Narcissism Turned Father Flame


Welcome, fellow NTs, and aspiring NTs, if there is such a thing. No one can give you an expert (or skillful enough) opinion. You must earn that yourself, and establishment credentials don’t mean much. Self-education is the real education (though not theoretically disjoint from institutional education). It’s the planning not the plan. This post is part field report, part sexual market place (SMP) analysis. It is an exercise in process not a summary prescription. If you are not a thinking man in the process of self-improvement by practicing Game, as am I, you are not the target audience for this post. I will be theorizing about the SMP on slim field evidence but in the context of a proficient abstract interpretation of the matrix and life.

What follows are dear diary musings to organize my thoughts about pickup, particularly regarding vibe (a.k.a. bearing) and escalation. I am a proponent of using evolution as an interpretive frame of life in all its aspects, and I expect courtship patterns are evolving per the usual race condition, downward for some time. Female narcissism has long been setting record postmodern heights (or depths) and I think plenty of fuel is left in the tank. How will this effect distribution of the critical resource female sexuality?

Don’t make the mistake of considering how women will dish it out as the final say. Women are not the sole gatekeepers of sex, or else rape fantasy theory is preposterous. Men are more adaptable than women because the Reality Principle is stronger than the Pleasure Principle, any high beta casualty rate notwithstanding. The question is: What will define the sexually successful men of the near future?

My answer: Narcissism.

What will define the politically successful men of the current Western struggle?

That’s right. And it has been true enough as well.

I expect narcissism to have profound and indispensable therapeutic utility for plebeian men. I don’t think we have gone very far into the Dark Triad or the Dark Enlightenment. Nor have I seen blood on the streets.

Knowing my Game pole position will no doubt help you interpret my field reporting. My PUA skills are intermediate. My logistics suck. If I get the question ‘So, what do you do?’, I know the jig is up. Nice guy looking for a girlfriend? Ha. No more. I buy her nothing. I’d rather have flatline broke finances than minimum wage glories and accruing hidden health costs emotional and physical. I pursue the quick lay, an ostensible but real goal not without my qualifying, and simultaneously I exercise and improve my postmodern ‘social skills’ in the direction of maximum brutal efficiency.

I mean brutal to me. Chicks like to reject guys, however distraught they get about it. Rejection denotes high rank and precious expense, which is tantamount to high value in the female mind of feral glories. Intrinsic value is not a feminine concept. I’m not sure anymore that women upset with a stranger on purely social grounds are suffering at all: I think they enjoy it more than watching soaps because who wants to be a mere spectator?

I’ve been following Mystery’s M3 escalation path as a map, like who doesn’t? And we know it is a great map, one not wrong because a target might prefer to skip or retreat steps on liberated whim. We men are expected ‘to just know’ what a woman wants. The female instincts are inflexible on that. If you are not personally familiar with the woman, that means you are expected to read her body language and to take care of her needs.

Know this: A woman’s needs and wellbeing do NOT correlate well with her wants, certainly in romantic concerns. We learn by experience, which is why women love older men who have learned.

When I first practiced Game field work on a regular basis, in the spring and summer of 2012, I got comfortable opening, which is simply injecting myself socially into a group like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Then it got routine that I could enjoy a nice conversation that was well received, but there was no attraction, no sexual tension. I could not trigger attraction for a good while, maybe a month, until I serendipitously discovered sexual innuendo via body language, a.k.a. subcommunication. I don’t exactly mean flirting. Flirting is instinct appealing to logic. A woman’s forebrain can only decide no; only a woman’s hindbrain can decide yes.

If you are more advanced with Game, you might be thinking body language alone is a bit crude. I totally agree. At least that is my working assumption. The problem is that linguistic communication is a part of total communication, and total communication must be proficiently employed to be entirely constructive. It is possible to coordinate subcommunication sent to the reptilian hindbrain and verbal communication to the conceptualizing forebrain for message amplification or obfuscation. The idea is important to what I will suggest about effective vibe later.

