Ruminations on Game Changers

Marketplace Shift

Dear Diary, it’s been a while. I’ve been working on me and my life. On aspect of that has been an apparent growth spurt in my seduction skills. I have the beginnings of a new red pill model and an extended and refined theory of the mind. I believe the sexual marketplace (SMP) in America is going through a profound transformation right now, and from what I can tell on my zero budget that profound transformation has not been addressed.

American women are beginning to emotionally bail on the authority of Sugar Daddy Government.

There is an entropy with decline. Husband Gubbermint has no dick. He is the superlative yet half-assed alpha, and that supremacy is waning in female hearts. American women are starting to require emotional validation with their sexual conquest. I believe this shift in SMP priorities elucidates an aspect of PUA heretofore unrecognized in the community generally. Sheeple are actually very sophisticated at what they do. They are well-honed wealth-ignorant humans. They have a sophisticated array of instinctive behaviors that serves animal existence in packs. The fact that feminism is communism with tits belies the prehistoric origins of collective politics in sophisticated sheeple behavior. The Frankfurt School serendipitously tapped into a major vein of instinctive collectivism.

Pussy is politics.

Current red pill focuses on the female sex drive. I believe this red pill model will start to break down. Sure, skilled PUAs will make adequate adjustments, but I have yet to see articulated how any future adjustments and moreover the mountain of adjustments and addenda that we now have fit into one elegantly universal harmony.

I don’t wish to disclose specifics on my theories since I could be very wrong or just premature in the conceptualization. I have a target poor environment, so testing and reevaluation is a bottleneck for me. Suffice it to say, I think you should consider providing a personalized substitute for PC validation. If you already do, great: it’s just news to me. I don’t think seduction can accurately be described without political constructs. Evolutionary psychology, meet political theory.

Women will give up their clothed asses and breasts to your groping readily but often resist kissing in the midst of groping. Handling the goods in night game doesn’t even rate as making first base if home plate is still sex. I find it is hard to escalate from a dance floor feel-out session that outwardly looks very promising. For the American woman, I think it means little more than perfunctory hedonism having more to do with demonstration of market value than personally getting off even metaphorically.

Are these women emotionally dead or undead? Are they waiting to awake for a savior? I think so.

Perhaps related is a comment by ‘AnonymousBosch’ on the Roosh V forum by way of a tweet from Aurini. With all of us looking, we have a good chance at precisely identifying changes to fundamental cause and effect in the SMP, possibly before they even happen market-wide.

Inner Game Transition

Don’t let fools tell you that success is all about attitude when they have not identified or realized the prerequisite skills that will create the right attitude as symptom as much as cause. If you are learning PUA like me, maybe this personal anecdote will be helpful.

When I first discovered red pill PUA, I was a hurt beta/omega. Red pill taught me that the playing field is defined by female perception through subcommunication. From the generous advice of bloggers and commenters in the ‘Sphere, I was able to develop control over my feelings and subcommunication. After I started getting attraction, I started being hurtful. I went from hopeless defense to overwhelming offense, and because it is subcommunication, the assault is not recognized as assault.

You could judge, but consider how natural the progression is. I could not capitalize sexually on the attraction, but I could capitalize by raising my status relative to hers, as she has done over and over to innumerable guys just like me without a single qualm. Yes, it was immature, but that is exactly the natural progression of anything, so so what?

Furthermore, women love pain of a sort. They love drama and complication because their evolutionary intelligences want to be damn sure she is as high in status and resource acquisition as possible. Evolution is a race condition.

What I have learned in the last three weeks or so is to calibrate the pain, with the objective of making the pain cause attraction. Yes, women work that way. That’s just how they feel alive.

Here is the inner game maturation I am talking about:

haplessly hurt by women using subversive subcommunication→reflexively hurting women with subversive subcommunication→managing women with disciplinary subcommunication

I wrote about my recent field experience that became a seminal moment in the development of my theory of the mind and inner game as just described, but I have not posted it. Nothing happened much except in my mind. I am not sure the circumstances leading up to my personal realization are interesting of themselves. Do most readers of this blog even attempt pickup and can relate to the psychological experience? I have no idea.

