Empiricism Is Effectively God

A civilized man is both a conquerer and a progressive builder. Civilization is a progressive society in and of itself. Civilization evolves itself to greater power and prosperity. Asymmetric immediacy of opportunity and necessity between the partially overlapping realms of politics and economics is the weak point that cleaves when any organized in-group first begins to betray the societal bonds of fellowship. It is the civilized man who creates the fellowship of greatness that lifts its members above the animals, but the feral gravity is always there. The civilized man guards against the corrupt and the inept with wise culling without euphoria or remorse.

The momentum of history is great, and over time the culture and values passed from father to son are corrupted by unearned success. The economical father shelters his son to shelter his own fears and thereby gains a expedient competitive advantage and sows the seeds of discontent. A mother with more latitude protects her children from the emotional hard knocks of life that build character and make men real men and women ladies. Contentment becomes cowardice that feeds the greed of the ambitious opportunists of easy cannibalism. At that point, of socially acceptable cannibalism, the truly progressive values of civilization begin to erode and wealth unearned transfers to parasites in vestments of virtue. Today we call that point the inauguration of postmodernism or postfeminism, the beginning of the end. We are in The Decline.

The most vulnerable to the corrupt theology of the robed parasites are the men of forethought primacy born into a cathedral matrix of pretty lies and ugly fruits. It is the abdication of conquest, of the primacy of brotherhood violence proofed perennially in the tempering fire of righteous jeopardy. It is the intellectually civilized man who is the natural extremist, who must utterly succeed or utterly fail. Of those who succumb to the beguiling lies of their inferiors are the Always Frustrated Chumps, the AFCs. I was once one. Still am, but with eyes open and I am not digging my hole for my parasitic masters. I see conquest is a necessity of the law of conservation and the thrasher that segregates virtue from vice.

My fellow civilized men who are the heirs and supportors of truly progressive heritage of Western culture, I warn you, it is you who are the Keirsey-type Rationals, you who live by analytical reflection, you who automatically follow the ramifications of what is and what has become to what will be, who are the most easily fooled. Your greatness is your liability because for us calibration of our minds is everything.

We have the ability to really have our own worldviews, but we must honor the real definitive boundary conditions not the false ones told to you every day. Even the dunce goes by immediate reality, as the degenerate case. The women goes by immediate reality in their well-honed and evolutionarily anachronistic fashion. Those people of expediency, the masses, will easily come to consensus at the expense of virtue, and though it is a destructive consensus, it is costly more to the producers, the AFCs than to themselves, and it will work for a time as it has worked for more primitive humanoids. They are natural parasites because any lesser stupidity is quickly killed out of the evolutionary mash. They have the lowest common denominator. They work in numbers so they agree far more readily than the cerebrally intellectual and free, virtually all being men because virtually all women, whatever the IQ, are compulsive sophists of the Female Imperative. Women have logic ruled by their emotions ruled by their instincts ruled by their environmental inputs, which is why seduction works. Feminized men have adapted to the social normalization of female mentality by approximating the female mentality for niches of domesticated safety.

Cardinal Red-Pill Rule: Believe in what women people do not in what they say.

Evaluating a person’s nature by actions alone works best with most people because most people are bred liars because lying works better than truth without a patriarchy enforcing civilized standards. The naturally non-elite ‘know’ instinctively by hardwired design that what works IS what is and IS right. You should too as expressed in your behavior, and if you don’t in a postmodern social system YOU HAVE FAILED.

There is far too much disagreement among the cerebrally civilized and therefore naturally superior in potential if not otherwise. The elite count on the faux calibration of their natural competition. That is their propaganda funded by fiat money everywhere you turn. The useful idiots are not hard to conquer directly. You are. Do not trust in useful idiots. Do not be swept away mentally by their strength of numbers in what they say, say, say, say, say, say, say…

Trust in empiricism and believe its judgments decreed by consistency of results. The success of real science is greater than that of any religion, of any dogma, because science is not dogma but philosophy subject to the truth of existence itself. Philosophy grounded by empiricism is an accurate approximation of the truth that knows its limitations and its superiority. There is no higher voice of god than the eternal voice of what is. You may judge gods like people, by their fruits, because no ONE is exempt from THE TRUTH. Your soul, your humanity, your masculinity depend on your working assumptions.

Empiricism is our window to what IS that is only THE TRUTH. Empericism’s focus on existence sharpens with multidimensional consistency. Theories you don’t test harshly with empiricism, dogmas, are your cerebral chains, the most economical to your masters. For all practical purposes, empiricism IS existence IS truth IS supernatural righteousness. Don’t be a chump in the dogma of hollow words, fellow Rationals. Truth welcomes the forging fire of life.

Empiricism IS the WORD.

Hear the supernatural god of your natural rights, and sanctify your potential to yourself in your self-identity in the holy temple of your mind and body. Fear is the mind-killer only if you have a mind of civilized potential. The toxic primitives are fueled by fear, and we are the higher paradigm. Those who ‘worship’ empiricism best are given the gifts of life. AFCs are led astray from the ‘true god’ precisely because its currently established worshipers require succor from outsiders who happen to be their natural conquerors by divine sanction disregarded. The evolutionary path of the non-elite postmodern man is a fork between recovery of sovereignty and submission to domestication.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 December 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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