Why Stupid Is Outsmarting You

Female Bird Brains

A few weeks ago, I was watching a bird bath. Two mated pairs of house finches converge on the scene. The boldly colored males fought for maybe seven seconds. One second before the fight was over, the female of the male that would win perched on the rim of the coveted prize.

She knew her ‘man’ was going to win. She read the body language. To me it was just a bunch of wing flapping and bumping. I suppose there was pecking, but the action was too fast and perhaps too distant for me to discern it. The female birds were well aware of the play by play because their survival, more importantly the survival of their genes, is predicated on opportunistic social interaction and asocial unilateral action.

That female bird no doubt is designed to read bird body language and to acquire resources with as little personal expense and as much immediacy as possible. Sound familiar? I want you to note two things: (1) the speed with which the female bird is able to access the social environment on the order of tenths of seconds or less, and (2) the size of her bird brain, approximately one tenth of an ounce.

Scale that up to human size, and what do you get? Another day older, and deeper in debt, beta.

A Mother’s Love

A few days ago, I was leaving a coffee shop. I had gathered together my laptop and other belongings. Seated near me were two men. One was a husband. The wife was standing next to them in the strip of open space between the shop counter and the array of tables. For a moment, she had been lovingly swinging her baby in a basket in that lane of space. Ah, so cute.

That was what I was thinking. How cute and somehow sacred. I made my way through the chair-laden inter-table space to the main thoroughfare that led to the door. Obstructing the way was a dutiful mama in wedlock and her baby. She hardly moved over, and she had the baby. I was willing to minimize my space so long as I did not have to turn my shoulders and thereby cede my share of comfort and social standing, and any nice guy veterans should get my point, but she made no effort to move over. Instead, she feigned moving over in gesture but then got comfortable in the same space she had supposedly just left. Imagine someone trying to get a billiard ball to drop without moving her feet.

I had negotiated a fair deal in my mind, all I could need for my comfort and dignity and no more. That is not how sheeple negotiate. I felt squeezed out of my share, as if she pushed me up to the minimum I would tolerate instinctively with optimally misinformed conscious preparation, beyond the minimum I conceded in logical and civilized ‘good faith’. I notice this same shit with humanoids on the sidewalk.

Sure, you can write me off as crazy or paranoid, but I have been working on my seduction skills, on wearing and owning my feelings, being tuned into primal human communication. The animals smell weakness and take advantage. I am going to assign functional details to that smell-and-react animal mechanism not too dissimilarly from what Freud did with the structural topography of his psychoanalysis.

After I felt anger and somehow betrayal, whether at her or at myself, I was able to piece together an explanation of what happened. Feelings don’t just get triggered out of nothing. Do we agree that attraction typically is not a choice? If you buy into the idea that all deviation from a revealed moral code is sin, this will be a tough buy for you. And control your boner, damn sinner.

This is what I think happened. She sized me up, my deferential respect, my empathy, and used it to take as much space from me in our little resource conflict as possible. I think the speed at which this ‘negotiation’ happened was within a couple of tenths of a second, the first when she sized me up in the approach, and the last in the moment of my moving by, with my shoulders turned substantially. She took the maximal available resources she could at my expense because that is what women are programmed by nature to do. All women ideate (as opposed to think in the advanced masculine sense) in terms of win-lose for resources that simply exist or are believed to exist, magically, regardless of female lip service to the contrary.

All Females Are Reapists

Women have no regard for resource management other than catch as catch can, if you call that management. They have no agency for wealth stewardship. Essentially, all women are good for is making and rearing babies. We have a wealth of American degenerates thanks to liberated American women.

Nevertheless, women are endowed heavily in agency. Women are born and bred manipulators of men. That is their function. We men love to be manipulated by women in that one special way that they only do when their instincts ideate that our sperm is prime #1, so we study red pill seduction to make them useful for rather than against us for a change.

If there is one thing a male seducer must know, like the con artist, he must know that the target has a peculiar way of interpreting the world. It is that peculiarity of erroneous certainty that makes a mark a mark. Women are always optimizing their acquisition of sperm and non-sperm resources, even if it is self-destructive in a societal context. Societal context is not part of the female ken. Liberated women are wild, compulsive reapists.