Field Report

I had a strange outing last Saturday night. So per the usual, I am trying to open, attract, and qualify, in that order. At the first place I went, my opening attempts bore no fruit, so I won’t bore you with that.

The dance floor was awash in regular white light, so the DJ behind the table could see what he was doing. I thought it killed the mood, but maybe Miley Cyrus is fixing that. lollzlol Two barely 21 short blondes, perfect milk-white complexions, were dancing. The taller one, my preference, was apparently dancing with a guy. She was acknowledging him but not totally in his space or paired off, but not totally not either. The other blonde was dancing without a man in her orbit.

I’m in my 40s, and perhaps forty was a guy that befriended me in the casual spirit of having a good time. He communicated by gesture—it was too loud for me to hear—that I ought to go and dance with the unencumbered blonde. I gestured that he ought to give it a try. He does, and the first grinding of the night takes place.

Like a dear fascinated by headlights, like a yahoo memorized by an extraterrestrial spaceship, the taller blonde redirects all her dance floor gravity to her friend, not cockblocking, just watching, like watching tv, maybe vicariously. The dude drifted away. I sensed a vapid availability. I’m a little rusty, so I had some approach anxiety, but logically I knew I would be richer for the experience. I just parked behind her with a respectful gap of about 8 inches or so. Wouldn’t yah know, she backed right into me and gave me the business. I liked it, but then I got bored with it. I believe it was the lack of her attraction to me. I kissed her on the shoulder, put my hands on her shoulders or arms, leaned forward and smiled with appreciation, and stepped away. After that, grinding was the norm for the handful of people dancing at any one time.

Normally if not canonically, showing interest before attraction equals rejection. Apparently, grinding in plain sight is not an indicator of interest (IOI). Could I be missing something? Sure.

Grind #2 was found at my regular club up the street. It was dark inside, and the pink summer dress wrapped around a blonde at the bar was the only thing besides the flashing lights that popped out from the subdued grey shades that was decor and people. It was like in the movies when one person is highlighted in contrast to all others. I injected myself into the social space of her and her friend lining the bar like it was the most natural thing in the world. I had my arm around each of them, was talking to each of them in turn (loud music again), and then I recognized her friend as someone I casually knew from prior visits.

For some reason, pink dress was booty responsive immediately. I got against her from an angle to show interest and she confirmed, then I got square behind her. There was some booty play and I realized the mutual friend had left the scene. In a moment I felt like I should kiss her, but I wasn’t sure. I would have had to really crowd her space to get over her shoulder to her lips, which might have been the challenge and point. I don’t know.

Silly me, I go aloof and non-needy, lean back, and look at her with a knowing smile. I’m trying to generate attraction and establish dominance. Something totally changed and she was turned off and rejecting me. Maybe she got a good look at how old I am. Maybe she felt devalued (and women are all about rank) for not getting the kiss she expected, thus disproving that I ‘just knew’ her feelings and how to handle her needs.

Analytical Musings

What is new about this experience for me is that my best and only physical interactions had zero generated attraction as far as I can tell. I think these women were entirely narcissistic: they were attracted to themselves, and I was a mirror for that attraction. We certainly would expect prolonged feminism to deepen feminine self-absorption.

In the first case I felt awkward about kissing a bare shoulder, and perhaps the more situationally congruent posture would have been to stay detached, to just grind and bolt. I can imagine her performing sex without kissing, and I have never before supposed that of a woman not engaged in prostitution. In the second case I felt awkward about escalation to kissing. Not good vibe if it leaked out of me. In both cases, my lack of sensing attraction left me navigating the seduction blindly. Thus, I am reassessing vibe and attraction in the context of courtship.

Initially, I overreached in my thinking. I was supposing the SMP is transitioning wholesale into new territory, but after attempting some day game, I don’t think so. Generating attraction still matters, so I look at it this way. Evolution only has direction after natural selection, and that direction is not always up, nor is it always in one direction. Viruses are thought to have evolved down for great success. I believe female bonding ability is evolving down (to great failure, but that’s beside the point).

