The Furtive Women’s Strike Was First

We know about the idea of men on strike, meaning not marrying depreciated goods and thereby not signing up for government run divorce rape games.

As an aside, I recommend men adapt and NOT enter into government-defined marriage. Be a private patriarch and define the marriage by your own authority. Live in separate residences as near as legally feasible, and if she is not a de facto supportive wife, leave her and your mutual children.

Civilized men raise children by being a cultural authority of their family. If you can’t do a good job, why do a bad job? Your child deserves your best, so don’t ruin your chances later by submitting to female authority. A masculine manboob role model in the home is destructive to children. Let female nature shine and explain it to your children when they are older if you can. You can’t if you live the mangina lifestyle daily in front of their eyes. Men devise society and culture, so devise based on what is like a man. I am not a father, just thinking that I’d like to be and seeing what the field of battle is. Don’t be an easy sucker.

So with men on strike, we have this Narrative of blaming men, but let’s look at this holistically.

Women are on strike sexually!

Women have been for a long time. They don’t know it, which is why most men don’t know it, but they are. Government authority has withdrawn their sexual value from the authority of rival men. A cardinal rule of the Manosphere is: Go by what women do, not what they say.

The masculine authority that is gubbermint in cooperation with all the major media streams—as part of the elite trust of fiat-money-controlled biases for increasing power over you and everyone else—that authority splashes emotional imagery and invokes feeeeeling for womenz of having it all as a beautiful mooch who ‘works’ only for fulfillment of her status seeking, which necessarily makes the world a better place, so submit to the supremacy of women (not above the government-sponsored elite).

The human machine is centered around reproduction because we are products of evolution. As is well known to red-pill men, women are hypergamous, throwing themselves sexually at alphas who each are deemed the BEST according to numerous women who, like virtually all women, share the same one-uterus-needs-only-one-sperm-source Female Imperative, share the same metric by the same hardwired logic circuitry of evolution long established like shark DNA. To wit, liberated female behavior is centered around feral reproduction strategies hardwired into the reptilian core of the female brain. She will lie about love to get male commitment at her flake-justified convenience, to gain relative status at the expense of per capita living standards, etc. A woman instinctively wants the single best sperm source available in the moment, and the propaganda of the tax farm establishment only raises the required attributes of that standard in each female mind it influences, typically to irrationally impossible heights.

Since the alpha man is The One, the percentage of men who are The One must be less than something on the order of 1%. One Fucking Percent! Even if we go by 5% to be conservative, that is a very dog-eat-dog curve applied in a social environment that rewards corruption and penalizes productivity. The non-alphas (betas and whatever else per your vocabulary) have more pussy than they can possibly service, which takes away their incentive to commit, certainly for a lifetime. We men have our hardwired reproductive preferences, but in civilized men they are secondary preferences that we sublimate to the logic centers of our brains. Monogamy came about not because of women with their gifts of love but because of civilized men who wanted quality that quantity does not permit for the overwhelming majority of men. European men collectively forbid King Solomon monopoly of sex, and by their sex drives the masses were put to productive, honestly progressive uses that deserve to conquer inferior uses of resources.

Because women pass on betas/non-alphas and wait with baited tingles for five minutes of alpha, there is less sex provided by liberated women. Liberated women have more notches but less dick-in time. The plenty that ferally defined alphas actually enjoy is at the greater cost of sex forgone by all other men.

Wild animals do not have a clue how to manage and grow wealth, so why would a human driven by her reptilian brain be a progressive force? Uncivilized behavior destroys the riches of humanity, including the riches of sex and family and reproduction itself. A man who is not a conquerer is not civilized, which is why dynasties and civilizations die, under the watch of feckless cosmopolitan men.

Notice the socialized costs of sex is greater than the localized benefits accruing to alpha men but not to women. The overwhelming majority of woman are pumped and dumped if not entirely neglected by desirous alphas but always left alone over and over again to get old with cats and delusional expectations about her worth to men and to society beyond ‘just sex’.

The cost of sex has been socialized for women to get access to alpha, and the supply of alpha has been slashed by Affirmative Action for the benefit of a few at everyone else’s expense. Rank-and-file men used to be patriachal alphas who had authority over their respective wives, over who got elected to power with the tax purse, and who never allowed a central bank to exist more than 20 years in the United States of America. It is no accident that feminism and fiat money power have ascended in parallel. The former is the primary cultural tool of the latter. Feminism is the armor piercing form of Cultural Marxism that allows the elite of the Mercantile Revolution to transition from having achieved superlative money power to striving for superlative social power, period. Children being more equal than adults is being nurtured right now.

In summary, the propaganda paints a picture of abundant casual sex, but women are not true sluts. They are social climbing vagina hucksters per the wisdom of human evolution. Women at large are not active participants of cultural evolution, never have been. Feminism has in fact made sex both less available and less valuable. If government uses prices controls on sex, making it too expensive for 99% of men, and ruins the quality, that sex goes unsold. Rented women are debased women. Women think they don’t want to be owned, but they do, and the majority of women are ‘owned’ by gubbermint. Gubbermint owns the supply of vagina at the large granularity of long term commitment, of marriage designed to fail for the culture steward patriarch. Gubbermint depreciates the civilized utility of women. Men alpha by civilized standards of wealth and culture stewardship but not feral standards of lying women are funding by their own cannibalism a temporary bonanza that assures the second great Western Civilization is dying for good.

Make the most of it by looking forward. Do not beat yourself up for not succeeding in a traditionally masculine way. Do not beat yourself up for being without sex. There is less to be had, and its virtually all pre-owned leftovers not fit for civilized family. Do not try to salvage the past patriarchy not yours but quietly nurture your one-man proto-patriarchy on the solid ground of feral truth and contend for the future based on what is now.

Every civilization had a foundation on feral truth and found a way to harness and domesticate it constructively for elevated living. If you want to beat yourself up, beat yourself up for having no political aspirations for yourself as your own man. That is what our spineless sires did during the Progressive Movement that established the worldwide IMF tax farm. A patriarch has both the means through political-economic agency to own a woman with his authority in his patriarchy to her instinctual satisfaction and with seduction skills used in husbandry to give her the socio-emotional exercise and maintenance under that authority that she needs to not go stir crazy. American women went crazy in the 1950s suburbia because their shell-shocked husbands were withdrawn emotionally and vested in the authority of the government for which they fought in WWII, seeing things not to be seen. It was a slippery slope. Don’t beat yourself up for slipping. You were set up.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 05 December 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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2 Responses to The Furtive Women’s Strike Was First

  1. TooCoolToFool says:

    Historically speaking, the rise in feminist power over a society is a death rattle. It’s that choking sound you hear right before the last breath.

  2. FamilyMan says:

    Hi from CH … am listening to the video right now … daughter who went to Al Gore speech is 12 years old and in 4th grade. But a 12 year old should be in 7th grade! Not sure what the real story is here …

    Still the speech clearly happened and it is entirely inappropriate. Gore is lying and manipulating the kids. Great job by the girl and her parents who recorded and posted it. Now what happens between this 12 year old standing up for principle under the guidance of her competent parents, and the useless and destructive creature that men see when they’re allowed to date these girls for real? Maybe that’s why, traditionally (ferally), 12 – 14 is not only sexual maturity, it’s the age range when girls get married.

    Don’t lower your standards and accept some bar girl with her expectations and morals, or even moreso with her kid by another man. Have principles, stick to what you know is right, and scout the whole world for your wife if you choose to wife up. USA men have high SMV outside our national borders, you can give some wonderful girls a chance who don’t buy into our perverted culture.

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