it is understood or claimed in black and white terms.

I think it is an interesting piece of evidence, and I hope readers are enjoying the synergy of ideas here online. Peer review is powerful stuff; it’s science, if done with intelligence and sincerity. We have that in this case, and to a high degree in the Manosphere, which is why this corner of the Web is a special place. (Why does everyone say ‘teh Webz’ and stuff anyway?)

Thomas Sowell is a great thinker and writer, but he follows the Republican wing of the Establishment. I would toe the line minimally too if it gave me the lifestyle I wanted. I think it is foolish to waste one’s energy and vitality to try and salvage this system, or most people as if they have civilized potential (and if any at a feasible salvage cost), so let the disease run its course and the moochers gorge themselves into starvation oblivion, a prerequisite to building citizenship on solid ground, at least a civilization mine or yours. To Sowell’s credit, he handles the race issue with composure and sincere respect for the independence of The Truth which speaks for itself if one listens.

Here is an excerpt from Sowell’s aforementioned post, “Jensen and Flynn”:

A feature article of mine in the Sunday New York Times Magazine of March 27, 1977 pointed out that any number of white groups, here and overseas, had at some point in time had IQs similar to, and in some cases lower than, the IQs of black Americans. During the First World War, for example, white soldiers from some Southern states scored lower on army mental tests than black soldiers from some Northern states.

Sowell adds that IQs can rise quicker than genetic changes can explain. If that is the case or is the upshot of the working definition of IQ, and since memes depend on genes, then obviously that kind of IQ is a trained skill based on innate talent and is not an automatic innate skill. I don’t see that it proves anything against gene-empowered intelligence, which is a foundation that may or may not be utilized but is still a requirement and a limit on intelligence and on the application of wisdom, which directs one’s gene-endowment for logic to purposes of reason rather than rationalization.

It is completely possible that both simplistic arguments on color and intelligence are basically true. To wit, it could be that blacks are as intelligent as whites and are not, at the same time, just like electromagnetic radiation (light) is both waves and particles. I don’t know what the truth is here, but it is bigger than the conceptualization powers of human absolutists. It could be, not that I have studied this, that blacks are more prone to mental retardation by malnutrition (see page 201). It could be that a minority of black Americans repressed by Affirmative Action do have all the prerequisite genes of white intelligence as a genetic inheritance. Humility is thinking in more dimensions than you can absolutely handle. Life is overwhelmingly awesome if you dare look at it.

Finally, to the point I want to make about takeaway #2, just as in Roman Republic times, in the Antebellum South, there were slaves whose economic presence depressed wages for ‘freemen’. The impoverished whites of the South were given the validation of racism as a substitute for real success, and to be better ‘slaves’. Natural selection presumably worked on the black slaves and the redneck whites. On the whole, I would expect that being intelligent as a black slave was generally a liability to reproduction because most slave work is field slave work not house slave work, and even with house slave work, it’s still mind-crushing slavery. I know from studying history somewhere that black slaves would drag their feet and loose tools. Meanwhile, the poor whites fed on racism had little income, education, and opportunity. I expect the flow of money and politics kept a poor class of whites poor, and again intelligence was not reproductively rewarded in those circumstances. I am hypothesizing ignorance is bliss to survive disenfranchisement. I further note that black slaves received some white genetics because sex is that desirable. The professed logic of landed white Southern culture did not fit the actual power structure or actual behavior of the ruling class.

I hypothesize that white trash, bred by circumstances, has evolved in some combination of memes and genes for low IQ. And why would evolution work differently between whites and blacks? I have recently moved here to the Bible Belt, and the stupidity and reproductive spawning practices of whites indigenous to the boonies down here has been a revolting revelation to me. I had expected that sort of behavior to that depth only from black and Hispanic trash. I can tell you the redneck reputation is well deserved, as are other low-IQ trash archetypes. I don’t see that HBD is disproven by low IQ scores of white trash. I think it strengthens the case for HBD, as I understand it. The idea that all whites are smarter than all blacks is disproven already. Just reading Thomas Sowell will quickly disprove it. Furthermore, I hypothesis, the debasement of all people is likely easier to achieve than the elevation of all people, consistent I expect with most understandings of HBD. The No Child Left Behind approach was philosophically unsound and a failure, unless you want everyone together and debased.

