Blind G Spot

There’s been lots of talk lately in our sphere on robot sex machines taking over the needs of men. I find it very disturbing that men who supposedly are cultivating masculinity would seriously entertain the idea of mechanical robots as the future in such absolute terms. I’ve seen the comment sections. Orbiters, everywhere.

We got perfectly good organic robots today! Any man who grasps the Red Pill Theory of the Female Mind knows that.

Sex robots are more viable (perhaps for being less inviable) for straight men than straight women. Women want to be dominated. Compliance is a big turn off. An appliance is compliant or it is a suicide machine. Women will not be flocking to sex robots, in my opinion. They are just useless eaters at some point. The days of the white princess are numbered.

Women are emotionally dependent on superlative authority for leadership, and if you don’t see how monogamy is a gift rank-and-file men in power give themselves, you are not masculine on a civilized level. If your masculinity is at the tribal or pack level, even though that is what liberated women reward, that is no good if that’s all you’ve got. I doubt the status whoring sex was any good as actual sex for any of the animals.

Women are no good at defining higher masculinity, which is why guys need guy time but moreover guy politics time. Your football fetish with all the pink celebration ain’t it.

I see cowardice so socially accepted that it is a conditioned blind spot. Are you afraid to see that government force is the biggest threat to your life? And I mean in the privacy of your own mind?

Dah, winning!

Thank you, tiger blood Charlie Sheen.

Do you guys have any civilized aspirations left in you?

Women would like to know.

I went out this past weekend. Mostly nothing much happened. The most memorable thing was when HB8 (or more, couldn’t tell) was pointing in my direction, out the bar. I was just walking in. I basically ran into her hand like she was in the way, but with enough absurdity to show I was joking.

I did not have a chance to see who the guys with her were to her. Seemed like she did not have the marriage/engagement rings when I took a quick look in the middle of all this. She got in my face and challenged me as a greater authority. She was not obviously joking. She was shit testing, serious business. I was accessing the threat level from the men surrounding me.

I chickened out in being physically forceful in a measured way. I did not know who or what sort of guys were there. She could have been trying to provoke a fight between me and another guy, but after the black guy distracted me it became clear there were no threats, so I think not. Some analysis on our American (and Western, your mileage may vary) social environment.

This was night game. There are no clear hierarchies for the whole group until they are established. Chicks want the dominant guy in any current moment. As the resources of society dwindle in supply, the cultural level appropriate to winning actions will decrease, and already have. That is not to say forget sublime philosophy, but to not waste sublime cooperation on the animals, starting with women. But if you love yourself, compete, damn it!

Women love winning, and they might put two guys up to fighting. Winning a territorial war turns chicks on. If a woman can’t find a suitable male to challenge you to see what you are made of, as opposed to sadistic entertainment which is to be avoided if possible, but ‘protect yourself at all times’. I think this HB8 was giving me a chance. I hypothesis I should have put my hands on her and controlled the territory, at least that is what I think she was wanting as proof of masculine quality. We are so conditioned to not do that, and I had no assessment of the guys around her, so I didn’t. I don’t know when it is worth it, but rest assured, the game is changing to the AMOGing (Alpha Male of the Group) tactics of Owen Cook (a.k.a. Tyler Durden) and beyond. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is looking better and better, but robots?

I can tell you right now, having resolved my mind into a philosophically consistent framework, I will always protect myself even if that means hitting a woman. They are just animals that require proper calibration if they are expecting to get away with assault. I’ll face the cops if that’s what happens for it. I am not living in fear of women, white knightery, etc. And that’s what made the shit test so good. But yes, I felt some fear, the right kind to alert me to danger I did not know about yet.

I assumed a mild aggressiveness, chest forward, not letting her push me away. It was not aggressive enough to impress her. The lone black guy, against the wall opposite to HB8 and what I guess were orbiters, complained I stepped on his shoe, showing it too me off of his foot. It was funny, but it also prevented me from staying focused on HB. Note that.

The lower socio-ecological gravity types will do that street shit to you. He was not my friend. Defusing the situation like that prevented me from scoring.

