The 8 Stages All NWO Astroturf Movements Go Through

I posted a generically bitter comment at Return of Kings on runsonmagic’s article “The 8 Stages All NWO Movements Go Through.” I like his stuff, but the interpretation he gives to the work of establishment mouthpiece Bill Moyer is the sheeple justification of the abuse I continue to receive as a potentially civilized rival. I don’t want my alternative interpretation of social ‘movements’ to be buried in an aged and rated comment thread, and effectively lost, so I repeat it here.

I cleaned up the misspellings of the comment for this post, but not the taking of certain theological names in vain. (You’ve been warned.) I’d like to get through some thick skulls. Men are meant to fight over the crux of the issues of the day and systematize living (at whatever scale but with unilateral authority that at the macro level is sovereignty). Men who do not impact social modes of living are irrelevant, and women instinctively know it and respond perfectly by the proximal placement of their vaginae.

Correction: The 8 Stages All NWO Movements Go Through

Interesting but given way to much generic gravitas and utility. The elephant in the room on this–and let’s not forget Rules for Radicals–is the NWO funding this. It is impossible given the genetic and cultural makeup of Muricans to stop the control of freshly created money over the balkanized, culturally Marxified groups that must earn money within the ruled system and at best agree to disagree with the elite but have no unified action to take that would create shit, just a vacuum of power, but the banking system requires terminal cannibalism for it to work as a tax farm.

These statements are incredibly suspect:

Before the social movement takes off, conditions must be right. For example, in the 1960s the United States was positioning itself as the champion of freedom and democracy against communism, while mistreating it’s black citizens, making it ripe for the civil rights movement.

The cost to blacks mistreated before the civil rights movement was much smaller than the cost to whites mistreated after the civil rights movement. How can I say that? Because ‘making a difference’ is a net destruction of my fucking civilization, goddamn it! Blacks at large have never made anything approaching civilization. Whites at large on their game have and can. I don’t believe in following color lines exactly, and they are not exact with shades of grey, but they are a crude approximation that dumbasses can understand. In the land of the dumbasses, it’s either separate by race or multiculturalism. I don’t like this land population. I am a rationalist who respects the ways of life and that way is EVOLUTION. We have evolved downward, and are still embracing the fucking idea. Christ!

Second and final blue-pill infected quote:

Feminism, environmentalism, fascism, gay rights, abolitionism, and the American Revolution all created a different way of seeing the world in response to the problems they faced.

So let’s just lump together the American Revolution (and I don’t suppose banksters were not gaming both sides all they could, however much that was) with the Western globalist social engineering theological pillars of destruction. In the case of the NWO astroturf Hegelian dialectic ‘movements’ there was no dynastic change. In the case of the American Revolution, their was dynastic change based on open war.

The problem for us plebes is the executive elites at the top. We only see the administrative elites on TV. It is a circus, just like in the last days of the Roman Republic when Julius Caesar played ball with the bankers to fund his political ambitions, as it was done by all contenders. In those days elected governor would be indebted and go to Gaul or wherever and perhaps with friendly pretenses just kill people by the bushel and take their gold and silver, pay of the banksters and keep plenty for themselves.

This is our current system. Bankers require political authority to make a government’s jurisdiction into a personal tax farm. You live on the IMF tax farm. This tax farm fits the Jewish MO of debt slavery perfectly. I didn’t say all Jews are consciously aware of it or actively participating, but support of The Chosen leads to Israel over Esau because that is their values not mine. I have documented my arguments as “Devilish Piety.”

You are NOT all red pill simply because you get that women are different. You’re not even fucking close. When we start talking about the 8 requirements for movements like this post does, we rebel on the script of our keepers. Not gonna cut it, guys. Only dynastic change. So long as there are family heritages of money alchemist certain they like ruling everyone else by government-assisted debt slavery, your posterity is in the cross-hairs. I find it cowardly for parents to say ‘for the children’ and never for themselves. Adults are mostly cowards who are even afraid to think of change. They just kick the can down the road so when their children are adults, they can be cowards and ‘make a difference’ that is an ‘investment’ in the future.

Newsflash: All ‘investments’ are rigged by government authority.

You pussies.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 February 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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