Just Get It or Suffer Her Calibreakin’

Fellow NTs, this is the secret of the serial soul killer:

Liberated women are amoral, mind-fucking, soul-destroying, sperm-optimizing, role-playing status whore animals.

Women are maladapted to societal socializing, and ridiculously simplistic. They are pulchritudinous sharks, fierce competitors of fashion, of wealth consumption, of superlative sperm, of wild urgency isolated to now—but always of feral reproductive success in the moment if liberated from survival considerations. Like serial killers, women want to get caught. Their instinctive drive for feral reproductive optimization is tiresomely, destructively relentless. They can’t take it anymore. They are dropping out of the competition as unlovable losers rather than the have-cake-and-eat-it-too winners of alpha husbands.

Women want all the benefits of the Sexy Son Hypothesis and all the benefits of beta-provided modernity that has extended lifespans, and without any liabilities, a longshot to happen a few years in the wild and an impossibility to happen 50 times longer in a technological not to mention misandrous society, so liberated women inevitably burn out and drop out. These broken vagina husks want hubby gubbermint to make an institutional fix. They demand slut acceptance, bastard child acceptance, fat acceptance, to salvage a relatively successful identity and status. Women, designed by the urgency of fleeting feral opportunity, are mentally unable to backtrack in relative status. Western women are burning out because they have no drive moderation from their survival instincts, because they assault reality itself given enough time and choice, because they need patriarchy.

The cardinal rule is go by what women do not what they say. More precisely, go by their actual proximal placement of their vaginas at ranked striking distances from your penis and every other guy’s, and not what they say except for the effect on your penile access to her vagina. Don’t buy vag on credit. They are inveterate liars, living in the isolation of every moment.

Women were never designed to analyze reproductive optimization without rest, and they are tired of the deception. They want to get caught by a single man who knows her secret and without danger of exposure gives her higher status than she can get herself or get from another ‘man’, but with Affirmative Action for females from The Man, that is impossible. She is broken down in calibration and torn apart in have-it-all instincts maladapted to a causal world of society replete with cooperative ‘neediness’ and systemic repercussions.

Most of you men are too intellectually lazy to want to learn and refine your working theories and values free of holistic inconsistencies evincing mistakes. It is the civilized man that can do that and build working social systems that elevate participants. It’s a shame because women are easy to understand if you aggressively analyze and synthesis a theory of the female mind. A historic opportunity to field test liberated female reproductive instincts is speeding by.

Once you do master a consistent theory, you’ll always ‘just get it’—what women truly want. The benefits are substantial, even if you are not able to be what they truly want for passionate sex. Understanding how to placate hunter-killer females is very valuable knowledge in general. Understanding that all women are ugly just below the skin is the key to mental freedom. She wants you to know but without telling you because that would defeat the whole evolutionarily engineered purpose of the mind-fucking, beta soul-destroying, shit testing exploitation that destroys nearly all men, to wit: alpha fux and beta bux.

When people don’t cooperate in good faith—and that includes all subhumans of less than civilized nature, in my estimation 99.9% of women and 90% of men—you are a fool to try and win by words and not by actions. Women, feral livestock all, in temperament as the proud housecat, want the husbandry of a man of effective action and emotional self-sufficiency who is vulnerable neither to physical nor emotional attack. She wants safety, and if she can’t trick you out of your resources and reproductive success, odds are other women can’t either.

Either you get that women are attracted to men who live by their own authority and demonstrate by success a superlative brand of sperm, or you don’t. For those of you who want to ‘get it’, I am going to post a series of progressively building articles on my working theory on human nature so that you can better develop yours. My synthesis is original in places but mostly derived from others’ ideas, like it is with any individual perception. I stand on the shoulders of innumerable giants great and small, but the evolution of our understanding is hardly caught up to the evolution of our natures. To be alive is to be a part of evolutionary process on many fronts.

I respect people who are in love with their individual potentials (thus in absolute terms) rather than cowards clinging to who they are now and expecting relative privilege without care for absolute effects. For that man, the civilized man measuring humans in stable and so meaningful units, I blog.

For you women out there, you will never, ever understand red pill. Without your vale of lies, there is no Feminine Mystique. It is only another inverted projection of nefarious psychological defense. The factual mystique belongs to men. We can think in terms of causality through spacetime without letting our emotions (really our instincts) get in the way. The Masculine Mystique blows your mind, as does the man who can manage The Lifestyle, and you are scared to have no relative counter to it without lies.

Women, you only need understand this to manage your respective lives: Women who delay marriage for fun, take the fun out of marriage. You are either of value to men out of marriage or a man in a marriage. The exception is as rare as being struck by lightning. The odds that your handling out of marriage correctly calibrates you for a particular man in marriage are virtually none, the occasional ex-call girl notwithstanding.

We like virgins, period! We don’t keep virgins we can’t own.

Women, you can either succeed on the cock carousel, or you can succeed in marriage (per the husband’s authority not the pernicious state). Once on chick crack, you can never go back.

Women competitively calibrate to their lives, rightly or wrongly, by breaking at the speed of their biological clocks to fit their non-romancing experiences, the ones that do not trigger reproductive acquisition instincts; and by breaking at the speed of social interactions the psyches of men cast as the beta role of provisioners for non-sperm resources, and their own individual psyches to compete for the superlative sperm and non-sperm resources of men cast as the alpha role. Women are more intensively competitive than men until they break down and burn out at an age that men typically are coming into their primes.

Men learn, women calibreak.

To get ‘it’ is to get that female social skills are primitively compulsive instincts perfected over eons to destructively calibrate human potential into momentary relative advantage by wanton psychological subversion of all including herself save perhaps The One man she opportunistically esteems. She is her own worst enemy, and she desperately needs a man so save her, and it is too late if you don’t get a seamless hand-off from a competent patriarchal father.

Men, a woman’s sex is a pallid experience without her passion of alpha sperm acquisition. If you’re not her alpha, don’t be her beta. The institution of marriage is by men for themselves, or it is a weapon of abstract war waged by a rival group of intellectual men.

For those men who want to perfect their theories of human nature and male-female interactions, stay tuned for theoretical ideas that go a bit deeper and give solid traction in practice. Test your theoretical ideas, or anyone’s, in the field or in your ltr, with proper discretion considering what you have to win and lose in the situation, and remember how empirically validated by you an idea you conceive is and is not.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 21 February 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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