Proving Morality: The Saddle Made Offering

This is part 3, “The Saddle Made Offering,” of the five-part essay “Proving Morality.” You may wish to read part 1 and part 2 first.

Having finished with the Koanic Soul post ‘May 19th 2012 archive of, “Mathematical Proof That The Supernatural Exists”’, this essay now treats the Koanic Soul post “Evidence That Christianity Is True.” I note my excerpts from both posts were taken 27 April 2013.

Here is the proof of Christian supernaturalism:

Here’s what you need: Josh McDowell’s “A Ready Defense” and “Evidence that Demands a Verdict.” Available on Amazon.

If you want to go beyond those, there are copious footnotes to follow.

McDowell is an atheist who set out to disprove Christianity and wound up converting based on the evidence.

It’s primo stuff. It converted me at age 9-ish when I challenged my faith, and it’s withstood every subsequent check.

Are we to believe a 9-year-old had an adequate IQ, knowledge base, and worldly wisdom to thoroughly test, or even begin to thoroughly test, his faith as the universal faith applicable to you and me to your adult satisfaction and mine?

If there is any logic to McDowell’s work, it is not identified here. The post goes on to provide a link to ‘some attempted refutations of Josh McDowell’ under the heading ‘Edit 1’. The post concludes with a section under the heading ‘Edit 2’:


Here’s an answer prompted by a question from Frost:

Well “Evidence that demands a verdict” is 800 pages, whereas “A ready defense” is 400 pages of the “best of”. So start with “A ready defense.” There are really only a couple of critical sections; the rest is optional.

The only thing that McDowell isn’t good for is fitting the Genesis account into a scientific account of the big bang from the standpoint of an earth observer, factoring in relativistic time. But you don’t need any of that to convert. Let sleeping leviathans lie… there are plenty more like that one when you’re ready.

After you convert, read the 4 gospels, and NOT the rest of the New Testament, until you properly appreciate their standing relative to Jesus’ own words. Feel free to read the Old Testament as well. However, the next step after reading the Gospels would be to read Vox Day’s Wrath Trilogy. Be forgiving of the slow beginning, like Tolkein he takes a bit to get going. After that, read Milton’s Paradise Lost and Shakespeare’s collected works and Tolkein’s collected works. Then you’ll have an understanding of Christian civilization, spiritual principles, and worldview .

So just digest 1200 pages or less, the important ones will be obvious in your analysis. Then there is more study required to prove the other stuff, so read the Gospels, the rest of the New Testament, and the Old Testament, and then read some more!

So basically, a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of Christianity can be yours for the small price of studying up to all of your natural life. It may not make Christian knowledge very accessible, but it sure makes Voluminously Denying the Antecedent a rock-of-ages argument. Should you argue in good faith, the burden of disproof is your saddle of Sisyphean toil that only the yoke of C-brand deeper faith can make bearable, my child.

I don’t like the concept of forgiveness because it requires the existence of human-to-human emotional indebtedness, and does not the Bible tell us the borrower is slave to the lender? I would much rather have future competency than increase human suffering with a guilt debt to another human. It’s motivation, but an inferior kind unfit for a philosophically enlightened soul. It is not reasonable that we never offend or injure one another. Success requires cooperation between mortals despite the limits of and demands upon our capacity.

I use the term ‘cooperation’ loosely. One can use moral debt or financial debt to disguise exploitation to the satisfaction of the dignified slave still with substantial rights on the surface of his self-identity. That is the red pill. It turns out that female sociality is predicated on disguised control, intrigue with the same amoral social utility as a gun. More on that in a later part.

As I wrote in part 2, the voluminous overload of the argumentation hides the fallacious logic of Denying the Antecedent. The antecedent of the proposition ‘a implies b’ or equivalently ‘if a then b’ is ‘a’. Denying the antecedent is denying the ‘a’, as in the propositional logic of denial ‘if <a is not proven true as an almighty antecedent> then <the opposite of a is proven true and almighty>’. The Christian argument du jour is to deny the antecedent of ‘if <you are right that my faith is wrong> then <you can positively disprove every shred of evidence I have for my faith>’ Of course, that is too much work and the result is ‘evidence’ that the opposite of <you are right that my faith is wrong> or equivalently ‘you are wrong that my faith is wrong’ which simplifies to ‘my faith is right’.

