Modal Mental Illness Is a Subversive Term of Psychological Projection

Your mind is a jungle full of life. Why else would you be here instead of watching porn or consuming your day’s propaganda fix? Whether a jungle or desert or ocean reef, whatever the physical analogy, your mind is an ecosystem of resources reconfigured by reproductive processes.

Once again, evolution does not fail as an interpretive framework.

Evolution occurs without prejudice of material or scale. It is important to remember that evolution is a particular kind of change. First, change in this universe occurs in very discreet steps. The universe changes as if it is evolving, almost as if it is alive. Evolution is distinguished from mere change only by the addition of reproduction units. The scale of all change in the universe compared to that of the discreet steps of change, even the onset of evolution from the Big Bang, gives the appearance of analogue change through a continuous spectrum. The greatest journey starts with a little step and is composed of nothing but little steps.

Evolution is incremental change by reproduction units that nearly always reproduce with perfect exactitude. The smaller the unit size, the more likely the reproduction will be true. Sexual reproduction scrambles the gene units for competitive advantage, OF THE GENES!, and the advantage is to the vitality of the ecosystem not the individual gene or human. A genome is a physical representation of a design idea written in a four-letter language. Computers run on two ‘letters’, by the way.

The longer the word, the less likely the reproduction will be true. There is a sweet spot where reproductive fidelity is optimal for evolutionary development, for life, like the best porridge for Goldilocks was not too hot or too cold. If the reproduction unit is not reproduced reliably enough, it can not prove its worth in the ecosystem and be naturally selected, essentially by a cascade of Boolean trials. If the reproduction unit is reproduced too reliably, the evolutionary competition will catch up and overtake it, putting the throwback design out of existence entirely. Life is vital because of change not static security.

Evolution in man is upward toward greater complexity and scope. Our niche is the top predator, top farmer, but the top. Viruses are thought to have evolved downward. Evolution is blind justice. It is amoral, or it is moral in the only way that is the inexorable (real) truth: might makes right. Existence is the fruit of natural selection, or at least that which is put into the context of the universe is. What exists is true enough to exist, deserves to exist. Mental illness exists.

The mind is a virtual world built from organic material in the physical world we call the universe. Long ago, social genes in a reproductive race for limited resources mutated to allow an animal brain to make decisions and control voluntary muscles. The genes delegated to virtual counterparts, memes. For evolution, it’s all the same principles, but the speed is very different.

Evolution is a race of formulations of competition and cooperation. There is no morality, no rules, except of existence as imposed upon us. We do not decide the truth. It is already decided except what little latitude we have in our power to make existence do our bidding. The fundamentals are not ours; we our it’s. We can’t champion the truth per se. We are championed by the truth, or we are dead.

It is easy to see how units of humans compete and cooperate, and how the processes of human interaction have varying merits, pros and cons. They are selected and evolve at the societal scale now, ever since men created culture to perfect agriculture. Culture evolves. Civilization rise and fall out of white men’s minds, and have out of yellow men’s minds.

What comes next?

The game must be played to find out. Modernity started as absurdities in eccentric people’s minds until the rival memes coalesced into a critical cultural mass, a colonial idea, and the masses caught on. Evolution throws us up against the wall to see what sticks, by the person, by the family, by the community, by the nation—in that order. Evolution of a composite design is in competition and cooperation with other designs at that level of ecosystem and requires existential support from the elemental designs on the lower scales from which it is comprised. Composite designs are not stable, but their evolving composite expressions can be, like the organization that has a turnover in members. The smaller reproductive units are independent of the larger units of evolutionary reproduction, or at least far more so. There is a feedback loop I expect, but what is the more precarious reproduction? What’s good for the large must be good for the small. Tyranny fails for a reason.

There is a tyranny in ideas, deeper than you know. Bullshit is the flowery language of subjugation.

A police state does not change the evolutionary supremacy of individual agency over collective agency. A police state rearranges the winners and losers and forces a shared compound failure at an order of magnitude higher than what would have happened, an orderly culling of component parts (i.e. humans in society). The resultant humans, posterity, would have been happier and healthier for trusting nature’s judgment. The culling of weak individual units makes society strong, vital. The strength of a nation is the strength of its people, though the flow of cause and effect is slow, diffuse, and unrecognizable to most. Many say the government should do something, but that just compounds the problem, digs the hole.

It is hubris to look at our lives from the scale of the individual to the scale of all humanity and think that is everything relevant. We have a supporting cast that does not need us as much as we need ‘them’.

The locus of control in the human mind, of animal minds, has evolved from fixed instincts (hardwired logic) to computational logic, but evolution plays no favorites. In decline, the favored locus of control is in the instincts, as AWALT. The female method of predation is in vogue, made an art and a science by elite globalist men.