It is an effective evolutionary design, the female mind. It exists that way so consistently that we say AWALT. It exists that way to the exclusion of all other possibilities because it is the smart choice according to the natural selection of female genes throughout the recent eons. Individuals need not be intelligent, they simply need be intelligently designed vis-a-vis existence. Women are intelligently designed for what they do. At least until 2050 or so I reckon, you can’t live without ’em and you can’t shoot ’em. They enjoy a vital monopoly, and evolutionary intelligence has always doubled down on that strategy.

Evolution on Politics

I see an intellectual naivety in the Manosphere and its tangential realms. Anything that exists has already made a very difficult cut against long odds. Living things have functionality by the definition of life. The naivety I am identifying is that of the self-absorbed thinker who misapplies his frame of standards if not personal identity to everything else under the sun. Evolution had intelligent ideas long before you or I were not only born but even on the drawing board.

A fish is designed to win a niche in a water context. A bird is designed for an air context. It is silly to expect creatures that dominate in the sky to dominate under the sea, and yet that is the requirement of the civilized man. The woman’s field of play is inferior to that of the man’s, but in the sense of being less sublime and affluent and constructively potent. What care do wild animals have for affluence they cannot perceive? for elevating social constructs they cannot envision?

Different human beings operate on different social planes of existence. Those social planes define a progressive escalation, are a product of evolution, and define degeneracy equally well. For men to have progress, the intelligent design at one level must be forsaken by physical resources to endow a higher, more powerful order. Potential power is not the issue unless the quality of people is pushing the limits of more primitive orders. Those levels of social being each have a social gravity, a natural state for its participants consistent with what is fundamentally healthy for that ecosystem. Fundamentals of ecosystems evolve, and very quickly in the raw material of human relations. Memes can reproduce faster than genes.

For the emotive invalids who do not fathom the mysterious relations between individual traits, group aggregate traits, and group average traits, now would be a good time to go away. What’s coming next will disturb your feeble mind. I don’t claim to make the truth, but I do sincerely seek it out. To those who take offense to that, fuck off and die in the name of human progress.

Still here? For the rest of us…

Socio-Ecological Gravities

Liberated women at large by their nature work towards a pristine state of wealthless animal existence. In such a state, their psychological intrigues are moderated by the physical impositions of alpha males. It is all very amoral. Women were designed for a world where men counter their efforts with superior physical violence. Men who can’t take the law into their own hands are sitting ducks, and often alimony-paying bitches. Just saying.

Men evolved into societal, cultural beings. Black men are generally tribal; black Americans have white DNA and the weakening restraint of white culture. Like being drunk, it is with liberation that true nature is revealed. We shall see what black American men at large are made of more and more (knock out game?), as we have seen with women, allowing us to scientifically deduce red pill on female nature. Black women I regard as AWALT but with more testosterone and booty.

I warn white people to not believe whites at large are necessarily civilized. White history is full of long ups and downs. Whites are fully capable of barbarism. Furthermore, what we call free civilization, even if we define it as the zenith of modernism after the Age of Discovery, the freedoms of that free civilization are the superlative brand only thus far. Not only has the maximum potency of systemic human relationships not been reached, the increased power of technology in our hands requires us to be philosophically more sophisticated simply to avoid its use for base purposes. There is plenty of room for a next superlative human civilization in theory. Physically, that will take some doing.

For the record, there are times to treat people as members of a group, and there are times to treat people as individuals on their own merits, as the luxury or necessity of individual attention may allow or require. Some blacks are better people than some whites, as in fitness for societal teamwork. Clearly, that is the exception not the rule.

The salient point here is that stupid measured against one’s own standards as if they are the universal standards is foolish and absolutely wrong. Human standards of cooperation have evolved, up and down, like everything else under the sun. Women are not innately broken in design, though they become ‘broken’ as in miscalibration hardened by the experiences of their liberation into the unnatural, nonnative environment of a man’s world of plenty. However, like the governing constructs of a West in decline, women are working perfectly as designed. A detonated bomb and a dud are both broken bombs, but the one is broken as a design feature.

Even if women don’t think about wealth management, evolution does by the law of conservation. In the native state of woman’s design, of packism, men and women are ungoverned. There are not institutions; there is no tax collection. Pack-animal humans rule themselves according to their mother state of packism, and those with a feral social gravity like it that way as expressed by what they do per their non-societal designs. In a societal context with governments, sheeple seek domesticated stewardship because they seek their natural social gravity. Water flows downhill, but according to its gravity field.

