In the Kaleidoscope of Institutional Control

I just read two posts dated 8 April 2014 over at the Chateau Heartiste (CH):

  1. The Civilization-Womanization Graph”, and
  2. Freelance Comment Of The Week: Quieted Riot Edition”.

The first post succinctly describes institutional hardening, where people (meaning men) take the law into their own hands and enforce a moral code of cooperation that is constructive and does not make the cultural/philosophical mistake of presuming to eliminate competition or poverty and then shirk their civil responsibilities only the have their civil privileges taken away. There is not economic potency without political potency. Civilizations rise from cultural enforcement and die with bureaucratic enforcement. We the People are The Government and The Institution or there is not actual civilized freedom and the freedom of hedonists is freedom to cannibalize until the carcass is finished.

I see the blue-pill faith in institutional (i.e. bureaucratic) solutions creep into red-pill conceptual constructions all over the Manosphere. The second CH post is a case in point.

Propaganda has many levels of control structures, many fallback positions, like overlapping onions of a kaleidoscope. Hitler wrote his Mein Kampf on many levels and you could be ‘an insider’ to a point, like Jews on the Bank of Israel tax farm.

It is overwhelmingly centralized institutional power, away from free markets of violence and ideas and actions, that is the critical mass womb of terminal corruption. Ka-boom! CH is of course correct that destruction of civilization happens faster than its construction. I find the juxtaposition of the two CH posts to be partly ironic or at least contradictory. There is inescapable merit to the idea of HDB, but the idea of a programmatic sterilization of human beings is incredible hubris before a fall. We already have such a program free of human corruption, it’s called nature.

Humanism is one onion layer of propaganda from the NWO. Humanism has NO PLACE in red-pill thinking. The Hippocratic Oath and the Prime Directive are specific applications of a general truth of letting nature take its course. What gives us life takes it away. We cannot function better by contradicting the laws of nature.

Let subhuman garbage be eliminated. It’s a hands-free solution. Subsidizing poor is not the way to go, even with sterilization. There are too many loose ends with the formation of that new program, of that new baby of bureaucratic cells, because evolution tests EVERY direction. Don’t support a new bureaucratic control mechanism on evolutionary direction in your lifetime. Your conceptual zygote will evolve, and you won’t like the results. Are you afraid to take the law into your own hands, to control your individual resources as you see fit? Cowardice is not virtue, and ‘social justice’ is bullshit.

You understand philosophical consistency or you do not. To be consistent with yourself, you must be #1 in your life. Your cooperation is not maximized otherwise, so your capacity to be a friend and ally is lessened with your capacity to be an enemy. Masculinity is so.

I was unable to post on the second CH post for reasons not clear to me. I don’t even know if it was a technical problem or an administrative choice. I wanted to post my comment to that post, so I have, here:

I warn readers of the idea of institutionalized sterilization. If biology is god, let the ecosystem/free market of violence, of resource distribution (and not) kill off the right people. You do NOT want people to be spayed and neutered like dogs, or you are next.

Commenter Z was a bit off too. The poor can’t riot if they are weak from hunger, or truly starving into nonexistence. Nature is bigger than man. We ought to be careful what cathedrals we build. Static order is NOT perfection in an evolutionary world. Homeostasis that requires true progress is the superlative type of technology of human material: i.e. type of culture, politics, economics but society.

Use philosophy to correctly judge the abstract social essence of a thing before building your temple edifices of concrete logic on a foundation of illusory sand.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 April 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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