That night I also saw a married couple, middle-aged: guy is buff with a reasonably handsome face and hair; blonde wife with nice figure, tan, and cleavage. She had her one shoulder strap off early in the evening when she was cruising around. I wanted to pounce on it like a ripe cantaloupe. Imagine my surprise a second later when I see what could be the son looking at me, looked 19 but in a club not known to accept youngsters. Then I saw the apparent husband. On the street the guy was standing next to her. They looked frustrated and disgusted with each other. Women want a conqueror. Using primitive violence is not wasted in the hands of civilized patriarchs building or maintaining or advancing civilization. Somebody’s socio-ecological gravity has to win, and humans are an apex and gregarious species.

I have noticed lots of beta orbiters and also guys with a chick but not. I have grinded countless times with women and gotten nothing. (Escalation is not physical for women like it is for men.) Orbiters get nothing. Women are emotionally needy and men are sexually needy. That HB8, out of my league at present, and the situation surprised me, but she engaged me. She was not pushing me away to get rid of me. When a woman fixes her attention on you without creating separation, that is goooooo time, if you accept that mission.

I am seeing lots of orbiting as a strategy, and I think the ranks of orbiters will increase. To try and dominate in an increasingly severe police state with female primacy under the culture and de fact law is scary for good reason. Plus the brain washing. Don’t assume your one dose of red pill took care of everything. It didn’t. Field work is necessary for a reason. It teaches me to face my fears, to challenged the comfort of the heavily developed mental pathways (muscle memory) that lead me to failure. However, most men with a woman ain’t getting it, just like you and me, so take heart and attempt to take advantage little by little.

I am not suggesting that you necessarily get violent for whatever reason or causes. I am suggesting you realize the truth of our times in one big, well-integrated, model of reality, with you in it, with a capacity for violence and thought and cooperation and building. This shit can’t go on forever, and if it goes on long and deep enough, it would be far better to resist, charge a price in rival flesh, and exit this mortal coil as a man. Men made civilization before. It won’t be made again? Not by guys who see sex robots as a punishing displacement for women in the SMP (sexual marketplace). That is your justice, to hope women who can’t understand societal relationships and culture will get taught the hard way? They are too robotic for such an education. Geez.

In all of history, the men with power fuck the desirable women, and the women desire the men with power, as they understand it. If you are too cowardly to think or just dream in terms of your power and a future for men of your ilk as patriarchs, I have no sympathy for you. You are in my way. Your values and behavior and thinking are beneath and antithetical to my natural socio-ecological gravity and my ability to function and thrive. You are incapable of cooperating with me on my level, and that is the civilized level.

I remember a scene from the TV serious Shogun. The main character is heartbroken that his love is dead. The prince using him as leverage to become and stay emperor asks him through an interpreter, “Are you alive?” He says yes without conviction. The prince said, “Then act alive.” If you don’t own the space between your ears with inviolable authority, you don’t deserve any authority and you don’t deserve pussy.

In hindsight, I hypothesis the thing to do (for there is no owner’s manual) when a chick gets authoritatively in your face WITHOUT striking you is to actually put your hands on her but somewhere respectful, like you are at the start of a grappling fight. Watch out for getting hit in the nuts by her, in case you guess wrong, and take a look over your shoulder, maybe both, to see what stifled betas will want to express their lower masculinity in a safe and socially condoned way of the sheeple. Once they have given themselves away, they usually back down. Practice shadow kick boxing or something better with your workouts. I can’t wait to score my first HB8. Really, I can’t wait to get sex with a chick that passes my boner test on my schedule. If MGTOW and my hand are a better option, so be it. I will decide with eyes wide open. In crises, there is opportunity and danger.

I really don’t see inorganic robots catching on and certainly not lasting long. If you do, check the premises of your emotions. Do you own them, Big G?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 August 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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2 Responses to Blind G Spot

  1. outsider says:

    No female robots, but if such a thing is possible there will eventually be realistic physical-VR makeout simulations.

  2. David says:

    Dude, I like the way you write. It’s diffrent.
    It makes me see things from your prospective allowing me to get into your head. I appreciate that.
    I ask myself everyday, is there a way to get out of the matrix? Have no fear is probably that best way

    [RD: Thanks. However, we are in the matrix, and there is nowhere to run. Consider learning and applying the de facto laws of the matrix, as metaphorically in the movie, to your advantage. Jews would not be chosen if there were not a multitude of goyem. Does Judaism teach that goyem are to be suffered or to be leveraged by lending? Any longstanding play of the victim card is a gambit for power. Your success can only happen where you are. The Game is the game until a patriarchy displaces it, for a while.]

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