Right now, a process of creative destruction is taking place. People have their vested interests, and they are rarely rational in the sense of the civilized capacity for reason, for communal objectivity.

Transexuals don’t know they can’t have society their way. Why should they? Welfare moms have society their way. It would have been unimaginable 50 years ago. Freaks and parasites don’t contemplate the moribund nature of their adaptive success, they just do. The justice of evolution is blind except with what works for existence in the now. If we group think, we delay that justice and increase the cost by solidarity in ineptitude. Individuals poor in individual agency prefer it that way, and since that has been successful for the past 50 years, Westerners have evolved to have more of that ‘strength’. Parasitism works well in the mental wilds unencumbered by civilized culture.

Underneath the facade of our being one mind with ourselves is a complex of minds, of computational centers. There are multiple processors in a computer too. There are multiple active ideas in the stew of the human mind, competing and cooperating with each other. There are many times more latent ideas in storage also competing. From this jungle or desert or ocean reef, from the compound meme crucible of socially interactive humans came the ideas of a republic, of a monarchy, of a welfare state, etc. Every social order that has ever been on earth started as a radical conception that was evolutionarily competitive.

The right or wrong of social ideas, and of the memes so organized, depends on the vested interest of the observer, no doubt a social being. The objective thinker distinguishes between the moral code of individuals called morality and the supposed code of existence called the laws of nature. The philosopher realizes he is not the judge and jury of what is and is not. He is not the universal executioner of what shall cease to be. Great revolutions, good or bad, have been the fruit of socially unacceptable memes because they were rival memes to the current order of memes and the humans who felt empowered by them.

Life is change, and stagnation is death. Corruption is death, but not so fast that it is not life.

Morality depends on whose ox is being gored. So does the label mental illness. Are welfare moms mentally ill? From the perspective of today, they are not, but from the perspective of a healthy civilization they are. Evolution for us is a social game, and we are the context for each other. We cannot abandon social cooperation any more than we can abandon fire and still secure our individual niches to sustain ourselves. What works in this game of life depends on who surrounds you. Patriarchs are farmers; civilization is patriarchy of a wholesome variety. You are not a patriarch, but the West is ruled by patriarchy all the same.

So what is mental illness? If the ‘perfect gentleman’ were a rewarded archetype, we would say the self-identity of a perfect gentleman was not mental illness. The great unwashed living haplessly in the moment would say, “Of course it’s the right thing to do. It’s just the way it is.” They always say that about what is in vogue, in power. They lack a locus of control firmly in their computational logical. They lack an appreciation of a free market of ideas, of violence, of culture, of relationships. They bow down to the greatest social authority. It is hard to believe that the civilized evolved from the sheeple unless you truly understand evolution.

There are little steps to be taken from a locus of control like a reptile has to a locus of control like a philosopher has, and at each step, taking that step was a competitive advantage in that context. Here we are all fucked up. There is no clean elegance of Cathedral in our lives. We live in interesting times.

Cooperation is a competitive advantage, or it would not exist. Cooperation that does not exist, or is dying, is not competitive. Red pill is an adaptation to decline in civilization, as is transsexualism. The morality of going along with the herd is moribund, and some adaptations will be better than others, but nature is in no rush to judge the future.

Because evolution has a bias from the smallest scale upward to the largest scale, freedom has a bias from the individual outward to the collective. Freedom is free choice at the smallest feasible unit, but think carefully what that might mean!

Mental illness is not illness per se. It is not a pathological disease or a biological malfunction, or it is wrong to dub it mental. The analogy to physical ‘illness’ is a subversive frame job meant to do harm, to take power from a rival. The term is used as shaming language, as political power. The speaker who labels someone with mental illness almost certainly has a vested interest against the empowerment and existence of that person or the ideas therein that he or she calls mentally ill.

I am not judging vested interest to be wrong by definition. We all have vested interests. We are creatures of evolution. It is the shame of not being explicit about vested interest that I find uncivilized and therefore abhorrent as my social environment. I can do better in as far as what I am. I can compete better only if I have like-minded social partners with whom I can cooperate and win.

Mental illness is a label on ideas that challenge the existing order.

Ideas come from a spectrum of conceptual possibilities. Ideas are relatively related: they evolve. Mental problems come from incorrectly interpreting the social processes in existence and being haplessly at odds with that superior force. Mental problems are mental miscalibration subject to evolutionary development, that can ebb and flow, that wax and wane. The higher the IQ, the greater the idea potential, including greater potential for miscalibration and social friction, including rivalry. The retard, the true retard, is too dumb to be mentally disturbed, but what advantage is there in impotence? Domestication does fit some people well, and if they farmer does well and is nurturing, they will do well too.

