One Month Anniversary


Give or take.

That’s the number of words in my epic short story, “The Seven Lorem Ipsums of Goog.” I put it up, as a WordPress page (linked in the menu) and not a WordPress post, exactly one month ago. I’ll give you a taste.

Chapter 1

I Doug, who also am your red-pill brother, and companion in tribulation of masculine capitulation, write these things that ye may know the didactic revelation that cometh upon me as a lucid dream.

At once a grisly voice cried out in my mind, “Rise, and grab your smartphone, that ye may take notes and give an account of what ye shall see.” Being startled, I sat up quickly with a terrible adrenaline rush, and through the wall I saw emerge a glowing figure of a man wrapped in a robe, altogether in uniformly subdued white with scarce relief contrast in black, except the chain he dragged, that rattled on the air, was interlocking loops of colorful ghostly paper, most prominently green.

Me: “Wh__. Wh__.”

So in a month’s time I’ve racked up a total of 3 page views. I’ll get more for this post that has no intrinsic merit, however slightly. Please, if you get a little time to savor some liquid caffeine and could use a good read, if you are an analytical red-pill man, I think I have a little story for you. Gratis. Happy Patriarchy everyone! Just look for the menu item ‘7LI’.

And for those of you not red-pill, wherever in your ‘worldview’, I took the liberty of hiding stubbornly truthful ideas in symbolism that everyone can privately interpret to their inane and inconsistent liking. Yayyyyyyyy!

Plus, everyone gud at ingrish can appreciate the blatant fictional fantasia. Yayyyyyyyyy!

With patriarchal and Platonic love,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 01 December 2013

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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