Gone Gaze Fishin’

Hey, guys! Have you been doing your social R&D? Have you identified new social traits or behaviors to try out in substitution of others you have?

I have been working on eye contact. As I proffered in my previous post “Hamster Worship,” eye contact is critical to direct communication with a woman’s lizard brain. Initially, as a PUA-in-training practices extended eye contact, women will be insulted defensive about their social status and security, but getting a negative sexually charged response is better than being an asexual loser who gave up. Good eye contact takes practice. I wish I had video of the rare but very interesting behavioral reactions I have had over the last several days, but I don’t. Therefore, I looked online for videos to show what I mean about eye contact communication with the lizard brain.

We will just have to make do with what I found. The focus of the videos is tangentially related, and the tangents are interesting too. However, seeing is believing and you just need to experience new social possibilities for yourself. It is not easy to be persistent, patient, opportunistic, and confident so that in the rare moment a live woman looks back at you that something new happens. If AWALT, then the only thing to change is how you look into a woman’s eyes.

Heretofore, as far as I know, all eye contact has been presumed to be social, even societal. It certainly can be, but any social eye contact is socially contextual, and social context is managed for the woman by her hamster. If we allow for instinctive behaviors from women, and we do, we must allow a continuum of possibilities from 100% social posturing to 100% instinctive reaction. Women are very good at covertly and even subversively integrating instinctive behaviors into social behaviors.

My perhaps new idea is that you can calibrate the mix of social and instinctive cues as the message of your eye contact. My hypothesis is that you can work inside out, that you can captivate a woman’s lizard brain and then add socially contextual activity like conversation or walking hand in hand. That would make her hamster work for you rather than against you. I further hypothesis lizard brain communication works similarly or identically to hypnotism. I suspect that women may not recall a purely instinctive gaze connection. If so, it will be important to gradually add in hamster fodder and get recognized as lizard brain crack.

Some of you will remember my post about what thigh-high boots mean (“Intermediate Carousel Girl Fashion 501”). Notice exhibit/chick #1 in the following video (against the wall and DTF alpha on cock carousel). Also take the opportunity to practice your read of these women. Create a fake summary of who they each are: it will help you read people on the fly so you can recognize social opportunities and risks and calibrate the social cues you give accordingly.

Finally, observe the finesse women have at furtively processing their social environment. We men can rate a woman with a glance, but a woman has to check for social savvy and other considerations beyond looks to get an instinctive rating for reproductive value. As you characterize each woman, consider how restrained she is by societal expectations, by culture. Imagine what women would be like if there were no societal/cultural expectations, and then imagine helping women go there in their minds with a captivating primeval stare.

This video by Crotch Cam is labeled “Girls check out guys crotch bulge on train”:

Can you see the instincts looking for an outlet, guys?

If you have time to kill, here is a similar video by The BodyShop Magazine labeled “Video Setup CAM What Body Parts Women Look At On Guys!”:

Yes, having a great physique is very advantageous, but between that and Game, I think great game is more important. I am sure hot guys get divorce raped like any uninformed beta would. Since this post is about developing your game, let’s make the primeval glare a concrete idea you can feel instinctively: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Next up is an instructional video about eye contact. What’s great about this video is the clips and stills Eddie includes with his clear and thoughtful analysis. Pay special attention to the segment entitled “The ‘prolonged stare’ Shit test.” What I want you to notice are two stills. I am arguing that a blank (at the 3:32 mark) or otherwise mindless stare (at the 3:49 mark) from a woman is not a shit test (mate fitness test) if it is directly instinctive and hamster free. I hypothesis that such looks generally are, certainly from women younger than 25 who are the most prone to do it and trust it.

If you can get that look from women in the field, you can test for calculating social awareness yourself. The presence or not of social awareness with the largely blank stare are falsifiable opposites, though neither interpretation must be correct for it.

This video by Street Attraction is labeled “How to Make Eye Contact That Attracts Women”:

If you have or get experiences with the topic of this post, you could share them and your interpretation in the comments. I am seeking truth not validation. Sharing ideas and peer review is a powerful thing, as it has been in the seduction/Red Pill community.

The following French phrase is very apropos to close this post.

Cherchez la femme,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 27 July 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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