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Aurini has encouraged me to expand upon the topic of my previous post “Systemize, My Brothers.” The topic is systemizing within the System for personal power. In this post I will address the nuts and bolts of a Personal Seduction Network (PSN). It occurs to me that I lack concrete experience from which to theorize on this with much depth or precision, but that turns out to not be a problem per se.

In the Myers-Briggs space, I am Perceiving rather than Judging, so naturally I think exposition about exposition of power networking as I envision it is in order. There are usually caveats, right?

Power networking is nothing new. We have Niccolò Machiavelli and Saul Alinski, Words/Deuteronomy 15:6 and 28:12–3, etc., etc. What is new are the specific conditions of postmodern power networking: mass media, communications, behavioral psychology, and the relentless empowerment of victim groups in a democracy. Useful idiots are political and economic currency, and for a small percentage of their intended victims, which includes themselves, it is so fucking obvious!

The brilliance of the strategy is the indirect chain of causality via abstract mechanisms. Elite NTs control the boundary conditions within which we struggle whilst they are immune above reaping the harvest. It is within the complex cascades of programmed human interactions that we find the currency of the establishment and repurpose it (them) for ourselves. Once the elite go for direct control, there will either be polio-economic collapse and power vacuums to fill, or it was nice knowing you. Until then feral, feminine social skills rule the days of our lives. The medium of useful idiots to broker social power is democratically available to all. The knowledge advantage held by the elites can be offset in large part by inference to know what they know and by thinking globally but acting locally. You are the expert on your local conditions.

The real discrepancy is, of course, is in establishment license with tax farm resources. With asymmetry in rivals, strategy comes down to matching one’s strength to another’s weakness while avoiding the reverse. Mooch in the spirit of judo, and encourage the giant to run with corruption. The British with heavier equipment chased the American revolutionaries. Napoleon extended his supply lines into Russia facing winter. Hitler opened a second front. The ponzi scheme has a strength that is its later weakness. Be like water, and crash from the hips with sincere self expression. The Establishment is far more committed to maintaining structure.

Attachment to fixed social structure is a measure of corruption in natural terms, and those are the ones that count. Purpose might best be served by a status quo, but change guarantees every status quo will reach an expiration date. A case in point: From Game we learn that a man who needs his woman does not have her in her mind. A good husband applies husbandry skillfully and makes his wife’s mind a complementary asset to his mission.

My vision of power networking is simply Game applied by the would-be philosopher-king across the breath of his potential. There is no substitute for sovereignty, as any competent community organizer would know. Because there are no would-be philosopher-kings with seasoned expertise in what I am proposing, it looks like we must experiment. This is a natural evolutionary extension of Game development. The same rules of life apply, and the same scientific methodology will continue to work: field test, analyze, peer review.

I can’t tell you exactly how to create and maintain a self-directed postmodern power network for two reasons: (1) I have not successfully created a powerful network, and (2) a Game patriarch must be self-made to his order in his core with his judgment. As a theorist demanding consistency of conceptualization, I am able to only guide you down the path of what is not excluded by impossible inconsistency. The practice is something we might develop together. That is my hope, not that I would bet on it.

So now for the practical advice on creating your virtual domain. I refer you to others.

Rollo Tomassi from “As Good As It Gets” :

I apply elements of Game in my line of work – the liquor, nightclub and gaming industries to be specific – and use it to my professional advantage with the women I work around and who work for me. I use aspects of Game with my daughter (Amused Mastery) and set myself as an example of the type of Man she should associate herself with – of the boys she likes we both make a point of distinguishing the chumps from the more confident and dominant guys. I observe elements of Game while reconditioning greyhounds. I’ve even recently used an AMOGing technique to get a better interest rate and price on a new car I purchased this year – and I only did it to see if it would work.

Off the top of my head, the best example that comes to my mind of a man who has synthesized his lifestyle from the fodder of the Matrix is Christian McQueen. The other correct answer is RooshV. Could be Krauser. I’m looking for specialized systemization I can briefly express in the man’s own words, so I’m going with the author of Nightclub Bible. (Yes, I’d really like to leave the webpage now, please.)

A summary quote from Christian on his use of Game for creating a lifestyle is not forthcoming since I don’t want the search costs for slim rewards. However, you can read his posts and realize he knows his shit. I sorta, kinda have a club on semi-lockdown. I did one shot with the club boss on his whim. Nothing from my limited experience contradicts what I’ve read from Christian about his PSN.

I’ll let the titles of three of his posts do the talking: “5 Commandments For Making A Club Your Poosy Paradise,” “The 10 Slut Commandments,” and “How To Pull A Slut From A Vegas Pool Party.”

The grounded intellectuals will know I am not in contradiction to refer to a playboy lifestyle as a superlative example as I write this. Life ain’t worth living without fun. A civilized man seeks successful and novel growth, and the good pain that stimulates it, as a philosophical essential without prejudice to the exploration of his breadth and depth.

For the purposes of sexual seduction, men evaluate women with the 1–10 scale and the boner test. I submit to you to expand your testing scope of interest to power generally. It is said close friends make roughly the same income. Weak people passively ‘become’ their friends. Manage your associations and degrees of friendship. When you are out in public, always be closing, and always rate for power arousal. Time is your most precious commodity. Use time efficiently by filtering the recipients of your charms and considerations. Use a 1–10 power excitement scale, and develop a power libido automatically running your power boner test.

As the center of your PSN, you have responsibilities with your privileges. Just because the drones go by the Rank Principle does not mean you (or they) are not constrained by the Equity Principle, a two-party expression of the Law of Conservation. It is up to you to properly ensure the welfare of valuable seduction-driven dependents of your network as with associates generally. The key word for dependents is ‘husbandry’. I refer not to marriage but farming. There are degrees of caretaking. It’s a bit simplistic and verbose for my target readers, but the guys at Manhood Academy ( describe husbandry privilege and responsibility naturally bestowed upon a man for having a woman (or any human charge) in their free ebook The Principles That Govern Social Interaction. I find the book easier to read in my own pdf viewer via the download option.

As Rahm Emanuel taught us, “You never want a serious crisis go to waste.” The shit gonna get serious. He also taught us, “Dead, dead, dead.” That which does not kill individualistic Western patriarchy makes it stronger. Pain is just weakness leaving the body. The body politic may be due for some purge pain. You got anything to say about what gets excised?

When the time comes that your life is on the line, do or die, if it comes, you will want means at your disposal. You would like means at your disposal regardless, right? Enjoy the decline and also be prepared for opportunity with preparation. Striking the balance and staying within yourself is important with those two concerns. You can’t actually live in the future, only the present. Prepping has its merits, but you can’t stockpile your way out of politico-economic dysfunction.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 04 September 2013

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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