Illusion Marketing and the BSA

Murica the Delusional

The evolution of American marketing evinces perfectly the life cycle of the second great Western civilization, consistent with the generic abstractions of history and the so-called Tytler cycle: Bondage​→Spiritual Faith​→Courage​→Liberty​→Abundance​→Selfishness​→Complacency​→Apathy​→Dependence​→Bondage.

This is the evolution of consumption (and marketing) in the United States economy (concomitant with the evolution of the US dollar and government-abetted financial engineering): Goods Economy​→Service Economy​→Experience Economy​→Illusion Economy.

Over time social engineering funded by fiat money cannibalism of wealth (and services) has bred the American people for dependency. That dependency has a psychological investment product, a storied rationale we call The Narrative. The Narrative is a grand cultural lie of mass identity that bestows virtue and character upon those who submit and abdicate their individual will, agency, and potential. It is all gain for the most wretched (for they couldn’t even survive otherwise) and the greatest loss for the most able of the non-elite (who could survive swimmingly).

The Reality Principle is not something women or femininity aping manginas understand, whether on emotional purpose or by sheer biological stupidity. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Unused mental facility is bred out in favor of more efficient stupidity. Domesticated animals work better that way.

Without illusion marketing, you are a pariah, you are ostracized and unable to fend for yourself. The natural democratization of power is generally a good thing. One does not absolutely rule without help, and so absolute rule is always subject to the race condition of live. Society is ‘organic’. Institutional force becomes absolute in the present by corrupt borrowing from future well-being. Perennial win-lose relationships cause decay.

This time of institutionally managed cannibalism is short in the scheme of evolution but long in terms of a human lifetime. Here we are. To win sustenance and to realize your potential, you will have to harmonize with the power structure by reflecting the illusory virtues the masses cling to seeing in themselves. There is no other way to survive The Decline.

It gets tricky giving people what they want. The Narrative has many outwardly conflicting facets, but that is part of the lie. All leading ideas are pruned to fit the agenda of the Nu Wurld Oder. All of your appearances to the useful idiots should be tailored to fit your agenda of loving yourself and your potential. As George Carlin explained, “Whenever you’re exposed to advertising in this country, you realize all over again that America’s leading industry is still the manufacture, distribution, packaging, and marketing of bullshit.” Become an artist of bullshit or perish. Emotionally, you will need to ‘become a spectator’ of the living bipedal garbage.

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BSA Training Exercises

It is immoral against yourself to give others moral credit you know they likely won’t redeem. You will be a better man when you master state control. Name that state after yourself. I work on Doug control. Among the subhumans, state control is everything and win-win logic is nothing.

You are a fool to build where you have not conquered and do not govern. Here are things you can practice, in ascending order of difficulty level, to better be a stealthy survivor and conqueror in female-centric social environs:

  • White Lies — Lies that confirm or repeat preexistent lies people already prefer to believe about themselves. White lies are useful to efficiently deal with emotional dumbasses, by moving the social interaction forward past ego validation of itself, and for avoiding any retribution that a lack of ready confirmation might not beyond a reasonable doubt trigger.
  • Self-defensive Lies — Lies to present the appearance of attractive conformity that will avert rival hostilities. Self-defensive lies are original lies fitted to appease apparent social biases not known to be held beyond a reasonable doubt of retribution.
  • Subversive Lies — Lies crafted to destroy the absolute potential or value in others for relative competitive advantage. This is the bread and butter of the evolutionarily anachronistic sex, and their ways are now institutionalized by fiat money and power. Many men have been conditioned by their thoughtless adaptation to replicate the stealthily subconscious predatory habits hardwired into the female brain by their computational constructs of the mind. Such a man, not mimicking female methods on purpose, is a mangina. Fully human people, i.e. certain men, have a locus of control in the conscious. The greatest sort of men employ female tactics simply because they work whilst nurturing his fully human nature, which is what only civilized masculinity is. This is advanced lying, gents.

As the mind and the body are linked and changes in one cascade changes into the other, so too are instincts and the facility of logic related. The liaison between instincts (hardwired logic) and rational thought (computational logic) is emotion. Emotion is representative of instincts in the consciousness. Superior men generally sublimate their instincts to their rational logic, and inferior men and especially women sublimate their rational facility to their instinctual motives.

The primitive mode of cognition and social interaction is the foundation of the sublime, and the higher being requires mastery of the lower being. Mastery of the higher being (higher masculinity) without knowledge or regard for the lower being (lower masculinity and 99.9% of femininity) is a foundational myth of subversion of the kindly intellectual by the malevolently intellectual and the malevolently dull alike. I might expound in a future post upon the primal importance of psychological subversion to the forthrightly ruinous nature of women and masculine social skills. The ramifications are critically important; they be perfected bitches.

My Summary Field Report

My best years in terms of youthful vitality, essentially the first half of my natural lifespan, have been a complete loss (to me) because I fell for the lies of subversion from my parents and most people that I have ever met. Not too long ago I met a fat man at the coffee shop in a bookstore. I was talking to a young woman who worked there. She had given me a copy of The 4-Hour Body to peruse. We were talking about fitness (particularly in appearance), and the fat guy couldn’t help but chime in.

To make a long story short, he led with his recommendations on eating small meals throughout the day and whatever. Did I mention he was obese? as in clearly a fat fuck. He told me I was superficial for wanting to get a six-pack, and that he had a six-pack back in the day and dated an undisclosed model that I would recognize by name.

Why would he want to say all that shit? Because I have a four-pack and he knows he is only going to compare with me relatively worse if I succeed in getting a six-pack. He wanted me to abandon that avenue of self-improvement that takes discipline and character and that is socially rewarded, and he wanted me to think he was better than me for having had a lifestyle that I and most others have never had. He was tearing me down to build himself up, and that does not build anything. We could all become equally feral and wealthless by following that only destructive philosophy to its natural conclusion, which is how the fucking animals live!

So please don’t tell me that’s human nature. That’s subhuman nature, or did you miss the memo about human advance even in mental and social capacity from the Early Stone Age to the fucking Information Age. Lesser human nature must go for human nature to grow. Go to grow: that’s the fucking requirement of evo-fuckin-lution, my friends. I didn’t make the rules.

I won’t subvert myself so another can live their dream that is illusion for the craven and lazy. Now playing: The Narrative in all its duplicitous aspects and adaptations. I don’t want to subvert you. I want gloriously civilized and empowering synergy with those who are able and willing to constructively share, and I want to drive human parasites off of a turf I call mine within a jurisdiction we call ours; and failing that, off a cliff to their doom.

The women fresh off the production line may stay and enjoy sharing in the elevated life created only by civilized men so long as they stay obediently in their places, maintain their feminine utility, and make themselves a net benefit to the greatest social fabric ever devised that is patriarchy.

Women want you to tell the truth about your finances, your beliefs, your health, you work history, your education, and your intentions just like the bureaucrats of government do. BO-care creates a comprehensive database to pull all those details about Americans together into one convenient system. Since the philosophy of this system is subversion, the riches of relative gain without absolute considerations, the effective goal is your destruction and mine. Enjoy the decline and play to win, brothers in rationalism! Today, PUA/BSA; tomorrow, our patriarchy.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 16 February 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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