PUA Is Rival Politics

Today, I was over at Return of Kings looking in the comment thread for “What Happened To Coming Of Age Movies For Boys?” by 2Wycked dated 16 March 2014. Commenter tom made a great comment with a linked video. I link to that same video, by Barbarossa, in this post. (I was unable to pull a URL for tom’s comment.)

I want to set up the video for your listening pleasure by comparison with my ideas. I totally agree with Barbarossa that Game or modern seduction of women is a female-centric game. Any female-centric game is destructive because only men are constructive, which is why any living higher than animals is a man’s world. The frictional costs of liberated women are insatiable.

However, I totally disagree with his assessment of what a PUA is. While Barbarossa does explicitly distinguish between what women are and what women say they are, which pick-up artists (PUAs) have intelligently codified as a fundamental principle of social behavior. That behavior is in a woman’s world under the greater world of an elite patriarchy dubbed the Nu Wurld Oder).

Two days ago I posted “PUAs of the Steak and BJ Order”. There is made the re-purposed acronym Patriarchs United Again. PUAs are not fighting each other. Most men are too stupid or foolish to become PUAs, to understanding the aforementioned fundamental principle. Evolution works by culling, and for more than 5,000 years, humans have found essential to winning the competitive race of evolution by discriminatory cooperation. In short, women determine social norms by delegation from the real power structure, some sort of Jewish-derived debt slavery system. PUAs are not in heated competition for women because they share slutty women, avoid overpriced sex, and spread the knowledge of masculine love.

I first saw this on Return of Kings, as I recall:

Women impose social norms upon personal interactions as delegated. The boundaries of the big picture are determined through an abstract control mechanism funded by fiat money, enforced by police guns, and conditioned by establishment propaganda. The Jewish modus operandi of being the head of nations and never the tail requires that goyem governments treat their debt-slavery lending as special, or it simply would not work. Financial engineering is legalized stealing, and you need government accent to do it.

Where I think Barbarossa fails is in the worth of PUA based on what they do. They bring like minded men together, men who can think for themselves. I can attest to the fact that getting laid is not the end all or be all of the worth of PUA seduction. It helps men see the actual playing field of socializing, and it is defined by women who are instinctive. Men can see the causality better than the women because women are instinctively sighted and logically blinded by hamsterbation servitude. Only because women grade on a curve of A+ for the best man and F for all other men—the vagina can service only one penis at at time, the egg and uterus can naturally service only one donor’s sperm for a pregnancy—getting laid is exceedingly difficult in a post-feminism order.

However, the Game is also Jewish-centric. It is ultimately Jewish-centric. The underdog must play by the establishment’s rules, and I sketched those rules in “Devilish Piety.” PUAs deal with abstractions to create abstract maps useful to understanding why society works they way it does. That includes political workings; hence, the Manosphere was born, roughly in 2009.

Pussy is the quintessential resource of society. Civilized or not, men are still biologically bound to pussy, as Barbarossa states. I concur with Barbarossa that technology will remove those binds, or at least weaken their pull to alternative indulgences of virtually no binding force. I put my thoughts on that in “Utopia 2050.” Nevertheless, men getting their needs met for sex at all better now is a victory. Men not overpaying for sex on false credit stops the digging of their respective graves and limits production for their own oppression. PUA is a political brotherhood because that is the nature of the field of play called Western society. If PUAs don’t say it is, that does not make it not so.

Culling the uncivilized is necessary to restore the function of Western heritage. Culling is what gave us our human progress in the first place. The idea that all men should be united in a collective, often a tacit assumption, is very wrong. The idea that men and women could ever be equal is wrong by biological definition. There are political consequences to the divide between being bound to the uterus investment and to not being bound. That is a fundamental tenet of evolutionary psychology, the foundational theory of Game seduction proven by countless interactions that you can also have in the field. Men instituted marriage for themselves. What the elite have instituted is marriage between women and the government.

Barbarossa posits that men and women can be equal when men can decouple from the sexual services of women with technology alternative, but I totally disagree. The female mind is not changed by advance in technology not installed into her mind. Women will have become disposable. Men are not oppressed by women. Most men are oppressed by elite men who use women to kill their vitality to conquer them from within their own families, their own work sites, their own government institutions.

Furthermore, successful men are not held back by other men. Successful men are elite by definition of men and of their evolutionary context. Conquest is prerequisite to building. Any Western men of the rank-and-file who successfully defend themselves from the abstract kill from afar must become the elite men themselves. They might spread the power out a bit more as male popular sovereignty, but they don’t have it if they don’t guard it jealously.

“Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence.”
—Thomas Jefferson

All societies are patriarchies. I think a system of male popular sovereignty is best because it is the most powerful and productive in evolutionary terms and the most conducive to happiness. The happiness of parasites is not a sound investment, whether they are women or men. In fact, evolution makes a natural crime out of being inferior to a progressive threshold. It is the natural niche of man to be on top, but evolution does not rest, does not retire.

Winning at the female-centric and overarching Jewish-centric games is prerequisite to reestablishing male popular sovereignty of Western heritage. The great thing about chasing pussy is how familiar you get with female nature and female worth. You become a smart shopper. You stop buying shit on credit. That is antithetical to the schemes of the Nu Wurld Oder, not just women who don’t really count except as a political medium anyway.

I leave you with a brilliant analysis from Barbarossa. It’s not the thought but the thoughtfulness that counts. Ability to think rather than to simply have prepared thoughts is power. What do you think?

Yours in PUA,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 16 March 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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