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Virtue Without Force

Martel makes a great comparison and contract to the economic marketplace and the sexual marketplace in “Foreshadowing,” dated 29 May 2014. I am pleased to notice Martel uses two spaces between sentences. I’ve stopped doing that as a matter of … Continue reading

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Modal Mental Illness Is a Subversive Term of Psychological Projection

Your mind is a jungle full of life. Why else would you be here instead of watching porn or consuming your day’s propaganda fix? Whether a jungle or desert or ocean reef, whatever the physical analogy, your mind is an … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Is Another Race Card

I just read a great analysis on Elliot Rodger’s possible motives from CH. Also note the excellent analysis with video from Aurini. The summary idea of this post is that Asperger’s is just another shaming term the way it is … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Game Changers

Marketplace Shift Dear Diary, it’s been a while. I’ve been working on me and my life. On aspect of that has been an apparent growth spurt in my seduction skills. I have the beginnings of a new red pill model … Continue reading

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Not Really Rape of Her, Rightful Vag Claimants

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Have You Pondered Analects 13:3 Yet? Definition is the foundation of knowledge representation (after language itself, but it is language itself). Philosophy, practical and real philosophy that strengthens one’s personal and natural agency as opposed to the false propagandistic variety … Continue reading

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