Progressive Structural Subjugation

I want to set the record straight on some establishment lies about the economy and structural unemployment. I found lies in a Bloomberg piece by Christopher Condon dated 4 May 2012 and entitled “Gross Says U.S. Economy Suffering From ‘Structural’ Unemployment.” The article is a description of the U.S. economy with analysis by our expert Bill Gross, who at the time was managing hundreds of billions of investment dollars at Pimco and also ‘working’ for Pacific Investment Management Co. Clipping coupons is work after all.

Bill Gross, manager of the world’s largest mutual fund, said U.S. unemployment is now a structural, and not cyclical, problem stemming from technology advances and the lack of retraining.

“Jobs are being structurally destroyed,” Gross said in an interview today with Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Employment figures released today reflect “the inability of the U.S. economy to provide jobs.”

* * * * *

Gross, co-chief investment officer at Newport Beach, California-based Pacific Investment Management Co., said the government had exhausted traditional fiscal and monetary responses in its attempt to spark higher growth.

“They have to start looking elsewhere,” he said.

Washington should consider changes to trade and currency policies, as governments in Brazil, China and Europe have done, Gross said. A depreciation of the dollar would increase the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing abroad, he said.

I will expound upon the following points:

 (1) U.S. unemployment is now structural not cyclical.
 (2) American workers are portrayed by the mainstream media as unemployable for lack of ‘training’.
 (3) The inanimate economy is not providing jobs.
 (4) Gross recommends devaluing the U.S. dollar because the U.S. central bank can try nothing more to rescue the economy.

Let’s beat this shit up, shall we?

Point #1

Yes, the unemployment has gone from cyclical to structural. There is a simple explanation for this: the sheep are running out of wool and beginning to pay in mutton. We are on a tax farm, a legal tender plantation. If the repeated ‘grooming’ tax exceeds the growth rate of production, then we are eventually butchering.

A fiat money banking system requires price inflation, which is to require the rate of money growth to exceed the rate of economic growth in goods and services, which is to confiscate all new growth in the economy plus some old growth being what the plebs have in wealth or investments. Get it? Nine out of 10 Cypriots and Australians do, and Greeks, up the ass. Kudos to Icelanders, not idiots.

If you do attack gently enough, it’s heating the proverbial frog very slowly in the water on the stove top. Of course, the shearing of plebs is uneven in practice. Some have more to shear and some loose their jobs altogether rather than work for less but still something. It used to be that loosing your job was an indication of ineptitude because the inflation tax was not yet cutting into bone. Workers could simply work a little harder, cut back on expenses just a little more, and so could non-elite employers.

Now employers can’t afford to train in house because their competitors won’t because that is the market rate, zero training. That is to say, a job market is a market in which jobs are ‘sold’ to workers who ‘buy’ them whereas in a labor market the worker seeks to sell labor to an employer. The emphasis is critical. There is NO SHORTAGE OF LABOR. There is a shortage of jobs because freely using one’s own labor to be productive without an approved job is effectively illegal. There are regulations and there is inflation. The inflation tax, like all taxes, cuts the profit margin and so cuts out of the economy jobs and economic activity that does not make the higher cut. Get it? If we had labor rights, we would be using our labor productively and selling the fruit thereof with impunity. There is no economic freedom without political freedom, and coasting on the political rights won in the past is about out of juice.

Increasing Unemployment Duration
A chart from “Unemployment after the Recession: A New Natural Rate?” by Murat Tasci and Saeed Zaman []

Increasing Total Job Losses
A chart from “One Scary Unemployment Chart” by ‘TraderMark’ []

Points #2–4

Okay, I’m tired. Maybe I’ll explain why the other points are bullshit as a follow-up. Maybe not. Whatever. We got the education bubble shoved up our ass and we got the IMF to make sure all world currencies except maybe the North Korean won inflate to garbage in unison. Yes, the won, and if anything says powerhouse economy like Kim Jong-un it’s smoke and mirrors. Continuing the main point in this paragraph, blaming the Chinese pegging of the U.S. dollar and not blaming the loose pegging of virtually all world currencies by the IMF is like blaming the string tied on your finger as a reminder for something real important to distract you while ignoring the straight-jacket worn over your torso. There. Done. Now go get a job worth having. That’s right, fuck you; you’re so free, man.

