Pre-Plating Field Report

Last Saturday night (Jan. 26th, ’13), after practicing Game for nearly a year, I had a newly superlative surreal Game moment. It is one of the most satisfying manly moments I have ever had; thank you, PUAs. Maybe someone out there can explain to me in evolution theory terms why women would react the way I am about to describe. I feel a bit lost on how to deal seductively and efficiently with women in that state of mind.

I pick up well only in one place so far, a particular dance club I sometimes go to on weekends. I’m mid-40s trying for women in their 20s and less frequently in their early 30s. In night game at least I find younger is both more rewarding and less costly. We know it’s typical as hypergamy hardens with experience. A target rich environment is generally unavailable in my locale, and more plodding pickup does not work for my sorry personal circumstances.

About the club, the bottom floor is a bar area where a conversation is not much hampered by the background music. The top floor has a bar on one end and the dance area on the other. There is no actual dance floor, incidentally, just regular floor everywhere. Talking is limited. Very occasionally, a woman receptive to leaving with a man will park herself inside the dancing area in the half-hour window before closing time, 2 am. She did, I went over, I put my hands out toward her in respectful dance fashion, she leaned into my passing hand with her breasts, I fondled, after token resistance we were kissing, bouncer was sorry to interrupt but closing time, so I grabbed her hand and we walked out.

Two other women that I had failed to seduce that night were immediately in front and behind me and my new honey just as we were approaching the front door. I looked at the blonde in front and she gave me a look of…that’s just it, I am not sure what it is exactly. Jealousy? Apparently. The evil eye? Looked it to me. Anger fed by a sense of betrayal? Seems right. Then I turned to look behind and I got the same exact look from the black chic, who I was surprised to see right there just behind honey.

What’s weird is that both of those peeved women rejected me. I had no # or kiss closes with them. A couple hours previously, the blonde was into me, we were talking and somewhat touching each other, but her friend interrupted and wanted ‘a little girl time’, so I left—no being needy. When I came back to the dance area I noticed they were dancing. Not long thereafter, the blonde was dancing with another guy with medium-light touchy-feely. I figured her friend cockblocked me and the other guy was more acceptable to her.

Then I worked on the black babe. Twice I got her on the dance floor, we had a little fun, then she just left. The music is techo or house, so it’s about the beat not the song. I don’t think she left because the music changed. Did I mention a conversation is challenging on the top floor? Yes, maybe I should have tried to get her to the bottom floor, with or without her friends. I’m not guessing it would work as they had possession of a little table with a good view of passing humanity, but maybe, but that’s not the thrust of this post. Yah.

Time passes, and then the DJ announces it’s close to closing time. I see the blonde getting her coat, getting ready to leave. I went over and got a consolation hug and nothing but cheek when I tried to kiss her openly on the mouth. Ok, no neediness, that was nice, was a pleasure meeting you. I hardly turn around and see the woman I end up leaving with standing alone in the dance area. So I’m leaving with her in about three minutes. She turns out to be a cool chick, just not ltr material, but what’s new? Neither am I.

When we get out onto the stoop, it’s a bit of a clusterfuck and my lady friend hesitates to follow me down the steps. Up on the stoop, the two peeves were next to her, looking on, as she is parked on the top step, and it looked like they wanted to sort of attack her somehow but did not have a way to do it. I went back, put my arm around her as a barrier to them and helped her down the steps.

I love that I was leaving with one woman and two others were jealous or something. I never thought I would want to spin plates, but the social engineering is what it is. When I made eye contact with each of the peeves just before getting to the door, it was dead-on eye contact. I have enough Game to smile and not give a fuck emotionally what an irascible she-child is perceiving or feeling. At first I figured it was just a coincidence to have two women give me that look right next to us, but then I realized the coincidence of positioning like that is highly unlikely and that they could easily have chosen to cut me off at the pass that is the egress bottleneck. I had noticed the blonde sliding from my left to in front of me but out six feet ahead and with her ‘girl time’ friend, and I had figured she and her friend were simply moving toward the door, but after my surreal déjà vu I expect blondie and blackie timed it to gaze rush me.

Can anyone explain to me the motivation those peeved women had? Did they simply feel that they lost me as a validating rejection? That would not explain their hostile proximity. They were not at all trying to win me back. There was no way for me to contact them later and build on anything. I don’t get it. The angry wife stare down makes no sense. I’m thinking I have hand in a situation like that, and I would rather use it seductively (which could be platonic) than to play clumsy, frictional ignore and defend game. Ideas?

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 02 February 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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