It’s a convoluted way to say, “If I feel I have supernatural perception proving my detailed supernatural convictions, then I do.” Why the convolutedness? Social credibility is good for retention and propagation of the religion. It works in this reality! It being meme evolution. Some people need to be sheep because dependency has been and is a viable reproduction strategy. However, masters become dependent upon slaves, which is why ruling classes embrace degradation into privileged oblivion. Dependency can become parasitism, and the slave can become the master. Viruses depend on host cells for their reproduction. Domestication, slavery, and parasitism are natural. Ain’t nature grand?

Dependency apparently is an effective reproduction strategy for individuals with adaptive learning abilities because we can’t have all chiefs and no Indians, or can we? What is this democracy shit anyway? that (granted, in impure form) led to the replacement of an ecology of Amerind tribes with an Enlightenment-inspired system of modernity, innovation, prosperity, and opportunity for enslavement like never before. Ain’t nature grand? Which is why civilized people are philosophically competent.

Meet any civilized people lately? Our demise is due to feelings-sanctified morality used to personally assuage the deeply psychological and ultimately philosophical fears of each herd follower, yet the skeptical nature of scientific thought has permeated into Western consciousness, albeit in adulterated and prepubescent form. There is a growth and selection opportunity in a mass of psyches not infrequently tinged with prepubescent philosophical awarenesses and potentially itching with inquisitive malaise to become adult, proficient, great. Living things grow or get out of the way, and political control is the scratching of itches. Your itch for civilized meaning brought you here, to this gallery of ideas I was led to build in words by my itch.

We are ultimately searching for alliances that will release our individual potentials from the hedonistic urges and control mechanisms of the masses. Perhaps we intuitively feel, or logically understand, mass dependency must fail spectacularly on its own petard. Perhaps we sense the looming end. We are hammered day after day with the historical harbingers of civilized and imperial collapse: gluttony, obesity, infidelity, promiscuity, state iconology, orthodox emotionalism, financial engineering, debt slavery, state circus and bread, multiculturalism, balkanization, social disenfranchisement, social isolation.

A generally effective strategy does not guarantee success for any one individual. Neither do past results guarantee future results. If fact, evolution does not permit ecologically competing entities to stagnate. We are in a race condition, compelled to form and reformulate ourselves with the ingredients cooperation and competition. The current strength of obedience to Western 2.0 dependency is coming to an end, as all Ponzi schemes must, as all plagues of gaping mouths must. Nevertheless, until the current system of fiat dependency structurally breaks, the race is to the bottom, and the race is as compulsory as ever. Natural selection enforces a virtue according to its nature not our feelings. Mother nature has suitors like an eternally nubile and virgin ten, and the mandatory fickleness. The fickle lack of natural guarantee and justice is the fearful aspect of truth that compels so many to blind faith. Every domestically driven societal catastrophe is a denyocaust. Philosophy matters.

I believe a sovereign peerage of philosopher-kings is more advanced in requirements and rewards than an arrangement of chiefs and Indians, or of masters and slaves. Domestication is not slavery, though the two in the purity of denotation share similarities and are extremes of a continuum of possibilities in practice. Blind faith is the past and philosophy is the future. There will be ups and down unfair to individuals, even masses, but the relentless long-run bias may only be bent not broken so long as humanity endures as human.

Science is the branch of philosophy familiar to but poorly understood by the masses today. A voting citizenship with an appreciation of philosophy itself would be culturally superlative to what exists more primitively now and could easily prosper, if such a group of people aspiring to claim their own destiny could be united, but then that is the trick. Others will tell you, “We need to get back to God!” Religions like cultures and societies must evolve and progress, or die. Abolition was foreign to Christianity until the 17th century. Christianity is long-lived because it has adapted, and the aged retreat of its zenith into the bygone days of superstition and serfdom are for good and wholesome reasons. Whether or not we will chase our tail and revert culturally to recapture the past may only be guessed at this point. The only thing for sure is that this order of Western society is so exhausted of natural virtue and so ripe with ascendant corruption that something must give on a systemic scale, and soonish. Post-modernism is the terminal disease of modernity. State orthodoxy is state orthodoxy whether it claims secular or supernatural moral sanction. Such political cowardice has ruined my life. Thanks the fuck so much.

I will do more than criticize ideas in this essay. I will champion my own. I believe in peer review and sincere dialectic (rather than debate as thuggish competition over limited political power and empowerment). I sincerely thank Koanic Soul for publicly expressing himself and provoking accountability on a profound topic. Can you? It is impossible to have civilization without fundamental accountability. I realize we are limited in our power to enforce accountability, and I would not have you wield your vitality inopportunely, but what good is your life if you do not express it competently?

Blind faith is the courage substitute of choice for the mentally weak.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 01 May 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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