Beyond Asshole Game

A Field Report Data Set

This past weekend at a club I hit on some young things, a 3-set, all young women, lower 20s. I’m mid-40s. House music is in the background. The regular DJ does things right: all the songs are free-style danceable, no grid girrrl drone shit. It is slightly louder than optimal I think, but I’ve heard louder. I don’t know what some DJs are thinking ’cause Western women are not going to learn sign language. 🙂

I’m talking to the one giving me the time of day, not being defensive with the others, just not needy. A young guy comes by and drops off a round of drinks, collects his booty of disingenuous smiles, and departs promptly to consolidate his winnings, the poor sap. Back when I came across the seduction community, circa February 2012, one of the first lessons I learned, from a PUA marketing video, was NEVER be the guy that buys the chick a drink. Reminds me of a scene from Miami Vice, that I did not understand at the time. I was unable to find a video that demonstrated NOT buying her a drink, so, moving on.

As a quick aside, I expect buying drinks is like marketing: it only works with repetition. You can’t afford it for two reasons. First, the economy is rigged against non-elite men; secondly, women are liberated. That second point is critical to moving beyond the crude application of asshole game.

After the poor sap has finished handing out drinks, I tell girl #1, “I guess I got here a little late.”

Girl #1: “You can buy us drinks next round.”

Me: “People buy ME drinks.”

She was lightly stunned and then smiled. I was in with her socially. She asked me where my friends were. I told her I came alone. She asked me why I was there. I said to have FUN. The key is I was not ashamed to be alone or to be there for women, nor was I too eager. You know the vibe to have; it’s basic Game.

Now when I said I was there for FUN, she pointed to her friend. I love when chicks do this. Sometimes they have determined whose type from the group you are before you even approach, and sometimes one of them is clearly more available. This was the latter case. Turns out she had broken up with her serious boyfriend the day before and it was her birthday. I talked with her and her two friends left us alone for a while. I did not get the attraction and they came back for her, perhaps I was not her type or perhaps I was too slow to escalate. She was a good conversationalist, rare among women, especially in a club or bar and in youth.

Interpretive Theory

The point I am making has to do with the successful opening. Women are covert social climbers. To them time is nonexistent and irrelevant to their plans. Lover promises mean nothing to women, only status. Because most women are so, it follows that women are hardwired to be opportunistic liars for social advantage. The exceptions are women who are force civilized by the husbandry of a man, typically the father and then the husband, in times gone by so you might as well look for unicorns, and women who have a computation override of their hardwired solipsism. A computation override means a superego that has supplanted the id, it means neurosis. The garden variety psychological override in the West is Churchianity.

There is no honor among thieves, but women calculate there is. Women are hardwired to be social climbers with contempt for rungs, pillars of society forever in the hell of lower social status. Thus the liberated woman using her hardwired pack sociality (I call it ‘packism’) is automatically the enemy of culture, of property rights, of reciprocity and productivity, of society, and most certainly of civilization. She wants exactly The One, and consequently the more men who are dumb rungs the higher she can climb—and the better she (calculates she) will reproduce. She is oblivious to female competition lowering her value inversely with the height of her aspirations,not a bad thing in the wild. The liberated woman automatically is attracted to fellow social climbers, those who are primitively ambitious like she is, typically women with whom she might form an alliance and support group. For the same reasons she is repulsed by ignorant male rungs wallowing in some cultural code based on logic or some crazy forebrain shit. Her female imperative Hypergamy requires her to beguile and manipulate the ignorantly cultural with contempt, for they would hold her down with low status social bonds like they do to themselves.

Asshole game is imprecise to the game I am describing as Neuro-Linguistic Programming is imprecise to Sexed Evolution Theory, the second ruling theoretical foundation of Game, and it rules impressively. Asshole game works not because the player is an asshole per se but because women are assholes and, snap, respect, birds of a feather flock together. Asshole game works to the extent the female target perceives, We are assholes, together, fuck the world, it’s our world, take me with you.

The liberated woman wants to preserve her covert operations, her reputation, by actually believing she is virtuous about being a ruinous asshole. She cares, but you man up and pay for it if you are not The One. If a physically weaker female sex did not play undercover asshole game, they would have been reproductive losers in the wild, and that is why men must put women in their place, which brings me to the first reason you (probably) can’t afford to buy women drinks: cost.

As the Rational Male Rollo Tomassi and others like to explain, a man’s sex drive must be harnessed for civilization to occur. That is why productive beta men (beta per packism of the wild or in corrupt, cannibalistic decline under an oligarchy; philosopher-kings would not put up with that shit), why productive beta men need and traditionally require young virgin brides who will imprint and take to his civilized authority, which he no longer has or wants, the poor sap. The women’s sex drive must also be harnessed. Her sex drive is elite packism quality not epic uterus quantity. She respects dominance, and currently the husband of Western women is Western government under control of dah Nu Wurld Odor.

A Better Asshole, or Social Climbers R Us™ Game

The hallmark elements of Social Climbers R Us™ Game:

  • honor-among-thieves compatibility (A1: open)
  • demonstration of higher value as ambitious mobility (A2: attraction from target)
  • insider you validation of target (A3: qualifying of target)
  • efficient simultaneity (A1, A2, A3 overlap heavily; conscious primal male enlightenment is invaluable in PC matrix)
  • validate any collectivist virtue nonsense (unlikely delusional hamster safety shit test to ensure you accept socialized entitlement)

The complementary elements of Game:

  • vibe (basic)
  • packism reads and tells (advanced)
  • packism proof framing (advanced)

I could expound on the above packism social proofing as advanced Social Climbers R Us™ Game in a follow-up post. Basically, you create a virtual pack and put yourself at the top. It’s just a circus for the hypergamous instinct hardware units that will categorize you on first sight, but one useful and necessary if club occupant density is low and sight lines stream to her sensory data on the social dynamics (or lack thereof).

The selective indicators for Social Climbers R Us™ Game:

  • night game (collectivism pretenses muted, beta provider disdain intensified)
  • cock carousel grrls (20-something, inexperienced Western SWPL bitches groping for status)

When Social Climbers R Us™ Game is superlative, opening is as close to closing as it gets. Assholes live carefree in the moment and close. Try this shit. If the 20-something says, “Buy me a drink,” take it as if she opened you, because she did. Now surprise her and reframe into compraderie; say, “People buy ME drinks,” and laugh about it because your life is so good you amuse yourself. She can only believe you with that primitive instinctual calculator of hers that her hamster must reinforce for her expediently lying consciousness and her feral-minded reproductive success.

Always Be Closing (ABC). lullullzululzzulzlotsazlullzulzcockaslzlulzllulz

—‘Reality’ Doug, 20 March 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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