Narcissism has changed the Game big time. We can only suppose the huge egos of the elites who run Western society, and we can be sure of their owned politicians being narcissists. A politician can’t be effective (Ron Paul an Nigel Farage excepted) without feeding on the narcissism. Of course, liberated women are narcissistic, and like a fractional reserve banking system, the solution to keep it going is ‘quantitative easing’. The deluge of feminine narcissism in the SMP has only just started, and I mean you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Narcissism will wash away female bonding ability for even a night of just sex. Attraction will be more and more a reflective indulgence adroitly projected back by some sycophant. Seduction is like that. Slavery enslaves the master like the slave to the extend the master becomes dependent on having slaves. Black slaves in the antebellum south preferred to have self-made masters because they understood plantation generations grew progressively vainglorious like the successive kings or emperors of a dynasty.

I don’t know about you, but allowing a woman to wear the pants of courtship and decide the path is bad enough. To not even be on that path at all is ridiculous. The future of female relationships is self pair bonding. For a man to get his needs met sexually at all in the darkest hours before SHTF, he will need to be utterly accommodating. If he gets no sex, he will be dehumanized by overt disconnect. If he gets sex, he will either be dehumanized by submission to her narcissism or to his own, or he will be steeled by owning his narcissism as a tool permitting a strategic compartmental sacrifice to her manipulated narcissism stealthily on his own terms as a realist and a survivor.

I think narcissism increasingly makes the man in a putrefying feminist environment. Narcissism is strength when open masculinity is weakness because conviction in the deception is critical to keeping sound borders around the conviction in oneself. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Narcissism is the fire that will burn away blind compliance to prol universalism. Fire is a dangerous tool every man must master to succeed if any man does. Men are the disposable sex in competitive feral conditions, and we role by liberated female standards for now.

Your own narcissism is likely to burn you if you use it as a crutch. Women are nothing if not natural opportunists. They will use compassion with sincerity if it is advantageous. Life evolves both upward like mammals and downward like viruses into any opening. The breadth of courtship strategies employed by women will increase, and the possible and required array of Game tools will expand concurrently in evolution’s race condition.

If and when men will again be able to socialize the masculine way, natural selection will allow ranking drone men to rely on dictatorial ease and discount the finesse husbandry women need to feel happy. I am not exactly a champion of sharing sovereignty with drones of either sex. I respect functional knowledge and proficiency.

So now I am experimenting with narcissism in my vibe and attraction generation. I think you should custom define your own elements of Game through experience. I share a little of mine to illustrate the development process not a perfected conceptualization.

These are the basic elements of attraction-generating vibe I have had for a while:

  1. Balance into a Relaxed Posture
  2. Trust Diaphragm for Fit Breathing and Speaking
  3. Maintain the Feeling of Self-Assurance
  4. Smile Subtly with Eyes at a Minimum and Facially Animate Otherwise by Feel
  5. Be the Playful MC
  6. Dispel Social Anxiety with the Mantra “This is normal” (Never show fear.)
  7. Never Apologize to Assuage Your Own Social Anxiety

Although I think those elements are a great start, the supersizing of egos out there requires the big guns. I am moving on to the steroids version of non-judgmental: instinctively loving. Love is a four-letter word. It is corruptly defined and used. The ‘love’ I mean is the positive affirmation of the hindbrain in others. My goal is to experiment with radiating instinctive positive energy. I’ve seen two office job drones, both qualifying for a different victim group of the Progressive orthodoxy, have the most fervent and inane conversation about how success in life is virtually guaranteed by just smiling. I think I have finally been able to put that limited truth into proper context.

Since I have substantially internalized my elements of vibe shown above, I am experimenting with this conscious list of vibe guidelines:

  1. I’m in love with my #1 self.
  2. I love, love, love using people.
  3. I laugh at life.

My object is to filter my subcommunication into a stream of happy, warm fuzzies as a general rule. I am putting narcissism to work, fighting fire with fire. I anticipate I might be able to convey logical ideas of negative connotation without penalty if I have the PC kool-aid on full blast. I’m that awesome.

Phoenix to the flame,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 August 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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