Not Really Rape of Her, Rightful Vag Claimants

Have You Pondered Analects 13:3 Yet?

Definition is the foundation of knowledge representation (after language itself, but it is language itself). Philosophy, practical and real philosophy that strengthens one’s personal and natural agency as opposed to the false propagandistic variety of psychological subversion to another’s exogenous agency, is the knowledge of definitive truth, meaning laws and principles. Human endeavors predicated accidentally or not on false laws, false principles, or valid principles out of valid context are doomed. Being inconsistent with the fundamentals of The Truth, the rules of what exists and of how foisted upon us by supernatural forces gleaned only by philosophical examination, is to assert with mortal agency a natural existence of that which is so flawed vis-a-vis supernatural dictate that it can only exist as a false psychological perception of the Pleasure Principle.

As an aside, I note that mere psychological perception is reality up to a point. It is the reality of one’s thoughts and feelings, depending on what brain center is running the underlying perception process. Popularity is true simply if most people believe it, but that sort of autonomous power to the thoughts and feelings of the human mind is very limited. Women and demagogues push that limit, and it comes true only if lives are broken as fodder to their lives. For my patriarchal freedom and perhaps yours, I write.

As per the usual, my Reality Method™ is to point out inconsistencies starting with bastardization of definitions and their oft unseen premises. If Socrates were alive, he would claim trademark infringement, and have a great case. Men mature later than women because men must learn and relearn, removing the dead weight of alms to inconsistencies and service of the Female Imperative, starting with mom.

Who Owns the Female Imperative?

Women are mental throwbacks with honed instincts and physiques for female social skills that strive for power the same way men’s instincts and physiques have been honed for male social skills that strive for power. Whereas men use overt physical violence, women use covert psychological violence with plenty of physical damage. Depression is really physical damage done through subversive psychological means. Non-elite women act by feral instinct for immediate personal gain, and the elite subvert with conscious forethought for systemic advantage. Whereas men are societally social and create ‘the man’s world’ of culture, commerce, property rights, financial engineering, slavery, charity, war, etc; women are primevally social. If women ran the world, at best we would live like bonobos, and many a brainwashed dumb ass thinks that would be great.

Women’s social ways nefariously liberated by überJudaic credit-money gawds (cf. Frankfurt School) have been scientifically touted by the Global Establishment as an asexual standard of human excellence under the rubric EQ. What bullshit. With infinitesimal exception, women have no moral, no cultural, but entirely no societally constructive agency—unless forced into it by taking away all ‘better’ options as judged by her cutthroat instinctive circuitry. Men did not make violence, they made it constructive. It is the basic hardwired locus of control, anachronistic and out of place in the prosperity of a man’s world of sacrosanct property, that accounts for the aphoristic truism AWALT (All Women Are Like That).

There has not been adequate natural selective pressure to make women otherwise, and in that sense men have failed miserably. The greater technology is the more fundamental technology is the firstly social not the purely material engineering, and that sort of technology has been defined out of mass perception by repetitive and propagandistic narrow use of the term ‘technology’ to tacitly mean material technology limited to exogenous knowledge requiring no introspection.

Women are uncontrollably dangerous only if not seen as the amoral, societally antithetical social technology by evolutionary intelligence that they are. We are conditioned not only to not see the simple, compulsive predatory nature of women but to not even see the psychological playing field they work as unwitting indigenous serfs tended by demagogues and intelligentsia operating on the higher stratum of societal abstractions under the rule of executive elites themselves on an even more sublime, more powerful level. I infer an administrative elite controlled by an executive elite, the latter shielded from public scrutiny by the former.

EQ is not social intelligence as much as it is societal stupidity, another stave of cultivated obedience suitable for human livestock. EQ and social skills at the direct behest of the Female Imperative are not social technology proper. Social technology without figurative reference to nature, from which we can identify engineering principles, is by definition societal social technology. Societal is redundant to the denotative presumption of engineering by sentient natural life skilled with tools, for what greater tool is there to employ than the individual machine that creates and wields tools.

