Don’t Be a Sucker Revolutionary

As an organizer I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be. That we accept the world as it is does not in any sense weaken our desire to change it into what we believe it should be—it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system.

—Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals (1989), p. xix.

Context is half the truth, and might makes right. What your parents did not tell you, nor mine told me, was that we live in an evolutionary context. It turns out that revolutions are just macro realignments to relentless micro changes, like earthquakes are to pressure accumulation. Revolution is an outcome of evolution. We are locked into a game of life and death with the moves of individualism, cooperation, and competition.

As you may have noticed, the current White House delinquent is continuing the progressive no-borders policy, and this current recrudesce goes back to Reagan, and has a lineage going back to when ‘wetbacks’ first provided US farm owners with cheap and plentiful seasonal labor. Great first-world business model. You may think the answer to this illegal and unconstitutional conquest by cheap chalupa immigrants who know Texas history better than edjumicated white Americans is to stop illegals from crossing the border with their diseases to the body politic. Hispanic illegals and Muslim terrorists are pawns, dangerous if given the chance, but no civilization of self-respecting white males can be touched by barbarians or less. What we have here, if we dare look, is fundamentally a domestic enemy problem.

Saul Alinsky, the father of ‘community organizing’, is a huge political influence in the Democratic party. Obama presented himself for election as a community organizer, as if that were a valid qualification. And it was! All we have to do is expose the lies of Alinsky’s teachings, the very theoretical teachings mastered best in practice by The Murican Hussein, a guy who does not look like the other presidents not from a banana republic. Since the leftards have become the establishment, all we have to do is community organize and take over like they did.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

If that’s your mindset, you have already lost. They have endless funding; you do not. As I indicated in a recent post, the Alternative Right is a vector that supports the Nu Wurld Oder as a plan B, as Democrat light. Time to put the narrative crack away, gent druggies. Of course, that’s what most humanoids prefer and demand, so I’ll be introducing my own propaganda educational meme image in the hopes that it catches on. Maybe being right for the wrong reasons could be a stepping stone to rectitude for some men on the edge of unplugging from the idea of political narrative. However, between you and me, we can examine causes and first principles.

Correction: The huge political influence in the Democrat party subsidized Alinsky’s work for hire. The überJudaic money priests fund a whole host of programs for the end goal of total subjugation of the West and the whole fucking world. We’ve got to directly stop the elites in their tracks!

Wrong again.

Correction to the correction: You and your parents and all our contemporary American producers personally have subsidized the social engineering of your impoverishment, defeat, and shades of death one lost potential at a time, to include Sal Alinsky’s work on activism methodology benignly named community organizing. You and your parents and all the voters who vote primarily for Democrats and Republicans have approved this great feat of wealth transfer and social reorganization, to our liking in fact. We are here, aren’t we? An alternative course of action to another state of affairs would have resulted in what? So many broken patriotic lives? A dead nobility of character not interested in government approval? You can’t stop a stampede of stupid without superlative force and bloody hands, and nobody without forethought wants that.

It is said to follow the money, but that is naive to the extent is falls short of the whole truth. Money flows one way only because wealth flows the other way. If money were gold measured in units of gold, it would be wealth, and economic exchanges would be generic money wealth in gold by weight for specialized wealth. We don’t have that. We have a pure credit system, and without debt collateral until the definition of money is expanded from the money base (MB) to include progressively weaker credit claims as M1, M2, and M3. Federal Reserve notes are no longer ‘elastic’, as Gresham’s law predicts.

My point is that, in a credit-based fiat societal system, there is credit supply and demand. The supply comes from the überJudaic money priests. Government and bank architecture is meant to be emotively impressive, to invoke your faith in their credit. The logic of it is not very compelling. The flowery lilting of ‘executives’ from the elite administrative class serves the same purpose. Skank Paulson of Goldman Sacks The World fame said the economy was clogged pipes that needed more credit. I’m pretty sure the plumbing that’s good for him is not good for my ass. You’ve heard the work of the US Ad Council no doubt. One of the less important candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2012 kept insisting that we had a trust shortage, as if that were a bad thing, as if trust were better for a nation than sincerity, as if a nation were better than a federation with a free market of governance.

The power structure is homeostatic and robust so long as certain conditions are met: (1) Credit authority is provided, (2) Credit approved by that authority is accepted and even demanded, and (3) Wealth is available to exchange for the credit approved by that authority. The first condition is met by directive of the top elite as a nonnegotiable imperative. Their central banks require constant inflation, never price stability or that evil deflation that comes with rising overall living standards. The second condition will be met by force of moocher plebs in huge numbers, those net loss inferiors who give political mandate to the credit system. The third will be met by producers who would rather eek out another miserably day than challenge the system head on. This current power structure will not end from external causes, barring extraterrestrial invasion and eruption of a supervolcano. As I have offered as counsel, the problem is the solution, only it will take lots of time and pain. Hence, enjoy the decline and hang poolside.

