Politically Stillborn

First off, let me say I love the Manosphere. I do not bother to critique or criticize feminists as redeemable people because they are so far-gone I write them off. I am a fan of the Manosphere. I am a fan of ReturnOfKings.com (RoK). We are talking about a blog site with recent articles entitled “How To Turn A Feminist Into Your Sex Slave,” dated 11 July 2013, and “The Benefits Of Not Masturbating,” dated 2 July 2013.

But the truth about the mindset of the Manosphere is not pretty in the political arena, which is the arena of, duh, winning! You cannot be sexually responsible if you are not politically responsible. You cannot be economically responsible if you are not politically responsible. Dependency has no rights! That truth is laid buried in the touching but myopic RoK article “Hatred Is A Poison,” dated 14 July 2013. If you think we need to worry about women in the military, better not underestimate the men. ‘Semper fi’ and all that obedient jazz because the way life works is too messy to permit, fellow gods.

Basically, the comment section like the article is pro-UN because it is so anti-hate it kills the capacity of self-determinism. Never mind how Clinton ‘waged the dog’ and so many ‘masculine men’. The comments get voted on, so the barrage of flowery but unrealistic comments bury comments that dare poke a hole in the purification narrative weaklings need to believe. A hyperlink must be activated to expose the buried comments. One such comment was mine, and I am reposting it here at the end. The other comment that nails it was by ‘Occigent’, which I will place penultimately. He does a great job being succinct, unlike me.

So if you want to read the article first to setup my critique of it and the commentary surrounding it, go ahead.

The flawed feel-good argument is expressed clearly by commenter ‘michaelderrick’:

To me this one of the most frightening aspect of humanity, take for example the genocide in Rwanda or the holocaust.There were so many civilians and “civilised people” who took part in it. I love to fancy myself as this writer i am not one of “those people” but i know their lives a very ugly beast in all of us and given the right incentive and opportunity, it will come out.

Call me a totalitarian but this why i belive in a strong government who can control the individual and groups in a country. Of Course justice, democracy and enlightenment crucial too.

Besides emotive rectitude favored by evolutionarily anachronistic broads, that collectist argument relies upon an incomplete picture. It’s the same construction and construal as getting a 50% discount on something originally priced three times the same thing selling for no discount at another store. With the 50% discount you are paying 50% MORE than the no-games price.

If strong government prevents all blood from being spilt, but stops you from having children, or stops you from heading your family, they have killed your potential utterly, and you thank them. I find that thinking in a man to be disgusting. Slave owner Thomas Jefferson was expressing virtue when he wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.” If you are against all bloodshed, your are against all human success, even human existence, and by rational extension all animal existence.

At the end of michaelderrick’s logic comes the fine print: “Of Course justice, democracy and enlightenment crucial too.” Well how the fuck do you fit those crucial things in if you don’t force them in? Answer: You don’t. But it is easier for sheeple to leave the dirty details of life to some faraway bureaucrat preoccupied with his own welfare so long as social causality by force is mentally deniable.

If you aren’t good at basic math, you don’t respect the law of conservation. If you don’t respect the law of conservation, you are no political friend to anyone not a parasitic worm. Real men have political friends: it’s called patriarchy!

Here is the red-pill comment by ‘Occigent’:

This post is full of hatred, except that it’s disguised among the PC bromides. Somehow we believe there must be gravitas here. All the code words over which we’ve been taught to emote are present, surely there is realness here. But there is nothing real here. Just a man who would have killed another man over a bad look pissing over people doing what people have done since the beginning of time — fighting for the right to self-determination.

Just because nothing you enlisted for was worth your time dying over doesn’t mean you get the right to steal from others their belief that something was. If the big “reveal” in this essay is that people are driven by more than reason, it would have been more reasonably concluded than you getting up on a pedestal and pissing all over them for doing so.

As I write this, I found Occigent’s comment voted down exactly one by a registered user and not voted up, until I added one as a guest.

Here is my comment, edited slightly as follows: (1) added ‘s’ to ‘as softness does’, and (2) removed the ‘’ from ‘its peculiar nature’:

Softness is as softness does. Hate is like fear or a gun: positive or negative for the user, depending. Maybe some hate for the puppet masters that create these unnaturally degrading and persistent conflicts would be useful? No mention of sovereignty, of control, of the military-industrial complex, or banking in this article: just be a better ignorant slave and glorify it as virtue. There is too much softness in the Manosphere, and I fear that. Where then will tempered wisdom to hew justice worth living be found?

I dispute this assertion:

“Sometimes, there is no reason why this or that happens. Civilization is a veneer, a mask attached to the face of the trousered ape which is man; and when the mask falls off, the beast behind it is revealed in all his brutishness.”

