Explore Lavishly, Attach Miserly

Today I was surfing the latest comment section over at Chateau Heartiste and comments by someone struck me in a way that I clearly perceive an issue worth addressing. We have a capacity for hate because it is useful. It can be misused by master or slave for lesser cultural purposes, but life is a race condition for limited resources. As far as I am concerned, if hate or other vital force is used for less than civilized purposes to include self-preservation of the civilized values, it is beneath me. We are taught to entirely avoid power struggles, and the tools of the trade, taught to not be male popular sovereigns. Anyone who is a practitioner of Game, with or without sexual conquest but with experience that demonstrates female nature (plenty evident in men, even in ourselves as we revise ourselves), is someone who understands that the Dark Triad is something to master as a man, as the masculine, as the independent.

Where the commenter goes wrong in my opinion is emotional attachment to the fairy tale of what women should be or what Americans should still be. Our minds are a mind of minds. We have several processing centers. Your mind is not only your conscious, logical self. Our unidentified commenter does not emotionally understand what women are, or he would not expect more from them, and he would have to reconcile the fact that he must expect more from himself and from fellow men. He obviously does not emotionally understand that sheeple have an inferior valuation mechanism inadequate for the American Dream. An emotional attachment to great heritage is not equivalent to an emotional attachment to subhumans that have that same heritage.

Let go.

The sheeple and their priests are very adept at planting emotive idols in others. I speak from a wealth of practical experience.

Without emotional attachment to what is not, to what is false, to what is the artful payload of bullshit, your capacity for winning—what we are taught to avoid like the plague—is free for constructive conquest which today is often best expressed as self-preservation and defense. If you can’t let go, if you are a natural sheeple, yoda was talking to you:

Men are in a winner-take-all contest unless they enforce civilized culture and make cooperation an art, but philosopher-conquorers are a rare breed. Anakin was purposefully controlled by emotional attachment. Freedom of mind requires ability to choose attachment or not intensionally in a rational way unbound by constraints not supplied by nature. Integrity is natural. Strangely, women are free from such burdensome attachments, but they lack the affections for the substance of culture, for the elevating bonds of cooperation based on systematic principles. Anakin failed not because he went to the dark side but because of attachment to false emotional tenets and not for attachment to false tools of masculinity.

We could debate whether or not the Jedi were playing to win, or if they were like ancient Jews allowing themselves to be slain on the Sabbath (not a long-lived policy either). However, a victory is sometimes Pyrrhic and a loss to such a victory is sometimes the foundation for ultimate victory. Everything mortal is ultimately dust in the wind, and all success is transitory, so I don’t buy into the waiting game easily.

That caveat aside, we are more and more damned if we do nothing but also if we try (too much) and fail. All I can suggest is that somewhere in the triangle of Anakin, Yoda, and Palpatine is the path of individual greatness relative to potential. We got to play the hand we have. We can’t all be leaders of the world, but all fully human men (civilized) can be the leader of the space between his very own ears. It is by the culling process of jeopardy that virtue will rise like cream to the top. Evolution is a reliable philosophical frame.

Don’t be emotionally attached to the bottom to please others of inferior potential. The game to play with barbarians is authoritative barbarism. The game to play with women is authoritative husbandry. Know who you are dealing with and know what the elements of the game are.

Once you are afraid of detachment, you are a slave. Sheeple call that virtue and demand their priests. Bless them with skimmed lives, bless them with chaff. It’s not good enough for me ever again.

What you give of yourself readily, the sheeple will call cheap. What you give of yourself profoundly, the sheeple will call heresy. You must break the strategies of others who are mentally win-lose and block your strategy, but do not try to reform what is not civilized. Nature is not wasteful: she recycles 100% and rewards what works. We men are judged by our works and our legacies, we have no womb, and without de facto property rights, work and legacy is different these days. Political necessity trumps the economic. The time to plant civilization is not in the late fall of history. Welcome the frost to clear the way, but enjoy what can be enjoyed in the harvest today. Weeds are great for cushioning the feet if nothing else.

To be unattached is to be without foundation, to embrace being nothing. What then? I suggest every man be attached to his potential, and to explore that potential bravely.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 03 September 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. Golmon says:

    Like the true Cynics

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