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Intermediate Carousel Girl Fashion 501

I’m a compulsive theorist, which is to say I am a Keirsey Temperament Architect. My first theories on the fashion cues signifying the degree of DTF readiness of liberated women since seeing the cock carousel for myself were detailed in … Continue reading

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Who’s Jew in US Media

You may have read some of my recent posts on Abrahamic religion, in particular how dangerous it is by the brand. Courtesy of Grim by way of a comment at Chateau Heartiste, this hearty congratulations from “Big Mouth” Bite Me … Continue reading

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Dear Offended Chosen Person

Another Skirmish for Frame of Minds This post is a response to a comment by Moishe: I think this allusion to the Jew as the eternal usurer stems from embedded programming, in a manner of speaking. The Jew took food … Continue reading

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Manothedral Paganism Is Blue-Pill

A quarrel has erupted in the Manosphere. This post is not about the details of the political struggle, and it is that. This post is about the nature of that struggle inherited by context. Context is half the truth. The … Continue reading

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Stop Building Cathedrals

Nihilism, Racism, Whatever In cyberspace, churning eddies born where the bit streams Manosphere, Dark Enlightenment, and Neo-reaction collide are the blooms of ideas that are feeding grounds for truth peddlers and seekers, and potentially, nascent storms of change. The latest … Continue reading

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In the Kaleidoscope of Institutional Control

I just read two posts dated 8 April 2014 over at the Chateau Heartiste (CH): “The Civilization-Womanization Graph”, and “Freelance Comment Of The Week: Quieted Riot Edition”. The first post succinctly describes institutional hardening, where people (meaning men) take the … Continue reading

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Stop Caring and Start Caring

I’m going to add my two cents to the Dark Enlightenment coming out of the Manosphere of late, thankfully: Cappy Cap alludes to the importance of vocabulary control (which is why I tout Analects 13:3 to get to the philosophical … Continue reading

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