Sleigh Season Deepens

This is crazy. Yesterday, a bank teller skillfully pushed aside her top opening layers for me to get a momentarily better look at her cleavage. I could see the instinctive wheels turning like it was slow motion yet not. It was surreal.

This follows on the heel of my coffee shop day game working better for the past week. I am getting attraction reliably now. I feel like I just got the cock carousel vendor’s permit and have to figure out how to perform and streamline the operation from A to Z. It’s like I have “They Live” glasses, they being the carousel girls. These women are sooooo much hotter than women I have been able to attract in the past. I used to look for girlfriend material. Is there such a thing anymore?

Without patriarchal authority to prevent the leakage of a young woman’s civilized utility for nought, no, no there’s not.

Fellows, the blank stare is your friend. That means you are on to something with your vibe, your comportment. The narcissism still waxing is degenerating into vapidity. I have some speculations about what my recent results bode universally for seducers of the red pill. That is what this installment is all about.

I’ve read, as have you, about the carousel hibernation of women from around August or September until spring. Now that can’t be true for college girls. Regardless, we can expect women want one ‘boyfriend’ at most for the holidays to look marketably intact for the family and friends who would joyously support the drama of her future big day. Traveling women are normally more receptive to some new cock without the commitment. Traveling has that effect, though I would expect it would be canceled by relatives living in the area. Well, given the institution of slutdom, maybe not.

I’ve noticed drivers are nicer about letting me make a left turn of late. There is something in the air for the holidays. Faux good will about as resilient and the resolutions to ‘get in shape’. Could it be simply the holiday atmosphere making women receptive? I wonder if women will continue to follow the hibernation pattern, or if today the tit won’t quit. I think carousel season will become all year long.

I am also predicting that the sexual responsiveness of women will become more and more extreme, more inert for the betas and more effortless for the alphas. These women that would not have given me the time of day are suddenly like does in the headlights, revealed in a body language only carousel insiders can perceive. The action of women toward me is giving way to reaction. I can see these liberated women as slaves to their circuitry. It’s fascinating. When the reaction to my vibe does not drive a reflexive response, I notice something else strange:


Where the reaction of motion is lacking, I think I see hot women in FEAR of rejection. Their standards are fucking ridiculous, so it only stands to reason. Overcoming this hesitation so women will act on attraction instead of being befuddled by it is the immediate focus of my field testing.

I think the Game technology will work only better and better for those at the top until SHTF. Besides the fact that women are thirsty as hell for their delusional fantasies to come true, I believe we have the increasing vapidity of women per Vilar’s The Manipulated Man. Women are not bonding, as we all know. That fact has profound implications on getting sex from the Western woman, a sex service I believe in shorter and shorter supply as well as of inferior quality.

If a women is hot for you AND interrogating you for your personal details, she is hustling you. Insult and dismiss her. We seem to have (just?) tipped past the point of women being able to contemplate chemistry between a man and a woman during romantic interaction with a man. I see women chasing primitive emotion caused by the stimulation of a man with arousing presence. They don’t care about your name, what you do (really, unless she wants to play divorce roulette), not a damn thing about you. She is completely vapid. You either trigger in her a hedonistically desirable sexual response or you don’t. You don’t succeed by showing her an ‘us’. You succeed by showing her an ‘it’. You just get ‘it’ unlike the other guys, the ‘it’ that feeeeeeels soooo good for her. And you are an it. Maybe just background noise. That is the extent of her perception. Why? She’s hot and lives in the West. I suspect I was not attracting high enough SMV to get much carousel reaction as opposed to the less playful interest of the scraps.

She didn’t grow up on TV. She grew up on a ‘smart’ phone, instant gratification, no critical thinking. Critical thinking is overhead, and a competitive disadvantage under the circumstances of unearned privilege. I predict PUAs will soon be enjoying the 30-minute guarantee as the norm, plowing through dominoes in quick succession. I don’t mean drunk chicks and night game. I mean day or night, most anywhere, most anytime. We might see this in 2014. I admit I am not yet privy to the scene, but my point is I am not anywhere near ‘a scene’. Women are depreciating rapidly to the value of their instinctual circuitry everywhere.

The other reason I speculate Game success will become so extremely effective is continuous improvement. I am developing my own recipe. I am a natural theorist. Us the few Kersey-type NTs ought to be moving this science forward. It is science. Game must be the best social science work in the past thirty years. Out of our biological and psychological necessity, out of the lack of other political and economic avenues, the theorizing, field testing, and peer review per the scientific method free of fiat money debauchery will continue if not accelerate.

I would not believe it if I was not generating attraction at a whole new level, but I am. I believe it is a quantum leap for me. I will continue to test and refine my vibe principles. I encourage you to do the same. Don’t quit on day game. The fact that generating attraction in broad daylight without any artificial stimulation of lights, music, alcohol, or social expectation is more difficult for the precision required is what makes its potential reward all the greater. The stingy precision gives only exacting positive feedback you can use to sleigh pussy, to take the ride, like never before. My economic outlook continues to suck, yet I’m excited about 2014. I never wanted to be a de facto gigolo out of necessity. I too can be strong and independent. Back to my lab. lulzllzlllzulz

Happy 2014, everybody!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 31 December 2013


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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