Color Me Fiat Yellow

Once upon a time, there was fiat yellow so good, most men thought it glittered as good as gold. A jaundice yellow came upon the hearts of women and the men they could charm. Fiat yellow threads ran all through society, with an infectious release of jaundice yellow coloring that most everybody said was virtue.

From a tweet from @EvilPatriarchy to a blog page from Cappy Cap (since removed), I came upon a fairy tale “The Plow Horse and the Princess” by typhonblue over at A Voice for Men. Do you, you reading this, think you are a manly man? a real man? at least mentally? I invite you to go check out the story and the comments and to ponder what you think of it all. I will give my take, and we can compare notes. I invite you to comment on my commentary after you have read this post.

So did you watch the proprietary big game last night? That would be the one on the evening of 3 February 2013 wherein a team from Baltimore scored 34 and a team from San Francisco scored 31. Their uniforms were perfect, except where was all that pink we are all so uuuuuuzzzzeeed toooooo from Breastober overexposure? The commercials show how sickeningly deep the Nu Wurld Oder’s propaganda runs: the Best Buy cougar and the low-wage boy toy (apply today, lackeys!), the Doritos manginas in touch with their girly alter egos, the Speed Stick male laundry patron at the capricious behest of a spoiled princess female laundry patron, the ONS girl who has taken possession of ONS guy’s Gildan shirt, the fembot that assaults a man for streaking the window and kicking the tire of an inanimate showroom Kia car, the show girls that get the Coca Cola instead of all the men’s groups—and don’t forget (video below) the Toyota genie played by Kaley Cuoco granting entitlement to the wife and kids but drudgery to the husband provider for his own good—the message, men are inferior to women (and children).

We also had celebrity worship, a feminine trait, and the glorification of children: Hyundai children as more capable than most adults, and a man’s man played by ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson letting the collapse of civilization get a head start for the sake of bringing children their breakfast milk. You did have the GoDaddy geek get to kiss the model babe, perhaps not construed as geek mockery. Make no mistake, destruction of the social fabric is destruction of the family. Next, children will be (or are being) elevated above men and women.

Did you look at the fairy tale post “The Plow Horse and the Princess?” The writer hyphonblue is identified as a woman: red flag, you MRA’s. Now I know some women are capable of messages that align with the proper roles of men and women, meaning functionally civil, but not this story. What we have here are a bunch of chumps who are happy to see themselves as potential or actual victims of marriage, as represented by the magic bridle that is only magical because of the exceptional plow horse representing an exceptional husband. Is popularized victimhood the strength in which you will entrust your life? The yellow thread of fiat money has run so deeply that these chumps think by refusing the bit for a lack of appreciation they are at all real men or at all not manginas.

Commenter ‘Rper1959’ says:

An absolute classic, thank you, this story should be spread far and wide! It lends it’s self beautifully to illustration and I would certainly purchase it as an illustrated book, and every child for whom a gift was needed would get a copy ( and heck the adults too!)

Commenter ‘Dennis’ says:

This is a good story. I’m going to print it out to read to my kids. I’m not sure if they’re going to get the imagery of the magic horse or the princess’ jealousy of the horse’s recognition. Likely, they’re going to think that having a magic horse would be cool and having cool things automatically brings attention to the owner.

These men (and women) are so dull as to except the premise that marriage is responsibility for the man and entitlement for the woman. A husband is to practice husbandry. He is to be the law over his wife and children as the default, certainly in his own home. Are we so afraid to even conceive of taking the law into our own hands? Because if that is the case, then there is no ‘We the People’ who ordain and establish a delegatory government of, by, and for ourselves; and anyone with a whit of intelligence ought to know that’s man’s work because women lack the judgment necessary for governmental politics, for cultural standards, much less civilized standards.

The correct livestock marriage analogy, still wrong for the fact that rewarding marriage actually is a relationship of domestication into civilized belonging and no analogy at all, is a metaphorically physical leash held by the patriarch husband/father and fastened to his wife and to his nonadult children, to whom he inculcates cultural values and behaviors. Might he abuse that power against individuals? Definitely. Might women and children abuse and abdicate that power to a centralizing control of maturing tyranny? It’s already happening.