Please keep ideas straight then vocabulary. Precision of ideas is more important than precision of vocabulary because vocabulary is a projection of supernaturally endowed natural fundamentals into mortal terms but not the supernaturally natural fundamentals themselves. The fundamentals including might makes right are baked into the universe. The might of existence is prerequisite to existing, and superlative might is prerequisite to sovereignty in the societal environment, now unavoidable because might makes right is a race condition.

Masculinity is independence; femininity is dependence.

You will notice the lack of masculinity in non-elite men. Woman will be a parasite or a helpmate depending, but her authority is the highest bidder in the moment every moment. Masculinity is a race condition and civilized patriarchy is the greatest technology, but the fundamentals of prosperity require a critical mass of high-quality men: distributed agency (sovereignty) in a homeostatic framework (political order) unopposed to progressively biased results per a selection by nature in a garden by men. People are at the top of the food chain, and the top is meant to grow indefinitely. We are slaves to the Evolutionary Imperative, but that too is a figurative hyperbole. Evolution is amoral, and slavery to nature is not wrong unless existence of life in the universe is wrong. Retaliation is the font of justice, but nature will not be judged with accountability. Nature is never wrong. Sorry.

I have a point to all that background in EQ vis-a-vis female nature. I’ve just been framing it for you first.

Sex is a biological construct; gender is for grammar. Material technology is based on materials, but social technology is based on socio-psychological sinews. Social technology is the foundation to material technology, the crucible for it. The societal ways of Western men alone has set the superlative standard of history, twice. Top that, multicultural motherfuckers! It is the progress of cultural order, of the substance studied by real philosophy, meaning the rules of our race-condition existence. Like any foundational rules of societal order from human building blocks, …

Morality is a social construct.

Social constructs are subject to evolution. For that reason, I think my morality is better than yours.

Have You Pondered Female Societal Value?

It is a law of evolution, that pesky law of conservation. So is failure per natural selection. Therefore, consumption is always less than production. In the race condition of life, mere sustenance if left alone is not good enough. If you don’t get respect on a winning team, you don’t win, period.

Red-pill knowledge is evolving. The ramifications to this awareness of human sexes nature, like the opportunities mostly not yet imagined, are fucking immense. Red pill is more fundamental than Dark Enlightenment (DE) because DE does not answer how all men (and women) are not created equal. Some fundamental aspect of DE is meant for Red pill assimilation just as anti-feminism of the Men’s Rights Movement was meant for assimilation by the Seduction Community versed in practical evolutionary psychology. The foundation is the building site.

The Red Pill Movement is stunted before the next stepping stone in its development, like the Iron Age had to happen before the Information Age. Seduction in a female-centric social environment had to be based on husbandry without recourse to physical violence for lack of sovereignty. There are limits to husbandry without open violence, and this next fundamental realization will fuel the next growth spurt in popular red-pill understanding.

Pussy in society is necessarily the political resource of sovereignty.

Asexual pedestalization of pussy is the primary blue-pill flaw at this point of development of the red-pill community. Any attribution of positive net value to women at large without contractual obligation (traditionally per marriage vows) to provide quality sexual and reproductive services (monogamously for her since her youth) to the men who build and maintain the man’s world, i.e. society, is a false foundation and a false tenet of a false dogma. Young people are capable of achievement if not saddled with the false virtue of group-identity obedience. We don’t ask enough of and we ask too much of everyone. They/We let anyone have Western perks these days, and it shows in their/our debasement. The application of social technology to ourselves sucks, on purpose for relative advantage at the cost of absolute advantage. Corruption is so.

All pedestalization of pussy, sexual or asexual, is corruption. If women lack moral agency—and they do as surely as they lack a locus of control in the forebrain—they are incapable of owning themselves and their pussies. Ownership is a societal construct. It is a perversion to think women can manage their pussies for themselves without devolution of our social relations into feral terms where the Female Imperative is at home but unpropertied like everyone else. Liberated women compulsively work for poverty so total that there would be nothing left by which to measure or communicate it.

