Asperger’s Is Another Race Card

I just read a great analysis on Elliot Rodger’s possible motives from CH. Also note the excellent analysis with video from Aurini.

The summary idea of this post is that Asperger’s is just another shaming term the way it is used so liberally by pro-establishment libtards. It is cold, logical realism that makes the construct called civilization possible. Because of natural selection and the other laws of evolution, there has to be enough ‘incentive’ for producers to produce, i.e. producers must be willing and able to produce, which means having the means for a healthy existence.

I made a comment on the CH post that I think is relevant to NT’s of the red pill. As I perused the comments, I realized I am not alone.

My comment:

It’s ‘gay’ to want a doting mother of a wife, but that is the image of ‘true love’ we are taught to believe. Homo or not, I see the neurosis of growing up without earning his own ‘mother’, without proving his manhood with doting womanhood. Women put on the front of moral purity to hide character deficiencies that are unimaginable until you experience their cuntery from behind the curtain. It would appear mommy was buying him shit so she could chase her own tingles or something. This case has basic Freud all over it. It would appear his vocabulary of his identity came from his mommy.

Connection to Hunger Games and Hollywood: priceless. What’s good for the plebs,… What I at least admire about this man kid is that he believed in his potential, that he deserved to be compensated. Cf. Poon Commandment XI. It was the miscalibration of his potential that did him in. Perhaps I project, or perhaps I can relate. Did not read his manifesto. Civilization, being civilized in fact, requires caring without caring, being in the zone of some sort. It’s a mind fuck out there even without the propaganda oozing out of almost every social pore of the West. Those with the highest IQs and social standards are those who can internalize that propaganda best, make it plausible the best in theory. Add the equality of compulsive female liars and that’s exactly what children should believe. That is how mammals reproduce ideas in the generational direction for evolutionary success. Yet, the pliers of sincere theory are the ones who can tear it all down.

It is the reproductive selection for docility that scares me an order of magnitude or two more than the psycho shooting sprees, when I am a third-party observer with a long term perspective that is. Sexually conquer and release the pussy today, for the morrow we must die. John Maynard Keynes was right that one time, fucking bastard.

A comment by ‘H’:

I have Asperger’s and I have to say this kid was a complete loser, and our society is turning more young boys into people like him.

I used to have those idealistic romantic notions of what a woman wanted, and I was slowly putting 2 and 2 together about how women acted versus what they said or what the MSM said about them. Of course stumbling onto the red pill accelerated the process, and looking back at my life, a lot of things were there for me to see if I had the proper set of shades to see them.

For the most part, yes, being on the autism spectrum is a ball-and-chain that nature threw my way. There is one possible upside that comes from it IMO: some parts of the Dark Triad traits are built into me. For a large part of my life I struggled against my selfish side in order to be extra nice to other people, because it’s what I thought society would want out of a person. I programmed myself to be nice and kind (and beta) after being force fed the blue bill. Now I’m currently de-programming myself and trying to embrace whatever benefit the God of Biomechanics saw fit to give me.

A comment by ‘al’:

“There is one possible upside that comes from it IMO: some parts of the Dark Triad traits are built into me. For a large part of my life I struggled against my selfish side in order to be extra nice to other people, because it’s what I thought society would want out of a person. ”

You must be “white”. the Dark Triad traits you describe are simply your barbarian inheritance. I have long theorized that the rampant sociopathy exhibited by the “white” – is a genetic expression….

In times past, you would have had plenty of opportunity to express your sociopathy openly – even been praised for it and received wealth, honors and titles for it…….

But nowadays, you must feel like a caged animal – in many ways your are – kinda like Wolverine – no wonder so many “white” men indentify with him.

The tragedy if the modern white male then is that there appears to be less and less opportunity to vent sociapathy……

Michael Moore is probably right about you people – after all he should know – he is one of you.

We are not forced to live like misfit Romans because we live in Rome. We are forced to live like misfit Romans because we are surrounded by a preponderance of Romans unfit for civilization, democracy, &tc. Cf. Game Theory. Our ‘weakness’ is the only strength the überJudaic money priests fear. PUA is the NT’s recalibration therapy. Don’t let stigma deter you from PUA as PUA. Pussy husbandry is the crux of the whole thing. Pussy and politics are always tight. Might always makes right, or what good would be virtue?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 May 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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