The evolutionary intelligence of women (and the sheeple who are men) cultivates a government stewardship that simulates the environment from which their nature was pruned and selected. They call for totalitarians to win success by their political might because they have been force fit into civilized terms.

The Rival Genius of Stupidity

Simplicity is an advantage, all else being equal. That is not a heuristic: it is a law. Evolution chooses the simpler design with less overhead if the outputs are the same. I wish to challenge other ways of analyzing politics and culture and history in the grand scheme of things. Once again, evolution provides the superlative interpretive framework. Occum’s razor may be a heuristic in philosophy and logic, but it is a natural law where nature employs evolution. I think Occum’s razor is effectively a law that can be mistakenly applied in theoretical realms, but it has the vitality of being a law nonetheless.

Hanlon’s razor is merely a heuristic. I think it is also a crutch for intellectual laziness. Discovering cause and effect is hard work, even impossible without that nascent spark of inspiration that comes from serendipitous creativity.

This is a popular formulation of Hanlon’s razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

The terms ‘malice’ and ‘stupidity’ are subjective terms because they lack a fixed and explicit standard of measure. Davis Aurini esteems the wisdom of a didactic adage drilled into his head by a favorite history professor of his, one J.C. Weaver: “Every Historian approaches History with their own contemporary bias.” I had a chemistry professor who gave me this unforgettable ditty: “If you take care of your units, your units will take care of you.”

Hanlon’s razor is wrong because things happen for a positively causal reason. It may be a heuristic, but it lacks gravitas in natural law. Occum’s razor does not. It is a rule of thumb enforced by the law of conservation, and in some applications it is the law of conservation.

Even though self-destruction is stupid, sheeple are self-destructive if they accept a social environment in which they will be pruned, or are naturally vulnerable to pruning. It is wise for the natural parasite to be parasitic and hope tomorrow will just work out because that is the intelligent strategy nature gave the parasite at the expense of having viable alternative abilities. Incidentally, I recommend red pillers leech off of the blues not to become blue but to overcome blue.

Being antithetical to the civilization and civilized processes that sustain oneself is stupid, but that is an arrogant way for the presumably civilized to look at it. Pride goeth before the fall. Because culture evolved to higher social gravities, irregularly not smoothly of course, it is the burden of those men who are higher to be masters of the ecological evolutionary intelligences beneath, to keep those forces at bay as inferior alternatives incapable of matching the realized potential of the day. For men to fly as eagles in sustainable fashion, they must swim well enough to best those that specialize in swimming in relative poverty. They must be successful conquerors to be successful builders. Women must be put in their place to be elevated above animal existence in a sustainable way, and they will never say thank you on intellectual grounds.

Primitive intelligence is more reactive and less conscious than sublime intelligence. It is at least an order of magnitude faster, and its behavioral expressions are easily missed by careful, plodding thinkers. To tag someone as stupid is to label someone by what they are not, but that says nothing about what they are. So-called stupid people have an incredibly sophisticated agency designed for simplicity and speed. I am a civilized man by nature, unrealized and stunted, and I assure you that surviving and thriving on government welfare is not something I can do as well as sheeple can, by at least an order of magnitude. It is amazing, no? Isn’t it amazing how those who are impossible to productively employ, who are a net loss unless culled or coerced by slavery are artful in getting and getting by on government welfare and on handouts generally?

Look around. Stupid is running circles around us. Yes, they have been cultivated by the überJudaic money priests, but if evolution is the process of life, have not the überJudaic money priests been cultivated by the sheeple? Did not shamans lead social organization for primitive man? Do not Christians celebrate the examples of Esau, and Job, and of Jesus carrying his own cross? That which is not does not exist and is never the crux of what doggedly is. Nonexistence can’t be the point of valid argument or interpretation either. What exists perennially is positively some essence naturally selected.

Organizationally distinct social gravities are antithetical to each other. Freedom for the poor of potential, for the primitive of ability is alien to those of an order of richer potential. One day, if evolution does not abandon humanity as a basis for progress, or perhaps if AI created by humans in their image comes to life, the zenith of recent modernity will be a primitive sociocultural technology. I believe I have a higher social gravity, the evolutionarily progressive next social gravity up, a tendency to order innate to a social world that prohibits fiat money, feminism, and tax loopholes.

