Utopia 2050

Fine. I’ve been busy trying to get my life together, not posting here, but now I’ve got to dispense some wisdom. The universe is evolving, ever since the Big Bang. Man and technology are converging closer and closer. We all know that porn distribution is perhaps the biggest use of the Internet. So follow me on the ramifications of reducing and likely eliminating the separation of man and machine.

Phone sex →Skype sex → Computerized servo sex → Artificial humanity sex

Yes, it’s finally here. We all expected it, didn’t we? Computerized stroking of dick synced to video and sound stimuli. I and a former associate of mine predicted as much maybe twenty years ago. We called it a dick drive.

So let me explain where the yellow brick road leads on this adventure, kiddies. Cherry 2000 is NOT the future.

What is the future is human bodies without the pesky human nature, thanks to future technology. This goes way beyond in vitro fertilization, conception outside the body in an ‘artificial environment’. There is no technical reason why natural women, natural men, or both sexes can’t become obsolete as sexual and reproductive partners to other humans:

  • Sperm and egg banks are possible right now, and with a global tax farm human livestock is always purchasable.
  • Artificial wombs will be possible, and the specialized greatness of women will largely or entirely be rendered moot in the face an economic substitute that will perform better, especially with respect to unsatisfying women.
  • The human genome can be represented as 0s and 1 in a computer and could one day be reconstituted in organic molecules later, making indefinite supply of real human DNA unnecessary.
  • Human biology will become building material created sans a ghost in the machine and given a consumer customized brain designed with cybernetic technology.

Technological alternatives will be able to replace humans as reproductive partners before being able to replace humans as sexual partners. The idea of robot sex, I expect, is universally repulsive. However, there will come a day, if humanity manages to grow far enough technologically, when a manufactured sex partner of organic body will be better than the real thing—and that will lead to the obsolescence of women but not men!

Liberated women, white knight propagandists, and technocrat ghouls like to assert sexual obsolescence looms over men…

With expanding reproductive choices, we can expect to see more women choose to reproduce without men entirely. Fortunately, the data for children raised by only females is encouraging. As the Princeton sociologist Sara S. McLanahan has shown, poverty is what hurts children, not the number or gender of parents.

That’s good, since women are both necessary and sufficient for reproduction, and men are neither. From the production of the first cell (egg) to the development of the fetus and the birth and breast-feeding of the child, fathers can be absent. They can be at work, at home, in prison or at war, living or dead.

Source: Greg Hampikian, “Men, Who Needs Them?New York Times, 24 August 2012, accessed 14 November 2013, underlining is my add.

Fertility specialists have found a way for women to have babies without men.

Any babies born from the process would be female and genetically identical to their mother.

Taken to its extreme, it could lead to the science fiction nightmare of a female-dominated society where men have little or no role.

The news also creates a legal minefield for UK authorities which govern fertility treatments, because British laws do not cover the creation of an embryo without sperm.

Dr Michael Soules, president of the ASRM, said: ‘If this works with human eggs, there could be tremendous opportunities for clinical applications. I think everyone is going to find this work to be very exciting.’

Source: Beezy Marsh, “We can create babies without men, claim scientists,” Daily Mail, undated, accessed 14 November 2013.

…but the opposite is true.

We in the seduction community and Manosphere understand female nature. These key aspects of female nature are the reason men will not become obsolete as sex partners to women:

  • The female is sexually attracted to superlative authority and needs to be sexually dominated, not just emotionally dominated.
  • Women want to have superlative authority, but they are generally repulsed by superlative responsibility and incapable of being superlative authority.
  • Women are so expediently social for relative social gain that they are antithetical to societal standards of behavior unless regulated by unapologetic masculine authority.

Because of female nature, women are not cultural and cannot systemize human relationships into civilization or an economy. In short, women are politically delinquent as far as they are liberated from men. Women at large, nearly to the woman, lack net positive value to society by evolutionary definition without reproductive and sexual utility.

Civilized men are responsible for civilization (some colors more than others), and men have the political and cultural ability to make societies if not always civilizations. Women are in society and civilization only because they were put there by men who needed them but of necessity kept them in line to prevent the destruction of their masculine prosperity by female shortsightedness. If men at large, emasculated or sovereign, can get their sexual and reproductive needs equally or better met without the devil of female nature incarnate, demand for real women—catty and consumption-minded creatures that they are—by men of civilized means will decrease precipitously. The minority of men left who would bother with women sexually at depreciated prices will treat them harshly to get their trouble’s worth.

I do not jest with all this. The numerical balance between men and women could end. Moreover, a ‘winning’ sex could and likely would progress to sexual experiences that were purely mental, or to the elimination of sexual urges. Humanity could evolve and engineer itself into a neo-sexless species. There is the more general danger of artificial intelligence and of genetically engineered life putting an end to humanity, to both sexes. If we are locked into a battle of the sexes that can be won with totality, the eventual winner is clear.

It is no accident the men who are the NWO are using women to eliminate rival men. If feminism is entirely successful, women will be entirely at the mercy of men just like they have been conditioned to fear.

Women are evolutionarily anachronistic, long ago designed to be the perfect opportunists by becoming the role most expedient to achieving the highest relative social status. A woman instinctively wants more people in her pack (open collectivism) that she can outrank (scheming hypergamy). Being a realist was not an advantage for the physically weaker sex with the heavy sequential reproductive limit of the uterus. She had to connive convincingly to get the best (most dominance able) sperm or she would lose in the evolutionary race to those women who did. Men were forced into an aggressive winner-take-all race of parallel reproduction. Realistic assessment, measured risk taking, and open dominance by cooperative relationships with greater transparency and reach were naturally selected, and the heavier barrier to male reproduction made male human evolution faster and more progressive than female human evolution, unto the mind with a locus in logic.

It is that love of greater knowledge in men that has propelled humanity, shaping humanity again and again on the way. Might makes right, and evolutionary might is mightiest. When the female body can be manufactured without the natural female brain as desired, the helpmate of man will be perfected in mind and body. Those who get lost in the lust of perfected sex partner technology will become politically subservient and irrelevant, leaving the future of humanity to their betters. It is by pursuit of sublime civilization alone that men of the second great Western civilization abdicated the virtues of animalistic civilization and their civilization as a whole. Let us not specialize in one or the other again. Sex and politics are ultimately synonymous during the reign of human flesh. That which does not kill Western patriarchy makes it stronger. Utopia must wait.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 November 2013

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to Utopia 2050

  1. Cadders says:

    Bit late to this – only just discovered it. Thought provoking post.

    I too have been wrestling with how men should deal with modern women. I, broadly speaking, reject the MRA approach – seeking true legal equality seems to demand that men lower their sights. The PUA approach, to seek to understand women, and then use them, has some utility and heaven knows the insights into female nature that the PUA community has disseminated to a wider audience is invaluable. But ultimately I favour a ‘MGTOW light’ approach – one based on male dis-engagement from women. This seems to me to be the ‘natural’ response from men whenever women’s poor behavior becomes overwhelming. Men’s withdrawal forces a change in women. A natural system of checks and balances.

    What I had not considered was a technological solution. Developing a cheap, reliable, safe artificial womb fixes the ‘women problem’ once and for all. TBH it kinda scares me – one, because I doubt that removing the ‘natural’ check described above is ultimately good for humanity and two, because Occam’s Razor would indicate that this technological solution would be the way things are likely to go; artificial wombs may present a technical challenge but female nature will never be able to be controlled. And humanity has a track record of going with what works.

    [RD: The law of conservation never takes a vacation, never is outmaneuvred to lose recourse.]

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