One more thing, a link to some propaganda audio no doubt. This promises to be more bullshit paralysis of your understanding by junk analysis from our fiat money funded, government chartered and nurtured NPR: All Things Considered, 4 April 2013, “Structural Or Cyclical? The Type Of Unemployment Matters,” Robert Seigel interviews Adam Davidson. No, I did not listen to the shit. I understand the hypergamous NWO imperative already.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 11 April 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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4 Responses to Progressive Structural Subjugation

  1. stocktonseeker says:

    thank you for pointing out the imf role in all this. i tend to forget it too. sad truth about da nu world odor is the concentration of global wealth, what like 350 of the fortune 500 are owned by 8 of the same families? and those families own the banks yada yada….its the same story globally locally too, like in new world order cesspit #2 stockton, where the wealthy fund all sides of the political campaigns, fund all the non profits and the major universities….now they’re the ones supporting an 18 million dollar NEW tax on the BANKRUPT CITY. Cant make this shit up, then people here call me a conspiracy theorist….fuck it right?

  2. stocktonseeker says:

    also wanted to add i agree on your points about employment, i think what a lot of these economists are unable to find out or unwilling to, is the number of perfectly employable folks with skills and training who have totally said fuck the system and embraced minimalism or anything along those lines….i just think of all the talented bloggers and folks who have dropped out of the corporate or government world and while part of me thinks we should be the ones working in the system, the larger part of me knows thats total hippy bullshit….

  3. @stocktonseeker Fuck it is right, as in fuck them. They drew first blood and are obsessed. I never aspired for power before, but now all good men must. We should be the ones working our system, for now a rag tag constellation of blogs, as far as I know. If we don’t transition into offline communites and networks, we will loose. Maybe it is happening, or maybe it is premature, but Game is an idea that can’t be killed any more than truth. It will be darkest before the dawn of our overtly political system. Minimalize and hold on until you can’t wait and enjoy the ride in the mean time. If you are young, if you are with a woman you like, don’t wait to savor that for all its worth. There’s always some shit going wrong in this mortal world, or there would be no difference between virtue and vice. I’ve always thought like an old man. It sucks. lol Now that I am sure about reading the tea leaves and the writing on the wall, I know with my limited means I am doing all I can except enjoy the ride and exercise my sheeple skills (seduction), so you know what I was practicing last night. It is so weird to start seeing PUA as formulatic on woman after woman (and male drone after male drone). I embrace the truth, this mortal life, fuck it. It is what it is. If you know who you are philosophically and if you understand the philosophical truth others embody, you will always be sure of the right thing to do by yourself and your principles. That is my peace of mind, individualistic but rarely and not reliably social. That is the path of one’s virtue. Sheep must be sheep. I must be a civilized man. Yah, I just went off. We do that here in the Manosphere, and I think the exchange of ideas is building a natural rival to the oligarchy of government guaranteed credit on the backs of the plebs. Our irrelevance is relevant because of what we are. Revenge is a dish best served cold, my friend. Maybe the best is yet to come, but I’d savor anything I can at this point. I sure as hell am not investing myself in the future of this economy, country, etc. I think you will get past the angry stage to the cold but true as life stage and do what needs to be done as things present themselves, if I may be so presumptuous with my advice and predictions. Hate can be sublimated by a civilized man into efficient purpose, and your life just might depend on seizing a particular moment some day, but not now. Napoleon was late to the party but came out on top, for example. First useful idiots must turn upon themselves, tribe against tribe, or the establishment must turn upon useful idiots as needless mouths to feed. There is no possibility of a civilized system with useful idiots having civil rights. Damn, went off again. Thanks for the comments!

  4. stocktonseeker says:

    yea i have been talking w a writer from the local paper, and from what i can gather, the system has no clue how to handle the new media. fact is we have more readers and far more legitimacy, all done with less than half the resources…they system has tried to call us crazy and discredit us, yet still we stand with growing numbers….we gotta hurt them where it counts, their wallets, then we can start to rebuild

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