Guerrilla Aidfare or Feigned Tourette’s Syndrome


Recognizing Aidfare Waged Upon Us

This article will provide analysis and a subsequent strategy for creating a Personal Seduction Network (PSN) as an income stream. As the economy shrinks into more desperate times, more desperate measures will become viable. The fact is we are in a race to the bottom. Being a part of the problem accelerates the solution, which is collapse of economic support from producers who by fiat are political underwriters of your oppression.

If you want the short answer, each generation as a group is fully developed by high school, does not later grow up nor come closer to being like the older generations in charge at the time, and will play the same politics running society as they did leveraging student government and bathroom bullying. The delinquency nurturing feedback loop is intentional and unstoppable. Societal reformulation by caloric recycling (if you know what I mean) is the only chance left. Only the when and how of caloric recycling is in question. The how is your maneuvering room. Position now. Keep in mind everything online about you is your résumé.

Now for the long answer.

If you can’t be moral with yourself, you can’t be moral with anyone else. Morality works like love, so there is nothing immoral about playing the downward race to win survival, pursuing the best life you can live on your merits, and acquiring means to enjoy now and possibly to redefine the race upward to your morally consistent liking later.

To keep this post manageable, I am going to gloss over some ideas that are interesting of themselves to sketch the economic necessity before us so clearly that the strategic opportunity and challenge for intelligent plebs with Game will be evident. Hold on, friends.

Idea #1: Bureaucratic Charity Is Corruption

In a sense, everything that impacts us is personal, and everything we do is impersonal. People use the rubric ‘nothing personal’ to sanctify their hurtfulness toward others. I am using impersonal here to mean not directly personal between two people because of some intervening organizational medium.

When charity is tracked by an organization, it disassociates the giver from the receiver, and the giver does not judge the personal relative worth of the individual receiving the charity. Consequently, it is not an investment in the giver’s personal network. When people help each other as members of the same personal network, they are investing frugally in each other. Without this connection, there is no assertion of real value in the cause of the recipient, economic means are redistributed from net producers to net consumers, and the economic viability of society is undermined without limit, meaning society as a whole is cannibalized into collapse. That is the essence of corruption and why corruption is wrong. Corruption leads to net loss while virtue leads to net gain.

Idea #2: Charity Is a Monopoly To Advance Subjugation

The Establishment uses fiat money to advance the narrative of political correctness with direct support and with countermeasures against all rival doctrines. The new money commandeers the wealth and services created by plebs for their own reduction. The only logic consistent with political correctness is advancement of orthodox politics beneficial to the elite at the expense of the plebs.

Idea #3: Economic Activity Is Regulated by Hamsterbation

The catch phrase that signifies collectivist validation to the useful idiots is ‘making a difference’. This is a feminine concept of overindulged women and obsequious manginas. The Female Imperative is to maximize rank for optimal sperm and resource commitment from men. Consequently, women are subconsciously adaptive role players who take on the most profitable support role to authority they can fill. They are consummate liars who are blissfully unaware or self-righteously absolved of their romantic lying. Making a difference is a net loss to society due to socialized costs exceeding localized benefits, a.k.a. mooching. Since the perception of socialized costs requires the perception of danger in the abstract and for humans a manly sized amydala within the neo-mammalian outer brain, all or virtually all women and the sizeable chickified portion of men only see a net benefit to include a sense of primal satisfaction suggestive of addiction and orgasm.

I now use two recent self-help books to present in concrete terms the socio-economic reality of the current political order under which we and society are evolving toward perdition. These are two well-written books published under the aegis of the establishment and providing great insights into our economic environment:

  • Porter Gale, Your Network Is Your Net Worth (2013), hereafter abbreviated as YNIYNW, and
  • Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated edition (2009), hereafter abbreviated as 4-H.

Porter Gale is an attractive, successful post-wall woman who writes from her politically correct feminine heart. She is a storyteller, and the anecdotes in her book are very illustrative of what social purposes are lavishly rewarded with economic means and how the orthodox female imperative views economic virtue. The blurb from David Mayer de Rothschild is about as connected as you can get, which makes the short account of a staid, corrupt, and pathetic work culture at the Fed on pages 150–1 all the more intriguing.

YNIYNW, pp. 74–5:

Diana Barnett, a self-taught photographer in Manhattan, also lives a Give Give Get mind-set: “I had decided to leave my career as a chef. Without a full-time job, I was in an in-between place that can be terrifying or exhilarating. The ground beneath your feet is gone, and you’re meant to leap. Helping others with my photography couldn’t have been a better leap.” She told me that at the time she kept having a dream after seeing images of the 1999 earthquake in Turkey. “I kept waking up thinking about the children and decided I wanted to go photograph the kids and give them a face.” Diana decided to research and network, and she determined that if within three weeks her plans came together it would be a sign that she was meant to go. She called and emailed friends, and before she knew it, she had a translator and a driver arranged. Next, she contacted several charitable organizations and offered to donate photographs to help raise funds and awareness of the postearthquake conditions. …

Being a chef helps people a lot less than taking pictures of ‘dah childrenz’ of, by, and for tax farming ultimately based on fiat money!

