Stop Caring and Start Caring

I’m going to add my two cents to the Dark Enlightenment coming out of the Manosphere of late, thankfully:

  1. Cappy Cap alludes to the importance of vocabulary control (which is why I tout Analects 13:3 to get to the philosophical heart of the matter),
  2. Aurini posts about switching from Firefox to Pale Moon in response to the unjust firing of Brenden Eich, and
  3. Roosh appears (to me at least) to have taken a topical quantum leap forward into the end-all game on earth for sovereign power.

I see a problem with how most everyone everywhere draws up ‘the teams’. This is not an orderly game in the naive sense; it’s a disorderly orderly game of cultivated entropy and maturing global governance. This is evolution where the rubber meets the road. Certain strategies are going to prove better than others. You are a prototype that proves worthy of replication in genes and memes, or not, to whatever degree. Adapt.

Right now, the fiat money elites have won. We don’t know what exactly they’ve won. I hope to wield a figurative sword convincingly through the bowels of their nefarious and inferior values, but they have won control to the point of terminal dependency en masse. This ship is going down. Will you be in a position to contest what is built on the ruins?

Though I see Aurini, super smart guy, take as proven the desirability of our red pill ilk to stop using Firefox, I have to question the philosophy of it anyway. Everything connects to everything. You can’t solve a Gordian Knot by tit-for-tat. You, dear reader, do not have enough pull, and more importantly you are in no position to pull the right strings to disassemble even a subsystem. Anything that goes away has been upgraded.

Not only that, you lack the resources to track the exponentially complex and obfuscated trails. We have feedback loop after feedback loop. Use the tools at hand and stop handicapping yourself in addition to the handicap of being livestock on an Illuminati tax farm. Re-purpose your feelings rather than to continue using your logic when your logic is endlessly taxed as you endlessly work it that way, and reset your logical assumptions. Make better use of your resources, of your time and money and effort. Sure, you can move to Pale Moon, but what business is not Illuminati business? They can’t take everything yet, but they can take anything and that is all the control of everything they need. Stop fighting their fight. Trust that nature is bigger than man and leverage it.

Your best bet, in my opinion, is to hone your values but not live by them with everyone in the whole fucking world! Who the fuck are you to impose your values on others as if you can re-fashion them? They clearly don’t want to embody your values or wishes. So why do you do that? Where is the reciprocity in your gift giving or getting? No reciprocity = no morality, no de facto cooperation = you are a tool misapplying other human tools.

Why is making due with what is not at hand a good strategy?

Why is making due with what is at hand not a good strategy? (Well, when I put it like that, it sounds kinda obvious.) I’ll tell you why anyway! Fucking idiots are everywhere. Be Jewish about this, like the stereotypical ones that made a scene to get some free shit or sell you something barely of enough functional value to be nonrefundable. Preserving your ass and your values with it is to carry your strength through the darkest of the night so that you can raise your sword in the light of dawn and make a real systemic difference. Impose your values more mercifully by not shoving individuals against the laws of their nature. Stop pissing into the wind of subhuman nature.

For now, you should focus on making a difference in your life and in the lives of real friends who are not disposable when shit hits the fan, who likewise have your back and are going to struggle together with you as a group with strength in quality numbers.

In short, you guys are fighting the battles already lost a priori. But in losing, the loses will be our cultural victory, if we sidestep. The sheeple have strength in numbers and they are unstoppable until their dependency goes unmet by the insatiable system. That is your salvation and mine here on earth. We might not survive it, so as if you don’t need further reason to do what’s good for you, enjoy your fucking life now!

Philosophy is not anything less than the most accurate insight into all social truth and the light to guide constructive efforts at social harmony, which can never be ‘perfect’ according to what humans would like, with all that static, orderly bullshit.

Evolution is happening. Certain strategies do not work right now, but maybe later. Morality as you understand it is bullshit if you feeeeeeeel morally wronged. Understand you were socially wronged. Only in your diehard tribe is there possibly any morality of substance, and with yourself if you let it happen there, as the start for you. Never ever have so much faith that you stop checking your premises. Logic that is not correct from A to Z is wrong. That is why empiricism and feelings and other sources of data points are not to be ignored. The truth must be self-consistent to exist. If you feelings are baggage, change them. If your logic is baggage, change it. Why are you fighting the nature of your existence? You are a Jedi and a Sith, a blend because there is a season for everything. The demarcation of good and evil is a foundational assumption that owns you if you don’t own it. All men are not created compatible.

Are you thinking and acting in a way that is self-consistent with who and what you are? If you take on the responsibility to be consistent with others, will they ever be satisfied? Odds are you live in a nation of bitches, wherever you are. That is Dark Enlightenment. A lightsaber has a civilizing ‘civilized edge’ because evolution casts its net in every direction so that most everything must be cut, except in the season of good husbandry. There has never been a nation of philosophers, and so the season of good husbandry is always temporary.

All men are not created equal, but it gets worse. Women—those reproductive play things respectively equipped with a vagina arrayed by arms, legs, and breasts—are emotionally inferior to the point of being quasi-feral livestock, evolutionarily anachronistic. Husbands should be well versed in the art of husbandry. Red pill is the tip of that artful knowledge and more because no man controls a woman’s value and successfully harnesses much of it without brothers in patriarchy.

It’s a man’s world not because we made it but because we are cultural beings who made society and its jewel civilization. We order humanity if we are the law by cultural force, if we ourselves are the ruling institution. Women are not even degenerates in a societal context. They are opportunistic role players. They never had a capacity for moral agency in the first place, to wit long-term cooperation that is the essence of culture and societal socializing is not part of their makeup. They only do it if their instincts see it as the best option in the moment.

After the red pill of dealing with women socio-sexually naturally comes good civics, culture, that sort of thing. Don’t start with crap fellow citizens as the basis for your plans and hopes. You don’t sift four cups of dried shit to make a good cake. Start with good citizens, or at least don’t start with shit. Moreover, if you are not quality, you can never be in quality company. Start with yourself and work out your values and your emotions now! You’ve got the time. Hit on all cylinders in your empowerment. Are you whole with yourself? Chasing justice in the framework intensionally made for you to fail is like being a hamster running in its wheel. If it’s not a frame you control, don’t own it, don’t have emotional attachment to it. The philosophical principles of red pill are generally true.

Be in it but not of it. And they made your leading religious choices too. That nagging feeling, the endless struggle to get things right, it means you have made a mistake on your function in this world. Just because you can, or could have, does not mean you should. A husband knows what season it is. You don’t need a wife to be a husband. You are hip deep in livestock every day you go out in public, or why would the naked application of evolutionarily psychology be the basis of excellent social skills?

You are better than sheeple herding without the authority. You are a philosopher, a tinkerer of premises, free to be the best you can be given your innate self and your environment. Be truly good to yourself.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 07 April 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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