Aurini made this comment to a comment I made:

I agree with you on the financial-manipulation families, but I point towards Paris Hilton. There’s a degenerate elite, but not an illuminati, not exactly. And, yeah, Usury… I’ve been meaning to write more about that. It really is the most dangerous form of magic out there.

On usury I refer those interested to realitydoug.tripod.com (sorry about any pop-ups) and to my post “The Gold Standard: A Measure of Control Assiduously Avoided.”

That comment by Aurini was a catalyst to this post, a concern by which to frame loose ideas seeking expressive elegance. In the spirit of love of truth and living in harmony with truth to our maximum potentials—and your definition of ‘we’ will determine the fate of your principles—I ask my brother philosophers of the community to consider and respect the evolutionary genius and danger of stupid. I expect every civilization has underestimated primitive genius and the ability of so-called humans to labor under tyranny and to support it. If you understand correctly that the Byzantine Empire was really the later Roman Empire, Rome took nearly a full two millennia to die from terminal corruption. The terminal corruption was inexorable advantage via government-redeemed credit causing structural deficiency in human relationships relative to the social function and individual excellence adequate to maintain if not grow the empire, possibly upward rather than outward. Grandiose was the reputation of Rome, but inescapably was the empire a huge social fabric requiring a sound system of circulation as all but the most rudimentary forms of life do.

Red pill seduction requires a whole new speed of cogitation, the speed of instinctive ideation. Husbandry of the same cultural inferiors requires the same speed of perception. Maintenance of civilization requires superiority to the alternative ecosystems, not simply a superiority of maximum systemic potential. To beat ’em, first we must join ‘em, on their playing field, in their dimension of design, following the principles of their calculus. Defense of property rights means nothing to them. The conception of civil rights is entirely different for sheeple, and that is why democratization of civil rights has been an evil—relative to the social gravity of free civilization and the concomitant prosperity that sublime. The middle class is expiring on cue. Evil to the sheeple is the yoke of civilized expectations, and they are quite skilled at fighting the good fight. So are the priests that evolve with sheeple. What sheeple are, priests will cultivate. Antithetical social gravity is hostile regardless of the social caste from which it emanates.

In a wealthless existence, people are the wealth. Long before collectivism, long before priests, when alpha males ruled in a free market of transparent violence, women were manipulative creatures of collective rights. Without wealth, pack size was everything, and even the men must have valued social cohesion. Long before the Nu Wurld Oder incrementally developed The Narrative we have today, women were manipulative creatures of social narrative. Mothers have long been misleading their children for the sake of their respective statuses, of living by an optimal social narrative.

Culture is the conception and creation of men. It is transmitted from father to son within the father’s nuclear family, or there is no culture, and there is no social fabric. The potential of sheeple has always been part of humanity, going dormant in places but not extinct. Modern technology of the physical but also of the socially perceptible has come a long way. Choices have been made. More are being made on your watch.

Seeing and Choosing the Playing Field Dimension

The idea of dividing humanity into the archetypes of wolves, sheeple, and sheep dogs seems misguided to me. Sheep dogs are nice guys. Evolution requires culling of those with rival social gravities because resources are finite and the law of conservation drives evolution, drives the divide between virtue and vice. Jeopardy selects virtue on average. Nice but dead is a lousy strategy.

I know the blind faith and fear some have to justify that strategy for the rewards of heaven. Such a doctrine in my society is hostile to my well-being, though I note that international borders in a federation could work minor miracles. I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster as much as I do a mandated afterlife of either heaven or hell created by a jealous, vengeful, and all-loving god who could, being omnipotent and all, be as nice to me as he wants to be, or maybe elevate his concerns toward the supernaturally sublime and nix the whole afterlife for mortals thing like he didn’t know what he set in motion with his earthly crafts project vitalized with that power of free will we all have, but he’s all-powerful anyway. That protagonist devil is really stupid fighting a lost cause that all in the know know will end with his torment for ever and ever, or maybe he’s the angel who agreed to take one for the team, trusting in his lord’s mercy. Public opinion can be misinformed and stuff. Better safe than sorry, so let’s do everything we can to protect ourselves. To that wise end, for that noble purpose, I call upon you to help me stop climate change and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Certain annoying Christians tried to proselytize me the other day, and I expect that inspired the previous paragraph. You know how they start out, so interested in your take on morality, in your ideas, then it’s all about your soul and their ideas. How many fucking times must I have these mental midgets bleed my vitality on hackneyed and thoroughly discredited fairy tales? It’s all about their instincts of packism, specifically the instinct for pack cohesion to optimized safety in numbers. Salvation through Christ is a narrative of pack cohesion. One billion people can’t be wrong. Yah, I expect I’ve lost some online friends.