These bridle-fixated MRA’s are the resistance? What chumps. They have already lost. They would never conceive themselves as the law, as ultimate government granting power to delegatory institutional government of the people per their personal designs because they can’t even conceive for themselves what marriage is. They are afraid of manly responsibility even on the small scale of nuclear family. They never passed a social fitness test (a.k.a. a shit test). They are distracted by whether or not marriage is only between a man or a woman. They are distracted by how women and children feeeeel about it. They want to be partners so they need not experience the loneliness at the top that is being the king of their own personal little castles. What cowards! Things have degraded to the point I would rather take my chances with savages than these educated prissies bred to think inside the box of a prison that they take for granted. These dissenting cowards of epic yellow streaks down their backs do not repetitively ask themselves, “why?” until they arrive at bedrock axioms of sound philosophy. They lack wisdom but congratulate each other on their masturbatory dissent.

The primitive male looked upon marriage in terms not of sexual license but of economic co-öperation. He expected the woman—and the woman expected herself—to be not so much gracious and beautiful (though he appreciated these qualities in her) as useful and industrious; she was to be an economic asset rather than a total loss; otherwise the matter-of-fact “savage” would never have thought of marriage at all. Marriage was a profitable partnership, not a private debauch; it was a way whereby a man and a woman, working together, might be more prosperous than if each worked alone. Wherever, in the history of civilization, woman has ceased to be an economic asset in marriage, marriage had decayed; and sometimes civilization has decayed with it.
—Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, vol. I, p. 44

I recommend learning Spanish if you live in the United States, not sure about Canada. Learning Arabic if you live in Europe? I’m glad I am not there, but I might invest in an upstart prayer rug company given the chance.

The political cure to Western decline is seduction; it is Game; it is the realignment of hand necessary for the structure of family and the social fabric necessary for civic function. If you rebel manginas would go out and try to make the useful idiot women that you have already paid for and who are useful to teh Nu Wurld Oder useful to yourselves as lays, you would finally get your sexual needs met at an affordable cost and free yourselves to think with adequate profundity for civilized terms. Go get laid before you start trying to make any political statements! Getting laid at the discretion of liberated women is the quintessential political statement of our times! You don’t know what a political statement is until you expect and let women pay you as they are designed to do for what at your expense for their Daddy G they have taken: your civilization and ultimately theirs too. Only then will you realize that the maternal instincts of single women are controlled by Big Husband G for wiping the noses of every politically correct victim group going with your blood, sweat, and tears. As conditioned, you give those instincts away because those instincts need and crave authority, and you have none, and according to yourselves first, who want none, you precious plow horse victims, you.

Women cannot make civilization on their own, not at all. A minority of discriminatory men using both violence and kindness judiciously have and can. Inside the wrong box, the abstract one with yellow strands everywhere in a jaundice sea, you are the butt of a political statement. Inside the right boxes, you will unlock the door to your mental prison and for the first time in your miserable, delusional life be able to make a political statement coming from your vitality all by yourself. Stop being babies! Be men! Be lonely at the top of your life, be in charge, and make yourself politically useful to yourself and your political brothers and the women and children you may choose to care for under your husbandry because they please you.

The granted gilded box is the husbandry of the state and the bridle is spun gold and silver made by the banksters, conveniently left out of the woman-centric, woman-told story. Fiat money has been used to ruin your wife and mine. Destroy the bridles of men meant for you! Learn to harness your power all by yourself like a big boy.

Until you act like a man who deserves resources, like a man who ought to have his sexual needs met so he can focus on his popular sovereignty, the core of which is seigniorage, and focus on securing worthy civilization to himself, his brothers, his deserving woman, and his posterity, who acts the man who is sure women ought to be a net positive in his society and in his family, you man with the fiat jaundice skin and eyes, YOU…ARE…NOTHING!!!

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 04 February 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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