As Rob Fedders told us, the natural political order in society and the family is Men → Women → Children, with feminism has become Women → Men → Children, and with post-feminism is becoming Children → Women → Men.

YNIYNW, p. 81:

Another example of the power of mentorship is the story of sixteen-year-old Hayley Hoverter, who invented a product called Sweet (dis)Solve, which Forbes later called “World’s First Soluble Sugar Packets.” She tracks her success back to the efforts of one person, Brent Freeman, the CEO of Roozt, who in 2011 taught a class on social entrepreneurship to a group of California high school students. During and after the class, Hayley came up with the product idea, secured investors, was invited to Starbucks to discuss her product, won a national youth entrepreneur fair, and was even invited to the White House.

Because of Brent, Hayley has been introduced to “more people than I can count”—from lawyers to newspaper writers to bloggers to social activists and especially fellow entrepreneurs. When I asked Brent about Hayley’s success, he said, “Hayley is an example of what can happen when we believe in people, value them, and give back to our business communities.” He added, “I saw her transform from the shyest student in the class to an experienced business leader—and she’s only seventeen!”

We’ve come a long way, baby.

I’m sure explosive economic growth is just around the corner since young women and da childrenz are better involved in positive productivity. What seasoned adults are leading the way?

YNIYNW, pp. 84–85:

Lynn Hirshfield also has a focus on giving back and works as a senior vice president of publishing at Participant Media. She is also an author and a strong values-based networker. She described the film company’s mode: “We follow a triple-bottom-line policy: our projects have to be profitable, produced in a sustainable fashion, and they need to move the needle on social change.” Ms. Hirshfield described herself as a guinea pig to the masses: “If I don’t know about the issue, then others should be educated about it too.”

Hirshfield’s personality helped seal the deal when she met with a very large team of filmmakers, with Al Gore joining via a video conference call, to talk about the marketing of the award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth back in 2005. “They all kept talking about carbon footprints, and at the end of the meeting I asked where I could get a pair. I thought they were those little odor-eater mats that you put in your shoes,” she said with a smile.

When the carbon-footprint mystery was revealed, Lynn realized she needed and wanted to get behind the film in a “big way.” She told me that her desire to do good and connect people is “like having Tourette’s syndrome and is unconscious, not premeditated. I feel I have an obligation to help good people and spread the word about causes. …

In no way does her use of the phrase ‘Tourette’s syndrome’ justify the archetypal term crazy bitch.

Nope, not at all.

Or you, sir, are a misogynist. Masculine, bad; feminine, good; childish, best. You, sir, will be a firstrate childist, but for now the indictment of sexism predominates haughtily and surreptitiously with total psychosocial permeation in the West.

Observe YNIYNW, page 146, without any reference to sexual dimorphism whatsoever: “This is an example of the old, autocratic style of management and not reflective of the new collaborative model that supports cocreation and innovation.”

No, men never made anything except the modernity women are playing grown-up in. Shame on men, not for what they did but for what we are not even willing to do. Ms. Gale is right about how things are and were socioeconomically in candid terms, which is why the book is excellent. What has occurred, unrecognized by many, is a Fabian transition from masculine-think culture to feminine-think social norms—that are acultural, non-societal, and domesticable—funded by mass deference and tribute to fiat currency. Progressives like to call the result the new way of doing things with grrrl power rather than age-old corruption and crudity reborn resplendent in the quietuses of another moribund civilization. Women are less genetically cultivated and refined than men.

In short, YNIYNW is nonfiction hamsterbation porn.

I mean that as a compliment. The ‘non’ right before ‘fiction’ makes the hamsterese work laudable. It was not written as a history book, and I respect the excellence of it within its intended scope of networking.

Now let’s consider Tim Ferriss’ book 4-H. It contains many good, practical ideas: relentless application of the Pareto principle, managing the positive and negative economic impact of others, managing the positive and negative impact of technology, and more much. However, the automation required to achieve the 4-hour workweek can be duplicated, and I question the practicality of being a well-paid middleman without some sort of competitive advantage backed by political teeth, and we know politics is corrupt as hell. If you are an outsider, good luck with that.

Ferriss’ account of how people become profitable pundits is again illustrative of our socio-economic conditions. From 4-H, pp. 170–1 is the two-page sidebar entitled “The Expert Builder: How to Become a Top Expert in 4 Weeks.”

