Individual Fitness Evolution, Part 2 of 2

Manage Physical Activity

Lots of you sedentary types, you cubicle workers, use sugar to think better, as in more, which might be too much since employers pass on the tax burdens of your legal tender plantation to you as consumers and employees. Sugar increases metabolism though not for long. Conventional thought backed by science tells us not eating regularly will slow metabolism down. Even if true, it’s bullshit as a guiding principle. Sitting on your ass will slow your metabolism down, Holmes. You’re an ass-side-down slave, and know it. The correct way to handle a slow metabolism is to fucking exercise! Now I don’t mean full blown workouts you can’t do all the time. I mean every two hours do something for two minutes or so: jumping jacks, push ups, knee bends, whatever you like. Your coworkers will likely judge you adversely for exercising conveniently, so it might be best to exercise on the sly. Maybe walk the floor or the stairs. When you involuntarily breathe heavy at rest you have exercised enough to raise your metabolism. If you are careful and have a little luck, you can become winded without breaking a sweat.

I’ve learned to love wind sprints. Workouts proper are important, when you are ready. If you think about exercises you can do at home or in the park with your own body weight, a dumbbell, a jump rope, etc., you will eventually discover enough exercises for a good workout. If you can get to the gym, all the better. Evolution requires that a relentless process of body adaptation never stops for fitness maintenance. Devising new workouts is a responsibility of having an attractive body. At least I think so. I’ve plateaued and then faded in the past. Keep it new, exciting, and effective. Eventually, exercises get so old they’re new.

It may be possible to raise one’s metabolism too high. I suppose a faster metabolism does everything faster, including the addition and subtraction of muscle tissue. Assuming one can eat enough to keep up with a faster metabolism, is faster always better for building muscle? I don’t know, and even if I did, how would I know if I am relatively high or low compared to optimal? Ain’t nothing like empirical proof. Maybe you are better off eating more and exercising more for cardiovascular primacy, and maybe you aren’t.

I suggest you give yourself three months to develop the habit of maintaining a high metabolism by regular and opportunistic exercise. The change in lifestyle is substantial. Eating adequately for movement induced high metabolism will require home cooking sooner or later. Making time for the workouts will be another challenge. How hard to push yourself and when to rest is another concern experience will guide. Handling all the new details efficiently will take time.

Manage Training

Once you have established your habits of a low sugar diet and high metabolism exercise, you are ready to train at a more advanced level. The difference is largely coordination of efforts. At this stage, only the stubborn pounds of fat remain. I’m still struggling with unveiling a six pack. I experimented with intermittent fasting and got down to 155 pounds. I just skipped eating after getting up for the day as long as I reasonably could, keeping the needs of my life in perspective. I decided to train for muscle rather than fat loss once I plateaued. I’m 160 now, and I couldn’t tell you how much of the gain is muscle and how much is fat, but I’m guessing mostly fat. I’m still better off than I was, and I might discover something better yet, or simply become better at the things I’ve been trying. Maybe I need to work on eating smaller portions when I don’t have sore muscles to feed.

I’ve cut back on carbohydrates, but sometimes I enjoy them. I think the paleo diet is a great idea, but the Romans conquered their world on wheat, so I am not entirely sold on no carbs whatsoever. Eating before bed is the worst for your waistline, but if it helps you sleep, do it. Nudge yourself toward success and enjoy life. I’m struggling with the late night snacks myself, but at least it’s not sugar. Turning digestion on and off is perhaps a skill that improves with exercise in the attempt, so just keep in mind what you are trying to do and be patient.

I am experimenting with vegetable smoothies made in a blender, not a juicer. It makes fasting easier, not that I’m usually fasting when I drink it. My ingredients of favor are: 1 banana, 1 medium carrot, 1 clove garlic, 1 stalk broccoli, several handfuls of spinach, 1 or 2 stalks celery. Bananas have sugar, sure, but they are good for recovery after exercise and the shake tastes better with banana. It doesn’t taste great with.