With mental problems that worsen, social miscalibration of the meme complex is doubled down per emotional mandates that don’t want to accept the idea that the self has lived a lie, been a fool, and that all social actions perhaps since the self can remember are not only never to be rewarded but have been and are being rudely penalized. You can’t make someone unplug from The Matrix, as we know. People have a choice to be their ids or else their superegos, that’s evolutionary blindness, but you never really own your superego. It’s a poor investment priority from the individual perspective.

The superego is a port of control accessible to others. Women naturally cultivate this. It is their specialty. Whereas men evolved to be specialists in physical violence, women evolved to be specialists in psychological violence and to do physical harm safely by proxy.

The race condition of our social condition marches on. The victors interpret history. Elliot Rodger was a loser who did not want to lose alone. It is easy to morally judge him. It is easy to fear the free market of our composite ecosystem and demand a top-down human solution. Fixed solutions of institutional authority do more harm than good. They are never fixed in the way advertised.

The evolutionary process that gave us Elliot Rodger gave us George Washington and Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Necessity is the mother of invention. Without the race condition of life in all its gory glory, there is no life, there is no glory.

Can you live well if others do not?

Sheeple insist on The Guarantee, the natural sin. Everyone can’t live well per the evolutionary laws of nature that is also our natures.

Per Game Theory, mental ‘illness’ depends on the prevailing ‘norms’. Our dysfunctional Western culture is our set of norms of right now. Evolutionary force is currently employed for creative destruction. Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild.

If you can show me mental problems that are always ‘wrong’, if you are speaking as a Physicist, those ideas can’t exist, so they don’t matter. Otherwise, you are speaking as a moralist with a vested interest. Civilization happens when men can discuss their vested interests openly and rationally.

Elliot Rodger appears to me to have had a high IQ and a conditioned identity based on convenience to his parents and selfishly antithetical to his welfare as a person in his own right. I expect the designer shades and the BMW kept him emotionally invested in his parents’ subversion. I said I expect, I don’t know, but it happens every day and is a relevant concern to our social lives. The mental wilds are killing us. Philosophers must first be meme warriors. Civilized men must first be conquerors.

What is hard for people unfamiliar with evolution to understand is how a parent can be devotedly helpful and yet also possessively exploitive. This separation of distinct processes and ideas of the human mind is critical to social navigation. Life is too competitive to just cut out all the hurtful people because there has never been a crowd of philosophers tending great meme pastures with impunity. Red pill is the gateway to husbandry of the inferior, of those who will include you to rape you in some subtle or not so subtle way. I mean husbandry as a means skill not necessarily an end goal. Sheeple ought to be useful, and they always are to the reigning patriarchy, if you get my evolutionary philosophy.

Soon the administrative elite will tacitly assert, in the name of safety, who is mentally ill. One tacit tautological lie from on high will be certified by tyranny’s technocrats and marketed by tyranny’s entertainers.

The desire to privately own and bear arms is proof of mental illness that disables the sufferer from being able to own and bear arms responsibly.

Elites don’t want competitive rivals. In decline, elite men have mastered the art of female wiles and applied it societally, something that women themselves can’t do except as helpmate pawns of authority.

The people of the West have turned their backs on the fundamentals of life. They choose static safety and with it death. It is a slow death, like managed inflation stealing your bank account so the catastrophic risk of total, sudden loss is impossible unless it happens to everyone.

We are not allowed to be responsible for ourselves, but The Matrix is not in total control. There are openings. PUA is training to exploit those opening. Frame control is filtering of the sheeple’s proclivities and thoughts to suit your needs. There is mental illness everywhere and no where. It depends on your frame of interpretation and your vested interests.

The term ‘mental illness’ as used modally to connote us vs. them is an absolute term of condemnation. It is an assignment of individual status to the lowest of relative levels, persona non grata. The unit granularity of the whole human mind is too crude to be socially powerful except in utter destruction. Social skills take finesse at a finer granularity. It’s a jungle in the human mind, full of vitality and danger. The right or wrong of it is relative to purpose. I have mine. You have yours.

Patriarchal cooperation is a feat of mental engineering. The uncivilized are preoccupied with relative status and clueless about absolute welfare. Absolutes are directly relative to the universal standards of existence. If you limit yourself to the coarse labels and vocabulary of the masses, your welfare will suffer unless you are a natural übersheeple. I think sheeple are near their zenith right now. Looks like a bear market to me.

Might as well make use of that abundant resource in the way but readily at hand, my brothers. They have no qualms using you. They will call you creep, misogynist. They will diagnose you as mentally ill. Their prehistoric animal nature seeks collective wealthlessness of the pride living precariously day by day. You can’t win if you don’t play, so play, but don’t follow their rules of their moral authority. It’s bullshit designed to subjugate your superior IQ. You are better than that if you simply choose to be.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 May 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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