Back in Black

I listen to local Hispanic radio station WOLI Easley, SC. For a particular segment or show, they have (or had) AC/DC’s non-vocal “Back in Black” on a loop while an attorney speaking in English, sounding white America, gives advice on immigration law to callers who mostly speak Spanish but not English. Great use of our limited broadcast spectrum, FCC. As I make the final edit on this, between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. EDT on 11 March 2013, an immigration lawyer is on WOLI but without the background music. Every other time I have heard a lawyer on this radio station giving advice, going back about a month, I have heard “Back in Black” featured prominently.

Here is a montage sampled in chronological order from the broadcast on 1 March 2013, 1305–1340 EST. The lawyer is from:

Butler and Quinn, PLLC
4801 East Independence Boulevard Suite 700
Charlotte, North Carolina 28212
Phone: (704) 569-9800

A little history will place the diversity debasement of de facto immigration in predictive context. The reason we have white trash in the Deep South is that non-elite whites, those outside of the slavery oligarchy, were reduced to serfs making roughly slave wages, and they took to it as happy little racists. The same thing, minus the racist ego trip, happened in the Roman Republic. Romans of the lower classes, once largely self-governing clannish warrior-farmers under family patriarchs were reduced to roughly slave wages because the rank-and-file that made the Roman Republic a secure and profitable empire was essentially double-crossed by the aristocracy, represented by the Senate, that wanted something for nothing at the expense of those who might be conquered AND those already governed, who could be tax farmed, meaning legally robbed at the whim of a tax collector. All the dull Roman masses could do is support a dictator; they never effectively took the law into their own hands like the Senate did, and they went into subcultural decline. They got stupider. Men who are not self-governing do not deserve freedom. Today, we have exactly the same oligarchic formula of elite banking and government taxation except it is ingeniously obfuscated by abstraction and dependency debasement possible with modern technology.

The lawyer guest or guests stand to make some serious enforcer-backed dinero, but let’s ponder why “Back in Black” would be in the background as a general rule. It makes the talk harder to understand, so it must be more important than the clarity in speech it costs. Are the Hispanics claiming New Spain for themselves postmortem? Some say Santa Ana raised the black flag prior to winning the Battle of the Alamo, but from what I see online I expect it was really blood-red. Either way, Santa Ana made his military objective at the Alamo clear. Either way, black signifies death in North America.

Are you back in black, America? Have your mourning regalia on? We are the privileged Americans who threw away America. The civilized use convenience to make more of themselves as seen by productivity and personal development. The uncivilized use convenience to waste themselves away in pleasurable debauchery that kills itself and everything it masters by progressive vapidity.

Conquest is natural and normal, often healthy, so I will not entertain its prohibition on guilt-maneuvering moral grounds against the very laws of nature that form and regulate our very existence. I will say we deserve to be conquered if we can be: it’s that simple. Whatever the conscious intentions of the Great Hispanic Unwashed, they are what they are, and they do what they do given their freedom to do it. We have nearly a couple hundred years of Hispanic social cycles of socialism and corruption punctuated with occasional formations of a foundation of civilized free-market society only to immediately tear it back down. Santa Ana is the poster boy of popular self-destructive incompetence. The Hispanic genetic mix would predict as much by proportionally weighting the societal results of their genetic components. White civilization, the flawed but superlative civilization paragon of democratic government for and by the common man of supposed ambition, purpose, and ability, is demonstrably able to build itself up and not tear itself down for a hundred years or more, which is where we are now of course. No civilization has ever maintained patriarchal citizenship and resisted oligarchy of credit-peddlers, politicians, and government enforcers who farm everyone else for interest payments only government extraction can yield, only corrupt politicians who leverage it may hold office, enforcers only of the system may use to feed their darling children. Weeding out the corruption would not be humanitarian you see.

I listen to the Hispanic radio to learn Spanish. I recommend you do too. The libertarian (classic liberal, reciprocal, voluntary) bonds and relationships of American citizenship are corrupt and virtually dead. Citizenship worth having, of cooperative bonds of reciprocity, survival, and success can only be had between the philosophically worthy by their own authority. If you don’t have a team contesting for sovereignty, you are screwed by definition. If you can’t communicate in or translate Spanish and navigate the actual social environment here in North America, you are screwed.

Anyone Manosphere denizens here in the Upstate of South Carolina? I’d really like to see Manosphere communities coalesce. Just a band of wingmen would be a good start. If we aspiring patriarchs stay entirely online, we are nothing more than perspicacious historians of our own time whose records of what happened and why might or might not be discovered by a new strain of civilized men yet to be. Evolution never rests. It is up to a citizenry of philosopher-kings to make evolutionary progress societally linear and individually scrupulous. That is justice. It’s animation is reciprocity among fellow popular sovereigns in cooperation, or true morality on earth.

Cherchez la femme.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 11 March 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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5 Responses to Back in Black

  1. Missed by a couple hundred miles – Charleston.

  2. Bill Powell says:

    That’s why I live in a whitopia. And will always no matter what it costs.

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