Not surprisingly then, I also believe the prevailing use of r/K selection is false. It is framed by conservatives. Conservatives are banker’s conservatives just as liberals are banker’s liberals, just as war is banker’s war, just as money is banker’s money. Can you conservatives, especially you American Christian conservatives, tell me what the fuck traditions you have conserved? What California was ten years ago is what the rest of the United States is today. That was true ten years ago, it is true today, and it will be true ten years from now if SHTF does not arrive by then. Elites define the vocabulary, so they define the field of play. As Sun Tsu would say, the money priests have already won any battles to be fought on their terms. The Vatican is under their power. You think your neighborhood church is not?

So it is with r/K selection. The social gravity, the ecological nature of sheep dogs is evolutionary suited to a stifling social order constructed from obedient and stifling sheeple. Though cooperation is necessary, it is not sufficient or always appropriate. Nice guys pour the flammable love from their hearts indiscriminately and play with fire. Beta, beta, beta, ring! (Revised mantra from my little league baseball days.)

As always, cf. Analects 13:3.

There is negative economic value in carrying sheeple that are neither good wives nor good field slaves, and life does not run on charity. A sheep dog that works for others is functionally a slave or a draft animal, a sheeple’s sheeple. There are those who revel in the virtue of their magic bridles, just as the priest class has been inculcating them to feel for thousands of years. It’s a living. I think I have a higher social gravity potential than what has ever been socially achieved. After the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Steel Age, and the Information Age we would work less, have more, and be more. But nooooooooooooooo! I seek a community where crowds of philosophers gather as patriarchs. If you want it done right,…: this essay is my mental seed. I can’t do it alone.

I think I innately have a more potent and challenging conceptualization of character and freedom than what the popular flavors are or have been. Do you?

I sincerely seek the truth, about the way things are and could be, to guide how I spend my vitality. Do you?

The sheeple are running circles around naive producers and thinkers, around their non-elite betters by the strength of their numbers, and the überJudaic money priests are up in their towers directing traffic. Do you see what you are up against?

You have not yet begun to fight what you do not perceive. PUA is the way. Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. Evolution is the frame.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 June 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to Why Stupid Is Outsmarting You

  1. kimuraa says:

    “I warn white people to not believe whites at large are necessarily civilized.”

    Yeah, but most are.

    “White history is full of long ups and downs.”

    Okay, and? This doesn’t really mean anything. The fact that whites could make it through so many ups and downs and end up one of the most civilized and advanced (in many ways) groups in history says something, though.

    “Whites are fully capable of barbarism.”

    Nobody ever said they weren’t, however, again, this is irrelevant. White barbarism seems to go like this: they invade a place and essentially make it better (civilized, at least as much as it can be). It depends on your definition of barbarism. Either way, there is a difference between the savage and the barbarian. The savage is weak and inept, the barbarian is strong and ambitious.

  2. infowarrior1 says:

    “Certain annoying Christians tried to proselytize me the other day, and I expect that inspired the previous paragraph. You know how they start out, so interested in your take on morality, in your ideas, then it’s all about your soul and their ideas. How many fucking times must I have these mental midgets bleed my vitality on hackneyed and thoroughly discredited fairy tales? It’s all about their instincts of packism, specifically the instinct for pack cohesion to optimized safety in numbers. Salvation through Christ is a narrative of pack cohesion. One billion people can’t be wrong. Yah, I expect I’ve lost some online friends.”

    The only reason to believe in religion and for that matter Christianity. Is the resurrection and the existence of God. If the resurrection did not happen then all Christianity is is a noble lie. Theists made a big mistake when they only base the legitimacy of their faith on the moral value that it brings.

    Such religion is a paper-tiger,defanged by modernity.

  3. Tilikum says:

    fucking hell man. great stuff!

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