I empty some of the blended contents into storage containers that will go in the fridge to make room in the blender for remaining ingredients. A full blender is difficult to work with and limits the output, so do some mixing in the storage containers. I add water to the blend concentrate when I drink it. I’m not sure if the drink is making a difference, honestly, but I figure nutrients are important, and I don’t assume nutrients in a pill work as well as from honest food. (I don’t assume supplements don’t work either and take them.) I figure the fat will burn off better with nutrients available, and fiber is good too. I don’t like all that chewing, but spinach chews easily. Love spinach, the Popeye thing is not entirely untrue.

Another thing I have noticed with raising my metabolism with opportunistic exercise is increased horniness, or at least it seems that way. I also think my horniness has increased by internalizing Game and mentally living with a sense of my own absolute authority to determine my actions, not that I don’t feel pressure or necessity to comply with external authority. I do, but I just don’t give a fuck on moral or legal grounds. In my mind it’s a matter of practicality. We are no longer a ‘nation of laws’, so the sooner you stop stressing yourself out needlessly on orthodox guilt or failure to absolutely comply, the better. No one can absolutely comply, which gives the intended leverage. Your self-improvement by opportunistic adaptation to female-centric sociality and rejection of female-centric morality should lower your cortisone and raise your testosterone, I would think.

I’m older, so I notice I have set myself back substantially by overtraining, as in pulling muscles, and working out outdoors on an empty stomach first thing after getting up and catching cold while my immune system was weakened. I push myself when I workout, and I pay attention to pushing the envelope of my abilities just barely. It is the only way I can succeed at this point because the setbacks are so costly after age 40 or so.

I point out the strategy of creating muscle before burning off fat because muscle maintenance burns calories. It is a time-honored strategy. It’s effectively summer, and I don’t put on muscle easily. What matters is that I am managing my training. Doing a workout that burns substantial fat requires some serious athleticism. That means a developed respiratory and circulatory capacity, and I expect a conditioned neurological fitness too. I believe a beautiful body with six pack is first made under stubborn belly fat and then revealed. People who achieve a revelatory low body fat without being athletes look sickly. It’s like wearing form-following clothes without an athletic body because that’s how skin without fat padding covers.

My body could be better, but it’s definitely an asset. I know my improved vibe could account for better appreciation of my body, but then posture and movement are what I train for more than size. I don’t have and can’t afford a gym membership. I recommend yoga for flexibility and focus. If you hold a position comfortably at one end of a range of motion and then the other WITHOUT FORCING IT, slowly but surely your flexibility will improve. Evolution is reliable. Also, some genetics are more athletic than others, so be somewhat aloof and blind like evolutionary progress is. Keep the priorities of you life in balance, and give yourself credit for investing in yourself as a default habit.

Enjoy the Results

You might think your results are not good enough to be an asset, but don’t be too hasty. Remember chicks talk with their fanciful forebrains but act on their hindbrains. Make a profile at and upload some pics with and without your shirt on. Have someone else take your pictures: no bathroom mirror pics! Geez. Even though women say in their profiles that shirtless pics are creepy or tacky or whatever, my shirtless pics mostly score higher than the fully clothed ones by a point on a 1 to 10 scale—and I’m no fitness model. My shirtless pics are outside in a natural context, which would help their scores. I said mostly because one clothed pic scores highest and does unusually well by my sense of esthetics, so I guess its score is a fluke of low sample size though I can’t be sure. My secondary and only other guess is that the projection of dominance and authority and not looking too nice and soft is making the difference.

If you score higher without a shirt, congrats, your body doesn’t suck. For me (and I thought I read somewhere, maybe The Game?) the hot babe (HB) category starts at 6, as in doable sober, so to score higher sans the shirt, you probably need to score at least a 6 with the shirt on. The more feral the chicks get, the more looks will count, and kicking ass. Relaxing the muscles not currently necessary will make you move faster, hit harder, look more confident and attractive, and avoid muscle tension and chronic muscle pain. Train to win.

Discover. Integrate. Reinforce. Reinvent.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 June 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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