The likely endings to the current order, a preliminary rendition of what our archenemy strive to achieve every day and every generation, are either a controlled implosion and reorganization, not good for us, or an uncontrolled implosion, good for whosoever seizes the day, wink, wink. It is the latter scenario that offers tangible salvation on earth. It offers the political elbow room to take action, to bloody one’s hands with impunity, though because one’s life is immediately on the line not conveniently untouchable. The causal process of the collapse, slow or fast, of the power structure is critical to recognizing what to do and when.

Obviously, the third condition is what suffers and fails under a system of corruption. Wealth production will cease to sustain the fiat credit and the assent of the whore throng. The sooner the better because net production is a virtue, if you are free, and with tolerance to oppression the character of the population deteriorates with the perverted natural selection and behavioral conditioning per the central authority. Downsizing of the two classes natural and motivational to the first and second conditions is required, ideally to Kelvin zero, or the turning point of a lifetime has been wasted. I say natural because only a fool would not mooch at this point, but we have the K-selected sheeple giddy in their fixed narrative pride, in having a job fit for a fooled slave, in their work that is not theirs in the privilege of its fruit. Quite frankly, producers are adding to the misery and whoredom.

The exhaustion of the wealth (the exhaustion of laborers is not really the issue, sorry) will fracture the alliances of moocher sheeple tribes under the money priests. At the very least, we can expect the population of r-selected sheeple to mercifully be culled by conflict and starvation. You and I won’t have to lift a finger, assuming we survive that long. It is only in the aftermath of natural clean up operations that civilized patriarchs would be wise to assert their claims.

You only get one chance to challenge an establishment because by doing so you out yourself. This consequence is what lets tyranny reign. It is a viable retaliation only when the people lack a people’s morality, a reciprocal standard that even denizen sheeple honor out of fear. Call it patriotism if you like, but there really isn’t any honorable honor in the West, not between any people. With multiculturalism, how could the people of a national jurisdiction really be one people? There are only warrior suckers, and cowardly fans of World Cup and the Olympics that ‘conquer’ in the approved venue of meaningless international sports. The great white people that made civilization in modern times possible had a tendency to die on their feet rather than live on their knees greater than everyone else had. They were too generous with their winnings. Never allow fiat money and government-guaranteed banking. Never allow feminism. Never allow taxation loopholes or targeting.

I honor the sentiment and my heritage of charging dearly for the destruction of one’s civilized potential, but at what point the event horizon of no return is crossed is a decision every man must make for himself. If you know your philosophy through and through with self-consistency, you will easily know what to do for a given situation, not that it will be any easier to do. Virtue requires the jeopardy of retaliation. Virtue is dead in the West, and take heed. Be careful for whom you fight or labor or do charitable works. Charity with a spreadsheet is a social disease. Income tax loopholes keep common priests irrelevant politically, unless they support your subjugation by the establishment.

With the latest brouhaha du jour of US domestic imperialism, the importation of our demise through Murrieta, California, more Americans have decided to stand up and resist. It is a very good sign, but don’t join them. Only builders conquer for good, and I mean civilized systemizers. Wisdom comes from studying the life of Thomas Jefferson on the issues of chattel slavery, debt slavery, and a government oppression that most contemporary Americans wanted. Most English colonists were sheeple even as the ink signatures were drying on the Declaration of Independence. It’s almost a wonder that an orthodox religion for the confederacy (a synonym to federation) was not established. Dime a dozen, so why coddle sheeple when they reproduce so prolifically, even out of superior stock?

I recommend you mooch off of those who are not functionally your people, who do not share a reciprocal moral code with you at your potential, as an expedient both for your welfare and their demise. Only when wealth to support the bubble power of tyranny is no more will the time to freelance be nigh, but when the time comes, be as masculine as a motherfucker, totally independent and autocratic where the opportunities beg for it. Good times.

The credit system is alive and well right now. Find your ideological brothers and form a nascent culture without bravado if you can. Think: What would Jews do? From a recent Breitbart article: “Community organizers within the group were connecting people with social media sites and taking contact information for upcoming events.”

I decided to query a search oracle on how deep this Murrieta rabbit hole goes, how virulent the r-selection infection is. Pretty fucking deep, pretty fucking septic.


The problem will be the hands-free solution to its own elimination, and a building opportunity for those with Napoleonic timing. Wise men will not defer a moment longer. Old John Brown impatiently presumed a destiny that belonged to Abraham Lincoln.

Until whenever, patience and forethought, cerebrally civilized brothers,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 7 July 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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