How poor are the wild animals? No wealth equals 100% poor. If you get sick, lie down right where you are. That’s your free deathbed. What could be better than free health care?

It is a Natural Sin to systemize against the progressive evolution of man, evolving faster in memes than in genes, for man is an apex species defined primarily by competition with himself, his kind, the battering waves from a sea of microbes notwithstanding.

If women are incapable of owning their own pussies, who does?

To make a long story short, the überJudiac money gaaawwwwwddddds own Western pussy, enough to contest your rival ownership, only to salt them for your demise. They are selfish relativists, or they are accelerating progressive human evolution. I think the former. The ecological judgment of nature is the standard, and the globalist elites (who have won, we are all transient individuals anyway) will maintain their political order only if they are not in violation of evolutionary fundamentals. I think they are.

Husbandry Is a Force of Masculine Nature

Husbandry like philosophy is at the crossroads of the supernatural and mortal fundamental aspects of natural life. Accurate distinction is crucial to the quality and utility of both studies. Husbandry is a force of nature subject to evolution. It follows a life cycle concomitant with the life cycle of civilization. The scale of that life cycle is so large compared to a person’s perception of time that it can be treated as a constant in daily life.

The mortal aspects, and their changes with individual fortune, are more readily observed. Without a framework of societal abstraction to perceive the evolution of homeostatic political order, the agency of one individual person acting directly on another individual person is clearly seen if not fully appreciated.

Modeling is the elimination of some details as detractions to make other details clear. Husbandry is an expression of sovereignty over women and children as property. Masculinity is independence (starting with self), and husbandry is ‘independence’ over someone else. The connection between sex and sovereignty is largely unrecognized. The illusion of Western freedom decouples one from the other.

A case in point comes from Jessie Kahnweiler, “I Made a Film About My Rape and Now I Can’t Get Laid,” dated 22 April 2014, published on Huffpo (

Trying to lighten the mood, I assure him that saying the word “rape” out loud won’t actually make him a rapist, and he gives me the sort of fake laugh normally reserved for crazy aunts. I gather my things and let out my gut, realizing that (like most of my recent love interests) after hearing that I was raped during my study abroad in Vietnam eight years ago [because of the fans of her post-traumatic stress film called “Meet My Rapist”], the last thing he wants to do is throw me on the hood of his Prius and ravage me.

Ah…‘rape’ fantasy in 50 shades of green. How annoying that men won’t deliver where government fails.

Here is another case of expressing a tacit disconnect between sex and sovereignty, and the person surely knows better. He is modeling a particular truth for the less sublime newbies of red pill by dispensing with distractive details I suppose, but the expression is nevertheless a tacit deference of political power to the feminine. The conditioning of disconnect is so relentless and variable that it may be found anywhere. From Roosh (and note the title), “You Are The Last 3 Women You’ve Slept With,” dated 30 April 2014:

We have to be real with ourselves and consider our three most recent conquests to examine if they are the types of women that we want to make a part of our lives.

Cum receptacles are not a ‘part of our lives’. That is the crux of Leykis 101. What Roosh says has value as empirical testing, but the interpretation of that evidence presumes an allegiance to the order of the Establishment via female agency. Those three judges of our market value are indulgently indoctrinated, funded, and legally privileged whores. The player IS the game he plays. We are the rules of the game, but only in predominating aggregate. If masculinity is independence, the man has options about what game rules he follows. He can define his own game, and isn’t that what the Seduction Community did? Distant tyrants play a game within the game, and so can you.

Rape is a societal construct.

Rape? There is no rape proper without violated capacity for independence! Natural dependents cannot and do not make the rules. Today’s legally construed victim-of-‘rape’ archetype is anti-natural pro forma pretense. There is only pussy intrusion claimed by abstract masculine ownership as the litigant, prosecution, and judge against a concrete rival masculinity that dared execute the rights of ownership that the state is wholly unequipped to enjoy much less dutifully perform for the sake of the woman.

