Causality Chose You, Stupid

The truth one perceives and might foolishly seek to protect is determined by axiomatic assumption. The frame of our interpretation has a foundation that just is.

That is the failure of the masses: incorrect assumptions. That has been my failure. What goy boy ever had a chance to compile correct assumptions? Only the dumbest, those unable to imbibe of propaganda, to have grandiose moral qualms, to theorize on their empirical experiences. They are the sprinters. We, the NTs, are the marathoners. The race of the dance of corruption has matured.

The Truth is discerned from impostor dogma only by its self-consistency from every angle. What the gullible person does is try to incorporate new Truth into his flawed system of master truth. What the coward does is make sports his politics. The most ingenious politics on earth is Judaism, a nation of spirit and flesh giving cover and support to the real ‘chosen’, a ‘brood of vipers’, a ‘synagogue of Satan’ not afraid to be known. They want to be know, as master.

What globalist credit dealers have brilliantly done is marry the Reality Principle of the yang with the Pleasure Principle of the yin. I repeat, The Truth is evolution. Evolution is our raison d’etre, the precise philosophy of our existence, our moral compass, everything. We are prototypes of reproductive engineering in genes and memes. When you know the why, you will know The Who, and you will rival them.

If you want to slice and dice the plot of The Matrix trilogy, you are missing The Truth it conveys. The plot is an imperfect medium for the most immaculate message know to man: rationalism supposing causality. If most people gave a damn about their actual lives and vitalities half as much as they care about their escapism into sports, film, etc., we would find more than enough power and affluence to live our real lives with exciting ‘choice’. Our choices like our slaveries are relative to men and never directly to nature herself. Purchase of the big guarantee (available only on credit) is the natural sin.

Youtube user PeoplePowerTV put together a great montage of The Matrix to elucidate the philosophy conveyed by the movie series. They entitled it “The PARADOX of CHOICE vs CAUSALITY” on the youtube page, but in the video the prominent de facto title is “ZERO CHOICE CAUSALITY.”

I don’t see a paradox in fact, though I see it in human expression. Basically, if you see the chains of causality, you can employ them. I think from the natural perspective we have choice and from the supernatural perspective we don’t. Since our experiences are natural, we will benefit from acceptance of supernatural causality as a rational faith, the smallest leap of faith possible. If reason is to be a tool of man, it must be kept scrutinizingly close at hand. The atomic bomb proves that reason is a powerful tool for those mortals who wield it.

I see a limitation on direct human perception, on F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S as Truth. Mentally great mortals each look back with abstract rigor to his crucible of birth and being for a true reflection of himself annotated by absolutes of context.

“Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.”
—Merovingian, The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

‘They’ have made the market to sell to it. You only can or cannot as well, until the next turning when the social order will again be up for grabs.

I will leave you with a few interesting rhymes from history. The Persians became fat gluttons in the decline of their empire. Roman marriage became a joke in the decline of their imperial republic. Christian leaders prohibited fellow Europeans from lending money, leaving the Jews to control the economics of Europe during the Dark Ages. The development of modern civilization began with the Age of Exploration and the Renaissance, after Jews were made to convert or emigrate. Columbus and ousted Jews left Spain the very same day in 1492.

Chosen people were not oppressed by living in separate communities; they like it that way. Zero-fourths Jewish is too shabby. But what is all that religious and cultural contest compared to financial engineering = stealing with government permission? It is nothing but cover and support. You are a battery on the IMF plantation, even you rank-and-file Jews. It used to be that Americans were privileged and happily ignorant denizens of the empire too.

Even the Bank of Israel calls ‘price stability’ of its domestic currency its primary mission, but read the fine print. Price stability is defined as low (enough) inflation. What they mean is low enough for stability of the status quo, livestock. The target inflation rate of 1%–3% annually is enough for only a very few Israelis or whomever to live like kings with no public duties. The money alchemists know the whys and wherefores. The academics of the West are in their employ, researching how to make a better matrix. The Architects have their Oracles. Maybe a handful know their vested interest lies elsewhere. The rest have adapted into specialized hamsters on life support.

My advice: Be red pill, sell blue pill. When in Rome, do what the winning Romans do. After learning how to beat women at their game, learn the game of the elite patriarchy that pulls their strings. Be the Merovingian to the Architects.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 March 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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