Introverts, Make Peace with The Narrative!

Danger & Play (Mike and Jay) has recently started doing podcasts, and they are great! I just listened to the third podcast, “How Introverts Can Meet Women”, and I am putting down my thoughts in response to the ideas presented. I hope you enjoy.

The central idea of the podcast was: Introverts live in an extrovert world, outnumbered 3 to 1, and as an introvert what are you going to do about it?

As a quick aside, I did a quicky search online and I am not convinced that the reputed 75%/25% ratio is correct. It could be 50%/50% for all I know. It may be more precise to observe that Keirsey temperament NTs are 6% of the population. Regardless, extroversion (or Sensing-Feeling per the Myers-Briggs traits? or Keirsey temperaments SJ and SP?) is definitely socially rewarded and introversion (or Intuition-Thinking? or NT?) is definitely penalized as a rule outside of elite circles. That is exactly the way the Establishment, the hidden patriarchy tightening the noose of international governance, makes it and likes it.

Mike expressed a thought that got me to thinking. I had already known that extroverts refresh themselves with social engagement and that introverts refresh themselves with social isolation, which Mike said. I had already mulled that over. He also said, and I slightly paraphrase, that extroverts ‘live in the outside world’ whereas introverts respectively ‘live in their heads’.

In contrast to Mike, I do suggest that introverts are superior to extroverts by natural standards but inferior in the rank and file under the traitorous aegis of the Nu World Oder. I admit the devil is in the details of definition of extrovert and introvert. Let us suppose the different focuses of extroverts and introvert, outward and inward, largely are the context of a person’s self-assessment of validation and value.

I have been kicking around the idea that inferior thinkers (virtually all women and more and more men) think by association and live by expedient empiricism. Women are NOT civilized, not cultural, but rather blissfully oblivious to causality and its context spacetime. Causality is not seen without theory built from computational logic learned within the mind. Superior thinkers think in terms of causality. The difference is stark: it is the difference between the Pleasure Principle (instinctive locus of control) and the Reality Principle (so-called logical locus of control).

Note: there is logic in the instincts which are biologically hardwired, and there is logic learned from experience. All people are following some ‘logic’, some motivational determinism, which is a fundamental insight of human nature.

I have a theory based on evolutionary psychology on the evolution of human ‘thinking’ that I will look to write about in the near future.

For now, suffice it to say that the repercussions are huge! It is the difference between social skills in the wild and social skills that make and are civilization. That huge difference is why the fiat money alchemists reward female-centric thinking by associativity and penalized male-centric thinking by causality. Useful idiots are being nurtured by the societal boundary conditions that choke off the sustenance of rival systemizers.

Understanding that extroversion is living outside yourself is critical to how you function in the female-centric social environment. It relates to Game Theory, evolutionary stable state (homeostatic power structure of stable roles and changing actors), in particular the two computational Prisoners’ Dilemma contests that the tit-for-tat algorithm won. Seriously, check it out:

The new (to me) idea I am conveying is the union of Mike’s characterization of differing perspectives between extroverts and introverts and Game Theory in the context of evolution leading to a series of evolutionarily stable states. What we have is a regression of social environment from the introversion of makers of civilization to the extroversion of the feral cannibals of civilization.

The introvert is stuck trying to relate to an extrovert social norms packaged as ‘culture’. I was thinking about how I have failed in life financially for lack of financially beneficial social relationships. I like to sell ideas, or I’d like to, because I am a true thinker who sees the power of the system. Systemic problems require systemic solutions. Since it is impossible to successfully challenge the IMF tax farm system, I recommend creating a virtual system within the real system, to create your own in-group community that exploits the out-group, who are mainly parasites, taking more than they give in general, and with respect to you if you don’t out play them at their own game.

The new idea is that introverts think in ideas, in theories, and extroverts are not interested in abstract ideas. They only care about external concerns, the crux of which is personal relative status to everyone else. I’ve been wondering my George Carlin and Tom Leykis have been able to earn millions on selling ideas that accurately describe the ugliness of Americans to Americans. Extroverts/women/mental inferiors do buy ideas.


They buy bullshit that makes them feel good.

They buy bullshit as a relative boost to their primitive conception of self worth.

I write this as much to myself as to any of you. I want to get laid and get paid. How to do that?

Become a Bull Shit Artist (BSA). Become a skilled manufacturer, deliverer, packager, and marketer of bullshit that people will buy in exchange for what you want from them. This is not human nature you are dealing with: it is animal nature.

Look for a post to come about highly refined, gratuitous, psychological subversion as the precultural, all-natural state-of-the-art social skill set that requires mastery for success as a feral subhuman or a civilized person. A post-civilized, post-feminist man lacks that foundation, the foundation I call lower masculinity. In the meantime, get emotionally comfortable with lying. The natural progression is: white lies, self-defense lies, subversive lies. It’s your life only if take charge of it. To have power over yourself requires that you have power over others who by their nature prefer to harm you.

Today that is the majority. Remember that the word ‘nice’ meant ‘foolish’ in medieval times and is a cognate of (is derived from) the Latin word nescius. You have been turned into a fool for your masters. Westerners have transformed to conform with the transformation of their ruling class from engaged nobles to alien accountants. The Mercantile Revolution, still going on, has been: Kings’ bankers​→Democracies’ bankers​→Bankers’ democracy.

ABC: Always. Be. Closing.

Prerequisite: Always be selling bullshit, lies the great unwashed sheeple insist must be their currency and yours.

Always be selling BS to those outside of your in-group. Leverage The Narrative in whatever flavor as expedient. Assume all others are pernicious inferiors or hostile systemizers until and unless they demonstrate otherwise. You lack the resources to give the benefit of the doubt by default. The real power game is virtually ensconced within the ostensible but illusory game the same way women with options relentlessly subvert and break loser men, shit test contender men, and ride winner (or should I say weiner) cock carousel men, the winnings such as they are without patriarchal benefits. You are in the cross hairs in so many ways, my introvert or NT friend.

May the philosophy be with you.

Yours in rational fraternity,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 February 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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