For all you Christians and Jews out there: 10th Commandment. If women had never been property of men, there would never have been written language or human history. Humans would be indistinguishable from the animals. Her ‘making a difference’ is that vulgar. Women are lovely creatures.

What Ms. Kahnweiler failed to understand about her sex life is that it is not hers to own or dispense, and she unwittingly advertised that fact for the acute liability it is in her case even relative to other Western women! What Roosh overlooked in one recent post about the value of men measured in the rewards of the sexual marketplace is that the valuation like the vaginae is owned by the state, which is why women are pumped AND dumped by concrete masculinity. Men can never cash out the value they put in, save the experiences that fade from memory and the momentary biochemical rebalancing. Any social credit men accrue as winnings expires rather quickly. The protections of ‘marriage’ ruled by the state raises the cost of vagina services by orders of magnitude and yet lowers the reward. What the gubbermint calls marriage is not beneficial to a concrete masculine husband or father. It’s hardly required for sex or reproduction, for it is not actually marriage.

A husband can NOT rape his own vagina property held by marriage contract for the express purpose of exclusive on-demand sexual access to said vagina.

Women at large have no net positive worth in the man’s world above the muck unless they marry young and obey. Women are wild moochers, strangely feral and domesticable at the same time. In society, and much more in civilization, women (and immature children) are quasi-livestock that require skilled masculine care. Men are culture (to varying degrees), and women are not. Men want to have sex with other men’s daughters far more than they want to make daughters of their own. Men want sons so that their hard fought values and knowledge does not die meaninglessly with themselves.

Fathers long ago understood the liability of an aging daughter, and no doubt out of practicality fathers paid a man to wed his daughter and take responsibility for the dangerous creature. With habitual establishment into a cultural norm, that payment became know as dowry. At least in the United States of America, the father of the bride traditionally pays for the wedding. You think he gives a shit about the reception?

In the Life Cycle of Husbandry

Casual sex like video games are liable to be an addictive form of obedience by providing an avenue for personal ambitions safely detached from the monstrous challenge of real world relevance, if we measure ourselves by house monster rules for sheeple, but that would be neither masculine nor independent-minded. That tacit acceptance of house rules in sundry forms is what I want to challenge in your mind. Nay, I want YOU to challenge tacit acceptance of values and measures in your mind as a general rule, your rule of masculine being. Rape cultism is the example form of tacit acceptance of house rules I am addressing in this post.

Men are afraid of ‘raping’ liberated women only because enforcement goons of the state will back the woman’s assertions of being raped, or its own without the dressing. In the wilds to which the behavior of liberated women is adapted, there is no rape, there is no law, there is no wealth. There is only retaliation by a stronger masculine claim to her vagina in the moment of truth, a nigh impossibility. What feral alpha would do more than control his territory and enjoy all the pussy therein as it may come and go? Not a damn thing. Women are NOT his property!!! He only commands a territory, his attractiveness, and the pussy under his immediate grip. Men prefer to use threats to claim territory populated by women for a reason. Pussy is cheap for masculinity that is expensive, unless there is marriage.

The highest claim to feral or otherwise liberated pussy wins from moment to moment. Rape fantasy and regret rape are fundamental repercussions of female sexuality liberated to casual treatment by women and systematic treatment by the state. Rival masculinity is being treated into extermination, but rival genes must be bred out or killed out thoroughly for that to happen, and that is a tall order. What does not kill something makes it stronger. Even if these überJudaic elitists succeed entirely, they will be forced by evolution and their petty relativist natures to fight amongst themselves. Friendship because of a shared enemy is no friendship at all. Failure to understand that supernaturally enforced principle of nature caused the Chinese to become xenophobic and lose their dominant position as the world’s leading civilization.

As long as they do not entirely succeed, as long as our pleb stock masculinity can leverage evolutionary might, we have potency, but to actualize that potency we must understand our supernatural relationship to pussy. By the law of evolution, …

Pussy is the resource of superlative masculinity.