Without free enterprise and respect for our ecological basis and ‘justice’, there is no civilization. Blacks in America, and now whites, are showing their worst potentials. The degree to which humans have had civilization in terms of meritocracy leaves us plenty of room for improvement over all that has gone before, and it will be an evolutionary fight to get there as always. We will never get there ourselves. We will only push in one direction or the other, or seed for such forces. I would advice pushing only when the pushing is good and to manage one’s strength in the meantime, seeding for the future and/or living for today.

I will leave you with more of how the more things change, you know what. The Romans defeated the Carthaginians in the Punic Wars. The Carthaginians were essentially pagan Jews who used violence and financial engineering to control lucrative trade routes and who used a class system to control and exploit the masses. Funny how similar Rome was, but the Romans fought for themselves, as they understood it, whereas the Carthaginian elite did not always pay their armies, of mercenaries. The Roman model was an improvement by degrees toward more productive ‘liberty’. Liberty can be achieved by fitting the social order to the man or the man to the social order. The future steak you will eat is, right now, happily chewing cud in a friendly farmer’s field. He’s so damn friendly, that farmer, with the hey and the water he gives me.

And that reminds me, from here then here then here, I came across “I, Pet Goat II”. The video is a disturbing must watch; stay focused on all the symbolism. The strength of the sheeple are the strength of tyrants, so save your strength for divorced fighting.

Back instead of forward to the more things change. Here is what Will Durant wrote, same book, but pp. 39–40:

Some eleven hundred years before our era the inquisitive traders of Phoenicia discovered the mineral wealth of Spain. Soon a fleet of merchant vessels plied between Sidon, Tyre, and Byblus, at one end of the Mediterranean, and Tartessus, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir, on the other. Since such voyages could not then be made without many stops, and the southern shores of the Mediterranean provided the shortest and safest route, the Phoenicians established intermediate posts and trading stations on the African coast at Leptis Magna (now Lebda), Hadrumetum (Sousse), Utica (Utique), Hippo Diarrhytus (Bizerte), Hippo Reguis (Bone), and even beyond Gibraltar at Lixus (south of Tangier). The Semitic settlers at these posts married some the the natives and bribed the rest to peace. About 813 B.C. a new group of colonists, perhaps from Phoenicia, perhaps from expanding Utica, built their homes upon a promontory ten miles northwest of the modern Tunis. … The sieges of Tyre by Shalmaneser, Nebuchadrezzar, and Alexander drove many wealthy Tyrians to Africa. Most of them went to Carthage, and made it a new center of Phoenician trade. Carthage grew in power and splendor as Tyre and Sidon declined.

The strengthened city drove the African natives farther and farther inland, ceased to pay tribute to them, exacted tribute from them, and used them as slaves and serfs in its homes and fields. Large estates took form, some with 20,000 men; in the hands of the practical Phoenicians agriculture became a science and an industry, which the Carthaginian Mago summarized in a famous manual. … Urban industry was relatively immature, except for metalwork; other Carthaginians, like their Asiatic forebears, preferred to trade what others made. The led their pack mules east and west and across the Sahara to find elephants, ivory, gold, or slaves. … Though their coinage was undistinguished, they were apparently the first to issue the equivalent of a paper currency—leather strips stamped with signs of value, and accepted throughout the Carthaginian realm.

In 1600 the English started their East India Company, and a century later they had a world superpower economy, complete with forced acceptance of credit (bills of exchange) redeemed in London or Bengal, India for opium delivered to Canton, China. Same thing, really. The Mercantile Revolution was in fact the first stage of a financial revolution still going strong at your expense. The new wage slaves worked in the Industrial Revolution. Children were preferred.

You may be noticing today the increase of human billboards on sidewalks. It’s disgusting how cheap American labor has become. By shifting the political argument from the right to apply one’s labor to the right to have a job, the supply of jobs we are forced to fight over shrinks while the pool of labor expands. This is nothing new. Why are we so ignorant about how life works? Are the new job search techniques going to make more jobs available? Of course not! It is only frictional cost borne by the little guy.

Almost twenty centuries; and in the greatest and richest of Christian cities, whence missionaries are sent to Asia, to Africa, to the islands of the sea, human labor is cheapest of commodities, and man, “the roof and crown of things,” is turned into a signpost!
—Henry George (1839–1897), U.S. economist

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 24 January 2013


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I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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