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Quote of the Day, 31 March 2014

From user ‘Rainbow 1245’, about an iOS ebook app: If you want me to use this app, you’ll have to maneuver my cold, dead index finger. Charlton Heston would be proud. —‘Reality’ Doug, 31 March 2014 Advertisements

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Causality Chose You, Stupid

The truth one perceives and might foolishly seek to protect is determined by axiomatic assumption. The frame of our interpretation has a foundation that just is. That is the failure of the masses: incorrect assumptions. That has been my failure. … Continue reading

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PUA Is Rival Politics

Today, I was over at Return of Kings looking in the comment thread for “What Happened To Coming Of Age Movies For Boys?” by 2Wycked dated 16 March 2014. Commenter tom made a great comment with a linked video. I … Continue reading

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PUAs of the Steak and BJ Order

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Today is 14 March 2014, and a battle for mind, body, and earth is waging. Today is Steak and BJ Day, 2014. The absurdity is getting hard for productive submissive men to ignore. The pain, the humility, it is never … Continue reading

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The Adaptive Philosophy of the Female Imperative

Women sublimate their logic to their instincts via their emotions. Emotions are the conscious representation of instincts to be obeyed. Per Evolutionary Psychology, this allows women to mimic whatever role will gain the most relative status in the loose feral … Continue reading

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Beta Is Sometimes Alpha

I just read the Chateau Heartiste (or CH, it seems spelled without the circumflex since the site redesign) post “Ladies Like Him — In A Way.” It’s an informative post like always. I think it is the best blog on … Continue reading

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