Freedom Is the Answer

Problem: A free man with a gun shoots people wrongly.
Solution: A free man with a gun shoots people rightly.

Problem: Politicians free of term limits keep misusing and abusing their power over others.
Solution: Others refuse to abdicate their individual agency, insist on living free, and take their lives into their own hands with secession, private money, vesting popular sovereignty in replacement institutions, etc.

Problem: Providers of health care are free to overcharge based on political pull.
Solution: People free to compare prices and other provider information, to choose their medical services, to go broke, and to die, and thusly are not subject to health care extortion.

Problem: People loose their homes to flooding along coastlines and in low-lying areas.
Solution: People who can’t afford to rebuild in such places keep their freedom to be homeless.

Problem: Men don’t find women attractive according to The Narrative of the government-controlling Establishment.
Solution: Liberated women wedded by their freedom to Establishment political orthodoxy fail to reproduce reproductively mature offspring.

Problem: Some people are uneducated or just plain stupid.
Solution: Free smart people exclude free dumb people from contested resources, and humanity is pruned for pragmatic intelligence like it used to be.

Oppression by nature is unavoidable except in a very limited way by progressive advance of human ability by natural selection per might makes right. Oppression by people is avoidable, to wit, corruption is a net loss in the aggregate, the difference between wasteful expense to the many and localized benefit to the few. The hallmark of the difference I mean is the win-win relationship verses the win-lose relationship.

The falseness of the win-lose argument is seen in the advocacy of a loss of freedom to create and maintain the win-lose relationships. The argument has only to be rephrased in terms of freedom to see the virtue of win-win is a shame and the vice of win-lose is a fact.

I don’t hold all win-lose relations as vice, just cooperative win-lose relationships as far as morality really goes. Morality does not really exist without reciprocal agreement, a technical point I mention for completeness.

It is important to understand that wealth by definition is scarce. The law of conservation requires rationing and competition to determine the rationing. Life being change requires that rationing and competition happen continuously. Competitive win-lose is healthy. Civilized people cooperatively compete that way via free markets. The absolute guarantee of God of Gubbermint is natural sin against mortal existence because it is a challenge to evolution, to the rules of how life exists.

That is why feminism can never work. It is corruptly win-lose because it requires cooperation that can’t be sustained. If the feminists’ goal was conquest by an elite white patriarchy, it would be a very viable pathway of life. The feminists are pawns.

I also want to point out the freedom and discipline of white culture that make modernity possible. The only essential demographic group to Western civilization in terms of cooperation was white men. That is a fact. White women were put in their places, making them net producers as providers of civilized and civilizing sexual services. Women are socially adept but not societally social without compulsion. Women are not happy without skilled patriarchal compulsion. Second-wave feminism was forged in the patriarchal withdrawal of the men who won WWII and abdicated cultural stewardship like good little soldiers not militia men.

So when I see Oprah or Bill Cosby take exception however tangentially to what Black America does not have, it pisses me off. These two exceptionally talented people are highly successful precisely because of white discrimination, white judgment, white culture. I can reduce American civil rights complaints to an insightful weather metaphor:

Most black Americans are complaining about facing a white headwind, but it is exactly the white headwind that blows away the fetters of inferior people, that in fact freed Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby from the uncivilized nature of most blacks. In sub-Saharan Africa, Oprah and Bill would have been unknowns, probably dead at a young age because the skill set needed to thrive as a savage is different than the skill set of a successful entertainer. Sure, being a crony to a NWO puppet dictator is great work if you can get it, but not many openings there.

What Black America wants, what feminists want, what Progressives want, is com-fuckn-pletely unnatural, except as conquest of the hand that feeds them and ultimately themselves by the Nu Wurld Oder. Stop feeding them! Start by not feeding your emotions to cannibals. You could find blissful peace in your full domestication, but why would you if your human potential is not yet eradicated from your self-identity?

Give malevolent inferiors the freedom they deserve: more than they can handle.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 04 February 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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