The steps are:

  1. Join two or three related trade organizations with official sounding names,
  2. Read the three top-selling books on your topic,
  3. Give one free one-to-three-hour seminar at the closest well-known university, using posters to advertise,
  4. Optional: Offer to write one or two articles for trade magazines related to your topic, citing steps 1 and 3, and
  5. Join ProfNet and provide journalists with your expertise, citing steps 1, 3 and perhaps 4.

No problem, if you strike moneyed establishment fancy.

YNIYNW, p. 159:

Attending an event is how I met Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. Tim and I were on a panel about social media with the entrepreneur Kevin Rose. After the session, Tim approached me and gave me a gift card for $100, explaining it was so I could make a donation to, an online charity that helps fund projects in schools across the country. … As a result of Tim’s generous act, the ripple effect included the development of a promotional campaign at Virgin America that raised $50,000 for, from which 83 school projects were funded and 9,718 students were positively impacted. On a personal level, Tim then invited me to several events, where I made an array of new friends, and a contact in Tim’s circle gave me the boost I needed to write this book.

The consistently rewarded ‘producers’ of this economy are in fact guardian-administrators of The Narrative pushing through the social reengineering of their architecting masters and yours. You want to be part of the insider admin club, no doubt drawing heavily from the most common Keirsey temperament, Guardian (SJ): Supervisor, Inspector, Provider, Protector. Guardian sheeple are supersheeple.

Rationals (NTs) are the scarcest and most refined temperament. Brains tends to master brawn, which is what an administrative army of little amygdalas is, but you are ultimately up against elite brains working by large granularity from a distance. You too can think globally and act locally among the commoners. In evolution, there is repeated conflict (and harmony) between old and new, between brawn and brains, between instinct and reason. Evolutionary trends may be steady and smooth over a human lifetime, but rarely does the evolutionary course align with the evolutionary direction, patiently expressed over endless perturbations from systemic follies beyond the scale of several generations. We rational plebs are where we are, and every niche is winner take all.

Menacing is the flow of money channeled to make a corrupt difference gathering undue power to the elite. We can only hope their insular success debases them like any dynasty. We can only hope their consolidative success purges their numbers by long knives. They are committed to dependency on their admins who share in their power until they can be fully downgraded or eliminated, disposable as livestock. The solution to surviving for now their cannibalism, surviving this race to the bottom, is to join ’em. I recommend you assess who you are and who you can be to the predominating administration-hamsterbation subclass.

That is the presentation and analysis of the prevailing economic reality.

Use Their Game

Redistribute more, net consume more, crowd out producers, rely on the collective: the economic recipe of champions.

Porter Gale provides us a method of branding ourselves and guiding our actions in YNIYNW. She calls it the Funnel Test. The Funnel Test is a personal brand description consisting of three passions, a tone for your delivery, and a purpose statement, or the application of it as a prioritizing metric. I recommend you create a Funnel Test true to yourself without regard to political correctness and then derive from it a Funnel Test to present to the amygdala challenged for their aid in your endeavors. It is analogous to having a public and private encryption key.

This is an example of an inward-looking funnel filter:

Passions: Philosophy, Evolution, Game
Tone: Wise
Goal: Discretely team with like-minded others to achieve my goals.

To create the most suitable outward funnel filter for your public brand, seek the translational path of least resistance. In other words, water down your inward funnel as little as possible to make it acceptable to political orthodoxy.

This is an example of a derived outward funnel:

Passions: Knowledge, Fitness, People
Tone: Carefree
Goal: Charismatically assist and mentor others to achieve their goals.

The passions have been stripped of political dearness: Philosophy → Knowledge, Evolution → n/a, Game → Fitness and People. Likewise, the tone transformation liberates the practitioner from the impractical bonds of fellowship with useful idiots, those drones making societal fellowship a liability in the first place. You are now free to move about the economy. You’re online persona must be appropriately plastic, of course.

Having described liberation as a self-respecting wolf in sheep’s clothing, an illustrative sketch of what progressive success can be funded by fiat money from on high is in order.

Example Outline of a Feigned Tourette’s Syndrome (FTS) strategy to make a PSN:

  1. Take pictures in an earthquake disaster area of the most compelling victims, and conquest nudes for a later exposé. Document the circumstances surrounding your pictures. Repeat as necessary with other disasters to gain cred.
  2. Connect with big-money charity people, take more nudes now of high society conquests, and document the circumstances. Repeat as necessary to gain cred.
  3. Get a six-figure salary at a charity and enjoy the good life. Seduce and document as usual.
  4. When old publish your exposé in a glossy photo-book with text little more than explanatory captions, or let your heirs publish it.

Season to taste,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 05 October 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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