Pussy is not the end all or be all. The power to own pussy is. Anything less is uncivilized and untenable. The current institution of marriage is not what it purports to be in name, and it is not our institution. Reestablishment of our contract law and our ownership of pussy is the issue, maybe the ultimate issue of red-pill knowledge. Self-improvement without sovereignty is limited, and marginal gains in the red-pill community are or will be a sign of exhaustion of the less contested growth opportunities in the Matrix.

I believe philosophical seducers have the high moral ground because nature has a moral standard per the laws of evolution. The fellowship of red-pill seduction has adapted to the lack of sovereign male ownership per the life cycle of husbandry concomitant to civilization’s as a whole, but rank-and-file masculinity must continue to adapt or this fellowship and community of the red pill will perish. Pussy must be leveraged and evaded correctly for the prevailing zeitgeist because pussy is political leverage either working for you or against you. Let me show you the map to your self-improvement, but with the warning that timing is everything:

The Life Cycle of Husbandry

It’s a model. The West as a whole might be in dependency-bondage (cf. so-called Tytler Cycle), but many subculture seeds sprout and grow to various maturities in the soil of meme evolution. Red-Pill Rationalism could be in courage and cooperative husbandry; the Dark Enlightenment and Neo-reaction in spiritual faith. What seven-hill village will become Rome we can’t know, but corruption as the beginning of an end taking numerous lifetimes we do know.

Roman civilization is the standard for comparison from history. Roman soldiers were the best of Romans at the beginning. They were well-to-do farming land owners who had a piece of the Roman sovereignty pie. With the increasing institutional control of government and banking over the time of the three Punic Wars (264–146 BC), the elite became fewer and cosmopolitan. Soldiers became landless hires from the socio-economically circumscribed masses. Once Carthage was salted with finality, the common Romans had only political and economic utility as livestock on a tax farm controlled by a ruthless senate. The people wanted a champion but got an emperor, and over 100 more nonstop.

Women were liberated from patriarchal fidelity from rich to poor. Diocletian (r. 284 AD–305) reorganized the empire and the military to counter the rot of tax farming corruption to include multiculturalism. His successor Constantine I (r. 306–337) reunited the empire, naturally with military force, and turned to the priest class to project centralized institutional power. Famously, he employed Christianity by creating an orthodox brand through convening the Council of Nicaea in 325, but he as readily leveraged pagan worship. Roman armies decided the succession of emperors, and Constantine reassigned many of the tax-funded troops to police the domestic great unwashed as a privileged class rather than to serve the ‘national security’ of their countrymen.

The Age of Discovery, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment did not happen because Roman collectivism lived in the East but because it had died out of the way in the West.

We can draw parallels to Rome with the US Empire. During the course of the three great US wars (American Civil War, WWI, WWII), the military was institutionalized and rank-and-file men who were landed and armed became group-think workers. Thereafter, second-wave feminism destroyed the potency of patriarchal husbandry politically and economically with Daddy Government. In 2009, Michael Savage described US navy ships as ‘floating brothels’ ( Credit satrap Obama, who had called for a ‘civilian national security force’ as powerful as the US military to meet ‘national security objectives’ as a candidate satrap in 2008, bitchified US ground forces in 2013 to further state sanctify the cult goddess Grrrl Power, the goddess of strength, independence, and perennial rape victimization.

Per evolution and the law of conservation, the garbage must be incinerated and the tree of liberty fed before a new cultural authority can be assembled from select humans. Select humans will hate fiat money, allow institutional failure, and embrace the free market of violence and ideas as the wisest arbitrator humans can manifest. Without a sufficiency in quantity and quality of culturally better humans, evolution will rinse and repeat indefinitely over the same old damn bloody ground until humans advance or are junked.

Seduction is spiritual faith, that pussy wrangling is pussy rustling only by the mendacious pretenses of far away bean-counter engineers who would farm the whole world to death. Red pill is cooperative husbandry without ownership as far as house control weaknesses will allow. Get stronger for the times, and use the problem as the solution. Remember, timing is the essence of evolutionary application.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 02 May 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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