If we accept evolution as the framework of biologic and social function, of life itself—and anyone who uses Game has no excuse—the brutishness ought to be celebrated with the whole. None of you enjoy the artistry of MMA? of men putting their balls back on instinctively in the entertainment harbors away from the confrontation of politics? You just need a feel good context to turn your back to your masculinity and all you can be? Great men are conquerors who also govern well. That is the lesson we should have learned from emasculation by feminism. We gave up being conquerors only to be conquered by women organized with our own blood, sweat, and tears purchased with limitless money we accept graciously as a simplifying gift. We had or have feet of clay for accommodating women as equal, and now you want to enjoy the fruits of this earth without getting your hands dirty in hate? That is the language of little masters who leave the details to the big masters. Perhaps it is easier to recognize useful idiots when they have shapely breasts.

If hate is corrosive, it does not mean hate is not useful to solve the problem from which it is born. Hate is just a tool. I suppose children should not play with fire either, since they lack the skill, but physical maturity and evolution put us in the breach with that toolkit. Shame on someone trying to solve their problems compared to accepting it, but it is so easy when it’s the other guy’s country and home being razed in no uncertain terms.

Without men using fire and causing many burns, some deadly on purpose, none of us would be trousered apes surfing the webz. Without killing, there would not have been cultural evolution leading to the bounty and actionable love of Western civilization. Imagine if nature favored the weak and naked apes kept destroying the efforts and lives of productive apes making threads. Sure, you can say you wish someone’s cancer problem went away and be Mr. Compassionate like a woman, but curing cancer requires talent and resources, meaning superior people taking resources from the inferior people who would like to dispose the same resources according to their own tastes. Ecologies (free markets) work best for a reason, and for the record I don’t support institutionally mandated direction of vast amounts of limited resources for cancer or much else if anything. Modern medicine exists despite centralized control not because of it.

I know, I know. Once again my views will strike no chord, will not echo on the lips of others, because fear of the truth being too ugly to bear mentally works self-identity levers in a deep recess of your mind behind the curtain of dogmatic, popular virtue that ‘everyone’ agrees is the tapestry of civilization that raises us above the animals on the pillars of grand decor, never mind the use of evolutionary psychology. When you got the guts, apply the Socratic method to your beliefs until you know something by knowing it backwards, forwards, and sideways in this multidimensional reality called life.

The men shell shocked by WWII made ‘Made in America’ something special. Though great workers (under the fiat money system), they were worthless fathers not to be bothered with teaching the facts of life, of teaching cultural values from their easy chairs, to their Baby Boomer children, children who respectively learned from mommy how life works and should be rectified. Same shit, different century. It’s imbibed everywhere so regularly its peculiar nature oft goes unnoticed by wary minds staring right at it.

Feelings are not all-important, except for women and animals. Civilization happens because civilized men dictate it. If we don’t relish our mortal existence through and through, if we don’t love our potentials as they are, we have abdicated civilization to our mental betters who fearlessly do from behind mahogany desks in stately mansions. They are the New World Odor. They calculatingly discriminate between ingroup and out. They understand power and are not ashamed to possess it. You turn away from it with the nobility of a child and think yourself the father of ideas, the keeper of wisdoms. You are not competitive. You aren’t even in the game, or should I say the GAME ⊃ Game.

Conflict-free evolution can’t happen, and nothing beautiful would organize into existence without it. I’d like to make some beauty like never before because I’m ready to outdo trousers, but I can’t do it alone. It will take a new cultural breed of civilized men working by their own ingroup morality. Is this the place for developing such men, or isn’t it? Are you a man who seriously aspires to be of consequence to his own potential, or not? Getting laid is just the tip of the iceberg at being alpha. The path that measures your success is unevadible. That is your insignificance, dear mortal, but greatness is stretched before you in paint by numbers. Who will win future success at the other end of our stretch of life’s gauntlet?

The current order and most current partners have been thoroughly milked of moral worth, and your soul will waste away without forward progress, which is how you will recognize it. To be or not to be is the question. To hate or not to hate is the natural privilege of those who do not set it down in surrender behind the curtain. Defeat is a poison to make room for those who dare live free.

In conclusion, online discussion is great for teaching men to deal with women where wiggle room is permitted by our masters; however, it will take real fire on men of the Manosphere to forge anything of political consequence. Game is just a speed bump to be legislated away sooner or bankrupted with everything else later. Enjoy the poon if you can, but don’t jump in front of the freight train of perdition your poon and loon brothers are riding with fervor. It is a horrific godsend, like the train in Atlas Shrugged. Respect it.

Cherchez les girly men with guns and purity, for cursed are the ‘peacekeepers’.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 July 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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