Hamster Worship

Dear Diary,

I’ve been busy lately. Strangely, I have had what tentatively seems like a Game breakthrough. The conceptualization is ever changing, and I don’t know what the results are. That is R&D. I see stagnation in the Manosphere. Men think the Red Pill is perfected and that’s that. Well, if that is how virtually everyone in the ‘Sphere thinks, then it’s true. There are a lot of hangers on that don’t do their own research. There is established dogma on PUA. Red Pill social skills based on social dynamics is cooling.

Roosh has been talking about Clown Game (“Clown Game vs Good Man Game”, dated 23 July 2014), and the future of Red Pill artistry looks bleak (“Be Thirsty, But Not Too Much,” dated 25 July 2014). Heartiste agrees at least that night game is dying (“Why Night Game Is Dying,” dated 9 May 2014). I have noticed increased difficulty with night game were I am, no urban area.

Is this really unexpected? I am not saying social dynamics is not important, but its supremacy is coming to an end. It is a phenomenon of decline, between patriarchal order and societal absence. Courtship is a societal construct, certainly the way we men think of it.

You guys are giving the rationalization hamster too much credit.

Women are incapable of societal thinking. They ideate. Get it? When a woman wants your dick, it is because she ideates that you have the sperm of reproductive greatness, not that she cares. She only feels, only follows her heart. There is no female conception of society without the rationalization hamster, and the rationalization hamster can only justify the lizard brain to say no to sex. Less and less does she give a shit what society thinks, or the hamster. We don’t know what bottom is for less and less, but in interesting times we explore the question.

Talk directly to the female lizard brain.

Hint: Your eyes can slay pussy.

Social dynamics is finesse to get a chance to talk directly to the lizard brain; however, the breakdown of society and female quality (in societal terms) also is a weird opportunity. There are no societal rules stopping you from talking directly to her lizard brain PDQ (pretty damn quick, for the non-native English readers).

I made some projections and predictions for 2014 and beyond with “Sleigh Season Deepens” back on New Year’s Eve. In particular, I said the 30-minute lay will become standard for the elite few men, and nothing will be increasingly N-O-T-H-I-N-G for everyone else.

The lack of new theorizing and empirical testing integrated together with some scientific rigor of old is a problem for the survival of the Manosphere as a participatory community and not just an alternative online library. The methods are being followed or just recited blindly. What’s worse, the vocabulary is doing the thinking for men: aloof, social proof, comfort, push-pull.

I am not saying those terms are wrong entirely. I am saying that the terminology gives women TOO MUCH CREDIT as societal agents. They are even more primitive than what you think. Test it for yourself. Women are complements of (civilized) men, and typically opposites. If you have lots of notches, she will want to fuck you more; but if she has lots of notches, you will want to fuck her less. If she fucks your guy friend, you will want to fuck her less; but if you fuck her girl friend, she will want to fuck you more. If you are insensitive with her (done with artistry), she will be more sensitive and responsive to you; but if she is insensitive to you, you will be less attracted. Doesn’t that sound fucking absurd?

The point is that our vocabulary and modeling of the female mind is lacking, or it would not be so absurd when we express a working reality. It could be that the original red pill was always off enough to make meaningful refinement possible, or it could be that the times have changed to leave the original red pill behind. I don’t think it is that times have changed per se because the whole premise of Red Pill seduction is evolutionary theory. Women have not changed in the wiring, but they will adapt to whatever the fuck they can get away with. That has huge implications.

More and more, understanding female behavior will require abandonment of societal frame and societal vocabulary. Women don’t think, they ideate. They are proto-cultural at most. Let’s look at the old planning rather than the old plan.

Go out and try something different for a while, just like evolution does. Does it work better? If yes, keep it and try something else. If not, abandon it and try something else. You could try the opposite and get better search coverage. Perhaps your biases give you a blind spot for the sweet spot. I don’t see a whole lot of comments in the Manosphere on R&D. I see lots of bravado in the way. I realize I only look at the free stuff, and the paid PUA stuff could be substantially different. However, there is something to be said for peer review and market acceptance.

As I recall from Buddhism, don’t believe any truth you don’t experience. Have you tested your ideas on rewarded and punished social behavior? Getting labeled a creep is how you know you have advanced from a non-sexual being to an unacceptable sexual being. You have to speak bad Spanish before you can speak good Spanish. So it is with the language of female humans. It is for civilized men to drop down to female sheeple terms and conquer without loosing masculine civilized being. The hamster is not the heart of a woman: it is the beta orbiter that never quits. The mind has many processing centers, but only one can rule them all.

Your life is here and now. Reap what has been planted. You will need to refurbish your mind, to abandon comforting pathways that yield uncomfortable results. Change for the better is how you know you are alive.

It’s summer. Get out there, experiment, observe the results without bias, posit some ideas of interpretation, and empirically test them. Now is the time to develop techniques for the 30-minute lay. Your time is valuable, and women are less valuable. I keep waiting for the next big thing in the Manosphere. It could be incorporating politics into Red Pill, or it could be a new red pill paradigm, if I had to guess or to suggest something. If hundreds of us guess, we are likely to hit on something socially profound. Even if we find that MGTOW is inescapable, we are still empowered by knowing the truth of our opportunities. I love the relief of being able to refuse to buy a broad a drink with no guilt. I enjoy feeling superior and knowing that I am. My interactions with women are only going to get better the less credit I give the female mind for cultural refinement.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 July 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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