Friend’s Ass Opener

I went out this past Saturday night. I couple of gems on technique and method seem to have come from it. You will need a quick summary of an interaction to set the context.

I was checking out a chick’s ass on the dance floor. I stared for a good bit. I know it sounds beta, but I had such a great IDGAF attitude going on, it wasn’t. In fact, I forgot about her ass soon thereafter, but in hindsight it appears to have been key to what happened next.

Ass-in-jeans chick was dancing with her female friend who had a male date or boyfriend. Obviously, in that setting, status is getting grind interest from a relatively desirable man considering the superior representation of men compared to women. I see the two women talking and looking in my direction. I thought they were not actually looking at me or talking about me, but it turns out they were. The ass chick comes over to me, and I’m noticing her like I expect her to just walk by, but she walks up to me.

I think this night I had my best IDGAF ever going on. I did not approach her. She seemed to stop short as if to tease me forward, very subtle but that’s what I felt. She says something, but I couldn’t hear her. Very loud music. I think I said what with body language as much as with my voice once, maybe twice. I’m looking her in the eye, and I don’t want to do the beta thing I’ve always done in the past. I am not going to signal I can’t hear and be helpless in her frame.

This one-word rhetorical question just popped out of me, “Really?”

I was just playing along, not really interested in whatever she was saying. Women are not worth a meeting of the minds. How many times do I need to say ‘what?’ before I get the idea? Or you?

I got a charged emotional reaction. On the inside I loved it. This was a blonde, I guess late twenties, wearing tight jeans and a top that approximated a black leather bustier with a zipper in front (sadly, zipped all the way up). It was tight, probably holding in some belly, and definitely forcing those ample boobs (love that word) to mostly hang over the edge like two cherries on a whipped cream garnished drink. I’d say a solid HB6. I have a hard time with attraction at all some times, and when I’m doing well, HB6 is just beyond the edge of what I can attract without getting lucky.

Ass chick looks at me incredulously. Then she says, “Really?” I think there was a little miffed head bob with it, and she’s not black at all. The way she said it was precious, like she expected me to take the answer back. lol There was more incredulous gazing, and she repeated with the same endearing shaming tone and body language, “Really?” I heard those really’s just fine. I think she expected me to chase listening to her. Fuck that. Her 3rd grade antics were a nice show, of my improvement. I didn’t know what she wanted from me, and I didn’t care.

Okay, we know: beta supplication to her frame, whatever it was. We also know she wants a man to prove his worthiness by providing a stronger and more abundant frame. Thems be bitches.

She goes back to the couple on the dance floor. Her girlfriend at some point grabbed her jeans at the front waist as if to adjust them and to notice how sexy she was. She followed that with a similar gesture on the black top with heavingly healthy breasts. Ass chick looked a bit hurt, and I mean from the inside. I went over to her and made nice. I told her I just couldn’t hear her and that she was pretty or sexy or something. They stayed on the dance floor another ten or fifteen minutes and then left. There was no chance for escalation that I could see, at least not yet. Hamsters need time.

So why do I give you the short field report? There are two points I want to make.

The first is that the one-word reply ‘Really?’ might be a good generic response for when you don’t have anything better to say, as is the case when she ostensibly says something socially to elicit a response but provide no substance. Make your own substance, make your own frame. I offer ‘Really?’ as another short and sweet reframe reply.

The second point is that probably the girlfriend saw me looking at her friend’s ass in no uncertain terms and more or less recommended that she cultivate my interest. This incident is the second time I’ve looked at a female ass in jeans to get caught by the friend who told the ass chick. The first time I got laid from it, nothing great, but the unintentional seduction worked out.

I think friend’s ass opener has a lot going for it. It hardly costs effort. Best of all, it recruits the girlfriend to take part in the drama of your seduction as cockhelper rather than cockblocker. She knows if her friend your target is ‘on sale’ and emotionally ready to deal, or if she isn’t. I am going to try out friend’s ass opener intensionally. I expect it is usually not going to work, but for certain situations I think it could be a slam dunk opener.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 May 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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