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Sleigh Season Deepens

This is crazy. Yesterday, a bank teller skillfully pushed aside her top opening layers for me to get a momentarily better look at her cleavage. I could see the instinctive wheels turning like it was slow motion yet not. It … Continue reading

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The Fairer Sex

Firm softness in graceful curve, Reptilian reflex in every nerve. Energy in motion from instincts true, Emotions deep of every hue. Pedestalized as human by clumsy man, Producer of pedestals by his tinkering hand. Ne’er once employed for striking, not … Continue reading

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Natural Sin

Aurini has been putting out some great stuff. “Betterment of the people”: that is the crux of politics. I was going to leave a comment there, but then I’ve posted my fair share of comments there lately. For some reason, … Continue reading

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Ingrish of the Day

Another approach would be to declare i and j to be volatile : class Test {    static volatile int i = 0, j = 0;       static void one() { i++; j++; }       static void two() {          System.out.println(“i=” + i + … Continue reading

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Empiricism Is Effectively God

A civilized man is both a conquerer and a progressive builder. Civilization is a progressive society in and of itself. Civilization evolves itself to greater power and prosperity. Asymmetric immediacy of opportunity and necessity between the partially overlapping realms of … Continue reading

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The Furtive Women’s Strike Was First

We know about the idea of men on strike, meaning not marrying depreciated goods and thereby not signing up for government run divorce rape games. As an aside, I recommend men adapt and NOT enter into government-defined marriage. Be a … Continue reading

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One Month Anniversary

7911. Give or take. That’s the number of words in my epic short story, “The Seven Lorem Ipsums of Goog.” I put it up, as a WordPress page (linked in the menu) and not a WordPress post, exactly one month … Continue reading

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